The Powerpuff Girls: Relish Rampage Walkthrough Part 1 (PS2, Gamecube) Level 1: Vote Mojo (Pt. 1)

The Powerpuff Girls: Relish Rampage Walkthrough Part 1 (PS2, Gamecube) Level 1: Vote Mojo (Pt. 1)

the city of Townsville where in the
election day of course it would be a more exciting race if there was more
than one candidate Oh what’s this a dark horse candidate a model total
supervillain and running for mayor of Townsville a vote for Moodle is a vote
for evil geniuses everywhere this has been a paid advertisement by the banana
terian party Russell Stanley Whitfield live outside
Townsville City Hall where the mayor continues to run in free pickles for
Free People campaign it looks like the free pickle is gonna squeak the banana
campaign right down the middle Versailles
the mayor is still leading the election must be a way to of course with these subsonic neuron transference
helmet headsets mayor voters will turn into mojo voters resulting in my winning
the election allow me to demonstrate these these helmets upon your heads and
head Auto Townsville so that I Mojo Jojo might be victorious yeah what’s in it
for us if I become mayor moto I will appoint
you as my secretaries of junk food graffiti under littering you got
yourself a deal mayor mojo let’s hear what the average citizen on the street
has to say excuse me yes you there care to tell the viewers at home how you
voted in today’s election Oh girls this is very undemocratic Powerpuff Girls thank goodness you’re
here things are going crazy there’s all these
folks running around looks like they’ve gone completely bananas and on top of
that mojo swiped the Townsville delivery trucks and not only are they carrying
the ballot boxes they’re carrying some of the finest pickles I’ve ever tasted
how are the people gonna get in on his boat or in on his pickle for that matter
mayor let’s worry about the ballot boxes first yeah you have to be voted mayor
mayor otherwise what will we call you enough talk let’s pound some democracy
into that meddling monkey hurry girls you’d better deliver these pickle filled
back up ballot boxes to the voting booths as fast as you can and watch out
for those weirdo citizens come on girls let’s go one down water go keep it up girl you’re doing great No here’s the last time meow he is the last one you got to worry the
voting boots are going to open any minute well done girls that was some of the
finest pickle distribution I’ve ever seen and you know I know my pickles
mayor tell them about the professor no that’s right the professor just passed
by here he’s flying over to see you you just wait there and he’ll be right with
you Oh girls thank goodness I found you I’ve been monitoring the election and
Mojo has taken the lead excuse me bubbles Wow
it’s nice he’s doing cut for once right no I guess not
bad monkey bad I’ve seen the gangrene gang running around town wearing some
kind of transmitter helmets which are emitting strain signals my helicopter
onboard sensors indicate that this might be the reason the citizens have been
acting strangely I need your help to find out who’s masterminding this I’ll
give you one guess girls bring me one of those helmets but be careful my copter
radars picking up evil activities nearby I’ll transfer the exact coordinates
dearest computers now hurry before the transmissions begin I’ll be at
Townsville City Hall when you’re done there’s a room there I can use for my
research we’re on it professor well done girls big Billy’s history
let’s get this helmet back to the professor great work girls now I need a second
helmet to continue my research you’ll need to follow the directions I’m
transmitting to your wrist Computers watch out though girls the helmet you’re
going after this time is already transmitting some dangerous sound waves
and it also generates extra energy that appears to be a force field I think
you’ll need to destroy the audio output device first destroy the idea our deal
what the loudspeaker bubbles consider it done professor ah let’s get this helmet back to the
professor girls you’re doing great with these two
helmets I can calculate the vectors of reception and plot accurate arcs to the
emitter source well that hurt no no bubbles but I should be able to
find out who’s at the bottom of this now the rest of the gangrene gang will have
to wait the mayor needs your help hurry girls princess is trying to bribe the
electorate to vote for mojo by spreading bags of free money all over Townsville
you’ve got to stop her or it may prove to be more popular than the mayor’s free
pickles campaign free money why didn’t I think of that first got it come on let’s
go catch us some one with more bucks than sense girls I heard princess just tore out of
town looks like she gave up on that little plan collect the rest of the
money bad then you’re all done Hey the part of the plan I was right those helmets the gangrene
gang are wearing in it brain altering radio transmissions through the speakers
if they managed to brainwash too many of Townsville citizens the results could be
disastrous you’ve got to stop the rest of the gang before it’s too late okay
professor we’ll go grab those gangrene goons time to knock out their airwaves you’re breaking up like yeah now it’s
trying to break you up yeah it’s gonna be okay
you’re breaking up but your elves now it’s time to break you up see it’s blue got a wiggle out of a beating to the
beat now for my own special Amy hi-yah Nikhil Meza better luck next time
or toe

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