The Pump Shotgun Is BROKEN In Fortnite… (Fortnite Pump Shotgun Tips)

The Pump Shotgun Is BROKEN In Fortnite… (Fortnite Pump Shotgun Tips)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be talking about the current shotgun meta in Fortnite, and more specifically, the
problem with pump shotguns. So as a whole when it comes to weapon balancing
and just game balancing in general, I think most people will agree that Chapter 2 season
1 has actually been pretty good. Plenty of people don’t really like the season
as a while because of the lack of new content, but that’s a totally different story. However one area that I’ve started to see
people speaking negatively about are the current shotgun interactions in Fortntie. Now none of this is stuff is game ruining
by any means, but as time has gone on, I’ve started to become a tad bit frustrated by
it as well. Especially because I think it could be almost
perfect with a few changes. So, without further let’s get right into it. Alright so the first problem with the current
state of shotguns is how bad the lower rarity versions of these are. I honestly think you could make a very strong
case that the white pump is literally the worst shotgun in the history of Fortnite. The reason why the pump has always been such
a loved weapon by the Fortnite community is because it has a very clear and powerful role
as a weapon. It’s basically always been as simple as this:
This weapon may have a slow fire rate, small clip size, and small crosshair,,, but if you
can hit your shots with it at close range, you’re gonna deal a ton of damage. There’s no bloom not a ton of randomness with
the pellet spread, it’s always been one of the very few weapons in Fortntie that constantly
reward accuracy. But when you take a look at the current white
pump and it’s 70 base damage, it doesn’t even feel like a real pump shotgun. I mean seriously, there are times I’ll be
forced to pick this embarrassment of a weapon up because it’s the first gun I find, and
I’ll shoot someone from literally 3 meters away with my crosshair perfectly lined up
so I’m expecting a 70, and it hits for like 35 or 40 damage. It’s seriously gotten to the point where I
think I’d rather have an AR in these close range early game fights than a white pump,
and that’s just flat out sad. And I know it sounds like I’m just talking
about the white pump here, but I’d say the green pump and maybe even the blue pump are
still kinda disappointing as well. Keep in mind, before chapter 2 the green pump
did 95 bodyshot damage and I don’t really think anybody ever complained about that being
overpowered, and now we’re at a point where the blue pump does 90 bodyshot damage. And I also don’t wanna let the lower rarity
tacs off the hook here either. I feel like there’s kinda this misconception
that the tac shotguns were somehow buffed at the beginning of chapter 2, and that’s
why they can compete with the pumps now. But that isn’t true at all, the base damage
of the tacs are exactly the same now as they were before chapter 2 began, and remember
back then people treated them as unusably bad, they were basically a joke. Plus, a few weeks into chapter 2, they even
got a nerf with the headshot multiplier being dropped from 2.25 to 2.0. The only reason they get used now is because
the pump got that crazy nerf. Another major problem with the pump shotguns
specifically, is how drastically the damage increases as the rarity of the weapon increases. The old pump base damage used to be 95 for
green, 100 for blue, 105 for purple, 110 for gold. I think that represents a smooth and fair
increase per rarity, to where you’d want to get higher rarity pumps, but it wasn’t a huge
deal if you were stuck with a green or blue for the entire game. But now it goes from 70 for white to 80 for
green, then 90 for blue, 100 for purple, 110 for gold. So let me tell why I think they did that,
and why it’s problematic. Maybe this is being a bit unfair to Epic here,
but I believe the reason they chose to heavily nerf the lower rarity pumps but keep the purple
and gold ones practically the same, was to make RNG more impactful in shotgun fights. As I just mentioned, with the old pumps, even
if you had terrible RNG and couldn’t find anything better than a green one for the entire
game, you could still totally compete. Would you be at a slight advantage against
the higher rarity ones, yeah definitely, but I’d take a really good player with a green
pump over an average player with a gold pump any day of the week. And I think Epic saw that and basically said
“alright, what can we do to give the lower skilled players a better chance to win some
of these shotgun fights.” So now, If you have a lower rarity pump or
tac and you run into someone with a purple or gold pump, that player has an absolutely
massive advantage over you before the fight even starts. Seriously there will be times I’m in the middle
of pushing someone early or mid game when I only have a green pump or tac, and I’ll
hear the guy shoot the high rarity pump because it makes a specific sound… I kid you not, I’ll literally stop pushing
and call for help from one of my teammates, or back up and try to AR the player instead. Some people may disagree with this, but I
don’t ever think rarity should ever be that important in Fortnite, and I don’t think it
is with any other type of weapon. And another interesting factor here is how
much of a drop rate disparity there is between the low and high rarity shotguns. So I don’t think a lot of people know this
because it was never specifically mentioned in patch notes, but sometime at the beginning
of chapter 2, Fortnite made it so that purple and gold shotguns can’t be found in floor
loot in regular game modes. I’ll post an image on the screen in a second,
but if you go to the fortnitetracker floor loot drop rate table which is up to date and
accurate, it even says “All data sourced from game assets. Data pulled on January 15, 2020 from Fortnite
v11.40.” here’s what you see when you click on shotguns. About a 67% chance for a white shotgun to
spawn, 27% chance for a green shotgun, and 6% chance for a blue shotgun, and 0% for any
other rarity. And then for the chests it’s a pretty similar
story, luckily you can’t get white shotguns from a chest so that helps a little, but even
then, the odds of getting a purple or gold shotgun compared to the other rarities are
ridiculously low. So that right there kinda explains why so
many people feel like even when they get far in games, they’re still almost always running
around with green pumps or blue tacs. And I just think that’s bad for the game as
a whole, it almost seem like we’re heading back towards that awful spray and pray meta
from season 5, because SMGs really seem just as powerful as the lower rarity shotguns. Now on the day that I’m making this video
there was an update that introduced a change which slightly helps with this problem. Weapon upgrading was a new feature introduced
at the beginning of chapter 2 that was a really cool idea, but the material cost of increasing
the rarity of your weapon was just way too high. Before white to green was 150 mats, green
to blue was 450, blue to purple was 750, and purple to gold was 1050. Now white to green is still 150 but, green
to blue is 300, blue to purple is 450, and purple to gold is 600. Still a tad bit too high for some of the rarities
in my opinion, but 450 to go from a blue to purple pump is very viable in my opinion. I just showcased how rare it is to get one
of them normally, and the difference between 90 base damage and 100 base damage is huge,
because now you can 1 shot body shot a 100 health player, and 1 shot headshot a 200 health
player, and we all know how common those 2 health values are. So at the end of the day I think the solution
is fairly simple. Purple and gold rarity shotguns are perfect,
and I don’t even have a problem with them being super rare, but the lower rarity shotguns
need a buff. I think the perfect solution is to just remove
the white pump all together, make the green pump do 90 base damage, blue 95, purple 100,
and either keep the gold at 110 or drop it 105, doesn’t really matter it’ll be nasty
either way. Then also give all the tacs a 3-5 point damage
boost as well so they’d still be able to hang with the pumps. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. What are your thoughts on the current shotguns
in Fortnite and more specifically the pump shotguns? Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you next time!

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