The Return of Boogerboss – Good Game (Ep 1)

The Return of Boogerboss – Good Game (Ep 1)

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  1. The MOBA diss lmao

  2. All the beers buddy. Forever

  3. 18:05 out of all the things you could punch, you punch that, nice. 😂

  4. This is diamond value stuff

  5. Danny punching the pole made me laugh out loud

  6. terry cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. "Life… is a highway"

  8. Dan should have named their group Ninja Sex Party

  9. I absolutely love the Game Grumps!!

  10. Holy fuck. I didn’t realize how tall Danny was.

  11. this youtube red show still cringy

  12. Its sad because substitle is fucking shitty.. i waiting a whole year for something but nothing.. for fuck sake.. finish your substitle or don't make it

  13. Danny’s overexcited acting makes me so glad

  14. i hate how arins name isnt arin

  15. you forgot geddy lee is a kill core trainer

  16. ok
    this is gay porn
    you cant tell me its not

  17. I came because I was bored, I started for a Dodgeball knockoff, but I stayed for opossum euthanasia.

  18. This looks so EPIC! It’s about time l!!!!

  19. I can’t take this show seriously with Arin Danny

  20. The letter g in the corner at the start is the best actor

  21. Why did I just see TERRY CRUISE

  22. That's the cleanest bong ever, not accurate

  23. This show was so good I’d love a season 2

  24. This was canceled? How dare they

  25. at 18:25 Arin is magically wearing the yellow T-shirt again for a split second, and the he's not wearing it anymore again.

  26. "Kid we lied to your mom. We have average size penises"
    How "average" is average Dan x3

  27. "Have you been stalking me?"

  28. Well this is just plain awesome

  29. This is such a good series! I just wish they made a season 2! Bring back this show!

  30. That guy looks like the video game boy. The one who wins!

  31. The characters feel a lot like the other side of Dan & Arin

  32. Who the hell is Alex

  33. what the hell is that pink drink they have. i've seen it all the way through the entire series.

  34. Theyre pretty entertaining actors

  35. Is no one else absolutely disgusted by arin's jacket? How can something be that dirty?


  37. I think Moms are the real enemies here.

  38. Is this the alternate universe where instead of Game Grumps being a thing instead It's e-Grumps

    Alex: Yo Ryan you want to start a gaming commentary channel?
    Ryan: Nah sounds dumb, no one's gonna watch that.
    Alex: Alright then…do you want to make an e-Sports team?
    Ryan: …Eh fuck it.

  39. Why is the only series I like is called Wayne

  40. Meant to be ad free so they just put a minute long ad at the beginning of the video

  41. 17:24 I know it's just acting but it seems like they were actually mad at each other, it reminds me of that one 10 Min Power Hour

  42. How did this get cancelled, but Kobra Kai got a seaon 2 🤔😒

  43. Honestly better than I thought it would be

  44. 8:16 "Suck my fucking dick, dude."

  45. What a fucking awful show

  46. TV MA ok this is tv u don’t need that bullsh*t


  47. Was hoping the series had transitioned to free, but it hasn't yet.

  48. Fucking terry is in this!

  49. so kill core is basically dota?

  50. Did anyone notice the Danny SexBang with lipstick at 23:15?

    I feel like Danny is playing himself and I love it, but Arin's character is so depressed…I hope he's not playing himself, too.

  51. Is it just me or is Danny wearing alot of cover-up foundation? Not gonna lie, I swooned for Danny SexBang wearing lipstick

  52. So is it true that this turned into a "muh diversity" show? And that they ended up cancelling. Because I'm not about to pay to watch this shit.

  53. …why is arin dressed like shaggy?

  54. I thought they were shutting down Youtube Premium. When do we get to see the other episodes for free?

  55. That Indian boy is gorgeous.

  56. So glad I bought YouTube premium for this

  57. Wow Aaron is even more of a whiny b** in this than game grumps. I remember when I used to like Game Grumps. I think I'm developing Asperger's. Or just being a cynical f*****.

  58. I love Dan in this "I got my number on a french fry bag"

  59. What happened to the series?
    I can't find the 2nd episode

  60. if we dont get a season two im going to scream

  61. Any news on season 2

  62. "platonic life partner". Yeah Ok.

  63. I love all game grumps and NSP party references.

  64. The screech at 18:05 is killing me

  65. 17:09 Arin I know how you feel. 😔

  66. How the fudge they get Terry crews to do this

  67. xD I love this so far, but Arin is wearing his team shirt for a split frame cut at 18:24 after he took it off.

  68. What a fucking dumpster fire this series was. Grade A acting arin 👍

  69. I had to do the same for a young rabbit that was slowly dying. the crunching is too real…

  70. Post-Office Arins are a thing?

  71. Love that the wheelchair kids legs moved when they cheered😂

  72. I went to high school with Kamal. Chill kid and he was funny as hell

  73. Ok, I can drop my disbelief when it comes to entertainment but I can hardly believe that Egoraptor of all people got defamed for rage quiting.

  74. "Did you think that there was Too much money that we could raise for charity today?" 😤🤣

  75. Danny with makeup and probably lipstick!

  76. 8 gaming PCs and a bunch of monitors on a single extension cord? I'm surprised they didn't blow a fuse sooner, honestly.

  77. 16:03
    "No no no, we're not friends…"
    Lmao same Arin… saaaaaaame

  78. why am i only allowed to comment on this episode?

  79. I think I would have enjoyed this series more if not for the constant feminism and white-shaming moments in it. It has its moments but every time something like that kicks in I find myself questioning why I'm watching this 😜
    Loved Danny & Arin though, I just wish this series could have lived up to the potential it had in the beginning.

  80. Since Red cancelled it does that mean they'll release it for free now? I'd like to watch the rest but I'm not giving money-grubbing Google anything.

  81. this show was severely underrated, too bad it had to die like that possum

  82. Dan Harmon in a suit…lol

  83. Kamal bouta get his pc in 11 days boyos watch out

  84. Alex and Ryland?

    Where’d you get those names?

  85. Bro this is a MOVIE CAUSE IF IT IS I WILL buy the tickets

  86. happy new year friends, all success

  87. this is bad, i love gamegrumps but… a show about it? im glad you did this but please at least start your own show with ur real personalities

  88. Will there be a season 2?

  89. I thought that in the freak out scene, he yelled DORA IS MY LIFE and not DOTA IS MY LIFE

  90. Watch 18:20 arins shirt changes from one scene to the next lmao

  91. It’s funny cuz Danny doesn’t drink

  92. Dan's character is pretty damn similar to what he's like anyway

  93. I'm pleasantly surprised they managed to get Dan Harmon and Terry Crews in there.

  94. I feel like i am watching a movie

  95. This is really bad lol

  96. Kamal finally got his computer back…………..

    why did I come back to this to say that

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