The Rules of 9 Ball Pool (Nine Ball Pool) – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of 9 Ball Pool (Nine Ball Pool) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of 9 Ball Pool
The object of the game is for you to win more games than your opponent. 9 Ball Pool (not to be confused with 8 ball
pool) is a game that’s usually played between two people, and to win a game, you must legally
hit the 9 ball into any pocket. To get to the 9 ball, you must use a wooden
cue to hit a white ball (known as a cue ball), into a numbered ball and for that ball to
go into any of the pockets on the table. This is known as ‘potting’ or ‘sinking’
the ball. The table is roughly 9ft by 5ft, and the object
balls are numbered 1 to 9. The game starts with a break.
This is where the first player hits the 1 ball to start the game.
For a break to be legal, at least 4 balls have to hit the rails of the table and the
cue ball must not go into any pocket. If you haven’t already guessed, you have
to try and sink the balls in numerical order to get the nine ball, and then you must sink
the 9 ball legally to win the game. If at any point you fail to pot the relevant
ball, it is the end of your turn and your opponent will be given the chance to aim for
the lowest numbered ball so that they can sink the 9 ball themselves.
So rather cruelly, if your opponent sinks the balls 1 through 8 and you come to the
table and sink the 9 ball – you win. In Snooker, if you pot in a different coloured
ball to the one required, it’s classed as a foul.
In 9 Ball Pool – it’s perfectly legal to hit the correct number ball and then for
different ball to go in. Take for example this shot.
Darren Appleton is required to hit the 4 ball. He hits the 4 ball first and the 9 ball goes
into a pocket. Because he hit the correct number ball first,
any other ball that goes into a pocket is a legal shot.
This example also shows you can win the game early by sinking the 9 ball after hitting
a correctly numbered ball first. Pretty cool, huh?
Wait a minute, so what can’t you do in 9 Ball Pool?
Well … You cannot touch any of the balls with anything
except your cue. You cannot sink the cue-ball, accidentally
or otherwise. You cannot hit an incorrectly numbered ball
out of turn. You cannot fail to hit the object ball.
You cannot hit any of the balls off the table. You cannot hit the cueball twice in one stroke.
And in ranking events: you must complete your shot within 30 seconds.
These infractions result in a scratch (or a foul), and your opponent will be awarded
the cue ball in his hand. He can then place the cue ball anywhere on
the table and continue with his shot. Competitive matches are usually played to
the best of 9, 11 or 17 games, and the player who wins 5, 6 or 9 games faster than their
opponent – wins. That’s basically the rules of 9 ball pool
in a nutshell, but there’s a few things you’ll need to understand before playing
or watching a game. For example:
Lag – To start any match, a lag is used to determine who breaks first.
Both players will hit a cue ball down the table to bounce off the end rail.
The person who can get the cueball closest to the front rail wins the first break.
Push Out – After the break, regardless of whether a ball goes into the pocket or not,
the player can opt to take a ‘push out’. This is where the player can play almost any
shot and no foul will be called against him. This is to eliminate an unlucky lie after
a break. Extension – As earlier stated, you have
only 30 seconds to play your shot. If you start running out of time, you are allowed
to take another 30 seconds so long as you inform the referee. This is known as an extension,
and you’re only allowed one per game. Golden Break – During a break, if you hit
the one ball, and the nine-ball goes into one of the pockets without fouling, you win
the game automatically in one shot. 9 Ball Pool is quickly becoming the more popular
variety of pool worldwide, and once you’ve played or watched a few games, the rules will
become clear. If you have found this video at all helpful,
please like, share and subscribe. It takes me ages to make one of these things
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in the meantime, enjoy 9 Ball Pool! Ninh Ly, @NinhLyUK,

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