The Rules of Beach Volleyball – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of Beach Volleyball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Beach Volleyball.
The object of the game is for your team to win two sets faster than the opposing team teams, and teams are made up of 2 players. To win a set, you must score 21 points and be at least two points ahead. If the scores are 21-20 for example, the game carries on until one team has a
two-point lead. Sounds easy … … so how do I score these points? To score a point you must aim to hit the ball over the netand onto the opponent’s area of sand. The game is played on sand that is 16 meters long by 8 meters wide
and the ares you’re aiming for is 8 meters by 8 meters. The net is
8 foot above the ground for men and 7 ft 4 inches
above the ground for women. If the ball is hit onto the lines – this also counts as a point. Hitting the ball over a net onto your opponents area of sand sounds simple enough, but in beach volleyball your team is only allowed up to three
touches of the ball. The first touch is known as a pass or a bump. This is usually to control an attack from your opponents. The second touch is known as a set this is a set up so that an attacking
player can make the final shot. The third touch is known as an attack or a spike This is usually an attacking shot over the net aimed at your opponents area of sand. A team can opt to take less than three touches if they want to and the game is a back and forth affair, with both teams setting up the ball and attacking each other’s court. In the sport of Beach Volleyball however, it’s very easy to lose points. There’s a lot of things you can’t do in beach volleyball You cannot hit the ball onto the sand outside the area of play. You cannot hit the ball twice in succession. You cannot Catch or throw the ball. You cannot step over the line during a serve. You cannot touch the net.
You cannot hit the ball into the antennas on the net. And as earlier mentioned; your team cannot touch the ball more than three times. All these errors result your
opponents been awarded a point and the next serve. Unlike in traditional
volleyball players do not need to rotate clockwise. and can switch positions at will. Once a team has won 21 points and is at least 2 points ahead, they win a set. If both teams have won 1 set each the 3rd and last set only goes to 15 points. The first team to win two sets .. wins. That’s basically beach volleyball in a
nutshell but there’s a few things you’ll need to understand before playing or going to a game. For example … Block
When an attack is imminent, a defender can jump in the air and try and stop an attack reaching the floor. You are not allowed to reach over the net and unlike indoor volleyball, a block does count towards one of your three touches. Dig … A dig is a play to stop the ball hitting the ground after an attack. Players will usually dive onto the floor to rescue a ball. A dig also counts as one of your three touches. Signals … Beach volleyball players use hand signals to indicate the type of block they intend to make Block signals are made behind the back to hide them from the opposing team. They are usually given with both hands by the serving player’s partner prior to the serve. This also gives perverted cameramen to focus on a players backside.
Now this is a lot to take in, but as you watch or play beach volleyball the rules become clear. If you found this
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