The Rules of Boxing – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Boxing.
The object of the game is to win a contest by either knock out or points.
Boxing, sometimes known as Western Boxing or English Boxing is a combat sport that is
contested between two fighters, and is contested in an area known as the ring.
The ring measures a maximum of 20ft x 20ft, with ropes surrounding the perimeter of the
ring. Each fighter wears padded gloves, shorts,
gum shield and boots for a fight. In Boxing, you can only hit your opponent
with your fists, and only above the waist. Doing anything else results in a foul and
could result in disqualification. A boxer has several punches that he can use
in a fight, and some of these include Jabs,
Hooks, Uppercuts,
and Crosses, The idea is to hit your opponent, whilst avoiding
being hit yourself. If you manage to knock your opponent to the
ground, the opponent must stand back up within 10 seconds and be able to show that he can
defend himself. If your opponent cannot do this, you will
win the fight automatically. This is known as a knock out.
If neither fighter can knock each other out, a panel of judges will score each fighter
based upon how well they fought and who was the superior boxer.
The fight is contested in up to 12 rounds of 3 minutes each, with a one minute break
in between each round. Judges score every round and the boxer with
the superior number of points at the end of 12 rounds, wins.
That’s pretty much it, but there’s a few other things you’ll need to know before
fighting or watching Boxing. For example: Technical Knockout / Stoppage.
For safety reasons, if a referee, doctor or a member of each fighter’s corner crew feels
that a boxer cannot properly defend himself, or that it’s too dangerous to let him carry
on fighting – they can end the fight prematurely and the opponent will win the fight.
This is known as a technical knockout or stoppage. Knock down
If a boxer hits another boxer forcing him to fall to the ground, he will have 10 seconds
to get back up. If a boxer successfully gets back up, this is called a knock down.
If a boxer takes 3 knock downs in any one round, the fight will be stopped immediately
and the opponent will win by Technical Knockout. Clinch
This is a defensive move where a boxer wraps his arms around his opponent in order to prevent
him punching. The referee will immediately separate the two fighters and they both must
take one step back before commencing the fight. Fouls & Disqualification
Even though boxing is a fighting sport, there are rules that prevent it becoming a street
fight. If you break any of these rules, the referee
may give a boxer a warning, deduct points, or disqualify a boxer if they accrue too many
fouls. Disqualification for a boxer ends the fight
immediately and the opponent is given the win.
But one things’ for sure … absolutely no biting!
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