The Rules of Futsal (Futsala) – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of Futsal (Futsala) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Futsal.
The object of the game is for your team to score more goals than the opposing team.
Futsal is an indoor variation of Football (or ‘Soccer’) if you prefer, and the general
rules of the game apply here, but with some significant differences.
This variation is played with two teams of up to 14 players, with 5 players taking the
court at any one time. They include one goalkeeper and four outfield players.
The game is played on an indoor court that measures 40m x 20 m.
Goal areas are a 6m arc around the nets, and the goals are a lot smaller too, 3 metres
wide and 2 metres high. To score a goal, you must put ball into your
opponent’s goal. For it to count, the whole of the ball must
completely cross the goal line. In futsal, you are allowed to touch the ball
with every part of your body except your arms. The main ways to move the ball is to kick
the ball to a team mate which is known as a pass,
or run with the ball whilst controlling it with your feet, known as dribbling. Teams will usually orchestrate passes and
dribbles so that the ball travels up the field so that they can score.
The defending team will try and stop you by tackling.
The can intercept passes, block shots or try and kick the ball away from you and move the
ball in the other direction so that they can score themselves.
A defender must be careful here, as if the referee decides that they made contact with
the player without touching the ball, or made contact without trying to win ball, he can
award a foul against them. Fouls usually lead to free kicks, but can also lead to a yellow
card which is a warning, or a red card where you are sent off the pitch. Two yellow cards
equals one red card. The game is played in two halves of 20 minutes,
for a combined playing time of 40 minutes. Unlike soccer, the clock stops every time
there is a stoppage of play and there is no added time.
Highest score at the end of time, wins. I’m a football player, it’s exactly the
same isn’t it? You’d think so, but no.
Because of the variation of the rules, it’s a very different game tactically for a variety
of reasons. One of the big differences is the ball. It’s
a smaller Size 4 ball that’s designed to have less bounce. This means that you have
excellent ball handling skills and be able to pass efficiently, as the ball will not
travel as far when kicked. Aerial play is also discouraged.
Shoulder charges and slide tackles are not allowed.
There is no such thing as offside. A sent off player CAN be replaced, but only
after the opposing team has scored, or a full two minutes have been played, whichever comes
first. And goalkeepers only have four seconds to
play the ball. Futsal is a really simple game and that’s
basically it, but there’s a few more things you’ll need to understand before playing
or watching a game. For example. Time out
Team are entitled to a 1 minute time out in each period to take a break and discuss strategy.
Teams cannot carry over unused timeouts. Substitution.
Unlike Football, there are unlimited substitutions in this game at any time.
All substitutions must be made through the substitution box on the side-lines.
Hand ball If you happen to touch the ball with an arm,
forearm, elbow or hand, the referee will call ‘hand-ball’ against you, and possession
of the ball is awarded to the other team. If you commit a hand-ball in your own goal
area, the other team will be awarded a penalty kick.
Penalty Kick If a defender handles the ball in the goal
area, or brings down an attacker WITH A SCORING CHANCE in the goal area, the referee will
award a penalty kick to the other team. The ball will be placed on the 6m spot and
any attacking player can try and score with one kick against the goalie.
Accumulated Fouls If a team commits 5 fouls, the opposing team
will be awarded a direct free kick or penalty kick for every successive foul afterwards.
As you can imagine, fouls are discouraged in this game.
Direct Free Kick Usually awarded after a team has committed
more than 5 fouls, a team is allowed to strike the ball unopposed 10 metres away from goal.
This in effect is pretty much a 10m penalty kick, so giving away too many fouls is a huge
disadvantage in this game. Kick in, Goal Throw, Corner Kick & Free Kick.
If the ball leaves the area of play, the ball is awarded to the team who did not touch it
last. If the ball leaves the sides of the court
, a kick in is awarded to the other team. If you touched it last and it goes out behind
your opponent’s goal line, a goal throw is awarded to the other team.
If you touched it last and it goes out behind your own goal line, a corner kick is awarded
to the other team. All kicks and goal throws MUST be played within
four seconds, or the opposing team will get possession of the ball. For those of you that’s still a little lost,
I highly recommend watching my video on how to play football or soccer, which you can
find in my videos section. But if you have found this video at all helpful,
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  1. The Rules of Futsal, otherwise known as Futsala explained here. Watch this video to understand Futsal Rules, which are different to Football or Soccer. Be sure to like, share and subscribe 🙂

  2. We have the competition here in Australia and follow FIFA rules but we allow the slide tackle.
    I don't know why as I think it's dangerous and many complaints come in about it. Referees tell me it's allowed by FIFA rules.
    Apparently many years ago it was allowed then banned and now allowed again.
    We also have 17 minute halves and don't stop the clock except for when a player is unable to move off court due to injury or if there is equipment failure. Due to time restraints we can't stop the clock for every time the ball goes out. International games go on forever doing it that way.
    The player in the video who "accidentally" bumped in to the official should have been given a red card!!!
    I love the game although have not played. Great video, thanks.

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    -when the goalie was in posession​ of the ball he can t have the ball again until either the ball went outside the field, the opponent touched the ball or the ball passed the middle line (that last one might have changed since last season, but I'm not a 100% sure), otherwise an indirect free kick is awarded to the opponent.
    -when making a goal throw after the ball went outside, the goalie can't play the ball to a player inside the penalty area. it has to leave the area. when making a goal throw after catching the ball(in game) the goalie is aloud to do that

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