The Rules of Golf – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of Golf – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains The Rules of Golf
The object of the game is to get your ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world
and in this game, a golfer uses a selection of clubs, (which are these things here) to
hit a ball into a hole which is denoted by a flag. A typical hole looks like this, with different
terrain and obstacles to make it challenging to play. To start, a golfer must have the correct equipment. Each player must use golf balls that they
can identify as their own and usually they mark the ball with a pen or a marker. A golfer is allowed no more than 14 clubs
in his bag. If they are found with more than 14, a two
shot penalty is added to the first hole. The game starts at the first hole. A player will start by hitting their golf
ball within two club lengths behind the markers. The aim of this first shot is to hit the ball
as close to the hole as possible. Once they have completed their shot, it’s
their opponents turn to do the same. In Golf, it is customary for the person who
is furthest from the hole to make the next shot. Players alternate shots until both players
have put their balls into the hole. The amount of strokes it took to sink the
ball is recorded, and then they move onto the next hole. The golden rule of golf is that you must play
the ball as it lies. You cannot move the ball or the environment
around it to create a better shot for yourself. Doing so will result in a two stroke penalty. A game is typically played over 9 or 18 holes. The player who completes the course in the
fewest amount of strokes … wins. The beauty about Golf is that no two holes
are exactly alike anywhere in the world. Every golf course is different and each one
is designed to make it challenging to get the ball into the hole. There are obstacles such as water hazards,
bunkers, roughs and surroundings that make it an interesting challenge. Golfers use different clubs to achieve different
types of precision shots to combat these obstacles. That’s basically all you need to know initially,
but there’s a few rules that you’ll also need to know before playing or watching Golf. For example. Par
Each hole has an average number of shots that a typical golfer should complete it in, based
on difficulty and length. This is known as the ‘par’ of the hole. Depending on how you performed on the hole
determines how your shot is designated. This table makes it easy for you to identify
the relevant golfing terminology given your performance. For example, if you manage to sink the ball
in one stroke fewer than par, this is known as a birdie. One stroke more than par is known as a bogey
etc. Hole in One
If you manage to hit your ball into the hole on the very first shot, this is known as a
hole in one. Hole in ones are typically shot on holes with
a Par of 3, as they are generally shorter than other holes. Penalty
A penalty is an extra stroke that is added to your score. This is usually awarded in the following situations. Ball unplayable
Sometimes it’s not possible to play a shot because of where the ball has landed. If this happens, you must declare the ball
unplayable and you have the following three options. In any case, this carries a one stroke penalty. Water Hazard
There are two types of water hazard surrounding a golf course. If you hit your ball into the water, this
will incur a one stroke penalty. Without going into two much detail, here’s
what you can do with each type of hazard. Bunker
These are the pits of sand that are usually near the green where the hole is situated. Balls that land in the bunker are difficult
to play. You cannot disrupt the sand prior to hitting
the ball, and you cannot remove natural objects such as twigs, or grass from the bunker. Lost Ball
Sometimes you cannot find your ball. If you cannot find your ball within 5 minutes,
this is known as a lost ball you must go back to where you hit previous shot and play the
shot again. This also carries a one stroke penalty. If you have found this video at all helpful,
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enjoy Golf. Ninh Ly – – @NinhLyUK

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    Mulligan: if a player deems his stroke unsatisfactory, he and his opponents may agree to have him replay the ball without penalty. Typically, a mulligan is granted before the players leave the spot from which the stroke was made.

    Gimmie: if the ball stops within a distance of the hole so short that missing the next shot would be unthinkable, the player and his opponents may agree to count one stroke without actually hitting the ball into the hole.

    Obviously, these are not allowed at any level of competition other than a game between friends, and even there they may be frowned on as unsportsmanlike. But the average person should at least be aware of what these terms refer to.

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