The Rules of Sepak Takraw – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of Sepak Takraw – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Sepak Takraw
The object of the game is for your team to win 3 sets faster than the opposing team.
A team is made up of 3 players and consist of these positions.
To win a set, you must score 21 points and be at least two points ahead.
If the scores are 21-21 for example, the game carries on until one team has a two point
lead up to a maximum of 25 points. To score a point, you must aim to kick the
ball (which is usually made of woven Rattan or Plastic) over the net and hit the floor
of your opponent’s court. The court is played on a similar sized surface
to a Badminton court: 13.4m long x 6.1 metres wide, and the net is 1.52m above the ground.
These are the circles the players must stay in during a serve.
If the ball is hit onto the lines – this also counts as a point.
Hang on Ninh, this kinda looks like Volleyball mixed with Football (soccer)?
That’s pretty much exactly what this is. Sepak Takraw is sometimes referred to as ‘kick-volleyball’
and the general rules of Volleyball apply but with the same touching rules as soccer,
i.e. you can touch the ball with your legs, body and head but not your arms or hands.
And just like volleyball, a team is allowed a maximum of three touches of the ball before
it must go over the net and onto your opponent’s side of the court. Unlike Volleyball however, a player may take
all three touches himself. A team can opt to take less than three touches
if they want to, and the game is a back and forth affair, with both teams setting up the
ball and attacking each other’s court. In the sport of Sepak Takraw, it’s very
easy to lose points. There’s a lot of things you can’t do in
Sepak Takraw You cannot kick the ball onto the ground outside
the area of play. You cannot kick the ball into the net and
for it to land on your side of the court. You cannot touch the ball with your arms or
hands. You cannot touch the net.
You cannot lift your foot out of the circles during a serve.
You cannot leave your circles during a serve until after the ball has crossed the net
and as earlier mentioned; your team cannot touch the ball more than three times.
All of these errors result in your opponents being awarded a point.
Once a team has won 25 points and is at least 2 points ahead, they win a set.
If both teams have won 2 sets each, the 3rd and final set only goes to 11 points.
Winning 2 sets before your opponent, wins you the game.
That’s basically Sepak Takraw in a nutshell – but there’s a few things you’ll need
to understand before playing or going to a game. For example … Block
When an attack is imminent, defenders can jump in the air and try and stop an attack
reaching the floor and players will usually turn their backs and lift their legs to prevent
an imminent attack. Spike.
This is an attacking shot, usually made by lifting the foot above the net and kicking
the ball in a downward direction towards the opponents floor. These shots are difficult
to stop. Roll Spike.
One of the most impressive plays in the game is the roll spike. Players will generate momentum
by jumping off one leg, rolling their bodies to kick the ball and then proceeding to land
on the same leg. They do something similar in Taekwondo called a 540 roundhouse, but
in Sepak Takraw, this is a roll spike. Now this game seems ridiculously strange,
but as you watch or play Sepak Takraw, the rules will become clear.
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