The Rules of Ten Pin (10 Pin) Bowling – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of Ten Pin (10 Pin) Bowling – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Ten Pin Bowling. The object of the game is to knock down more
pins than your opponent. Ten Pin Bowling, is the most popular form
of bowling worldwide and is played on a surface known as a lane. The lanes are 60ft long and are 42 inches
wide. If you bowl the ball wide of the lane, they
land in the gutters and will be carried past the pins. The pins themselves are 15inches high and
are arranged in a triangle formation. Each pin is designated a number. A bowler uses a large heavy ball, and has
up to a 15 ft approach to the foul line, which is the start of the lane. A game is divided into 10 frames. Each frame represents one turn for the bowler. In a turn the player is allowed to roll the
ball up to two times. This means that you have two chances to knock
down all 10 pins. If you fail to knock down all 10 pins with
your two balls, this is known as an ‘open frame’ and this scores the exact number
of pins that you knocked down. If you do knock down all 10 pins with two
balls, this is known as a ‘spare’ – and this scores 10 plus the number of pins knocked
down with the next ball. For example, if you score a spare and then
with the next ball score 9, the spare frame is 10+9, which is 19. And if you knock down all 10 pins with your
first ball, this is known as a ‘strike’. This scores 10, plus the number of pins you
knock down with your next two balls. For example, if you score a strike, and then
follow it up with another two strikes, the first frame is scored as 10 + 10 + 10=30
points. Players generally alternate turns between
frames, and once both bowlers have finished 10 frames each, the person with the highest
score … wins. Simple right? So why do they bowl the ball funny? The whole idea is to maximise your chance
of getting strikes, by hitting a certain section of the pins. This section is known as ‘the pocket’
and this scientifically gives you the best chance of getting a strike. Therefore bowlers will try to curl or hook
the ball into the pocket. The lanes have oil on them that gets dryer
as you get closer to the pins. So players take advantage of that by throwing
the ball at an angle, with spin, in order to get the ball to hook into the pocket. They will use the triangular markers on the
lanes to line up the ball at an angle so that the ball hooks where they want it to. That’s the bare basics of ten pin bowling,
but there’s a few things you need to know before playing or watching a game. For example:
Format. The most common format is a single match,
where one person plays against another person. But there are also competitions for teams
of 2,3 or 4 players to bowl against another team. There are separate contests for men and women,
or a mixture of both. Oil Pattern. Each lane is oiled differently, and depending
on the pattern, this dictates whether the ball will hook or not. This is known as the oil pattern, and it might
be helpful to check the oil pattern of the lane you’re bowling on. In professional tournaments such as the PBA
– they will add a blue dye to the oil so that players and spectators can see where
the oil is, and where it’s running dry. Foul
A player must not step or slide across the foul line when bowling a ball. Doing so will count as a ball, but will not
score. The pins that are knocked down are replaced. Also, any pins that are knocked down by a
ball in the gutter or by bouncing off the rear cushion don’t count either. Split
This is where the first ball of a frame results in two pins away from each other still standing. To knock both pins down with only one ball
left in the frame, is difficult – This is known as a split. Difficult, but not impossible! Perfect Game (300) In a game of bowling, the maximum you can
score is 300 points. This is done by rolling 12 strikes in a row. Why 12 strikes, instead of 10? Because, if a bowler gets a strike in the
last frame, the score for that frame can’t be recorded before rolling twice more. This is known as a ‘Perfect Game’ or a
300, and is the equivalent of a 147 Maximum Break in Snooker and a 9 Dart Finish in Darts. As you can tell, it’s not easy. If you have found this video at all helpful,
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