The Rules of Teqball – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of Teqball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Teqball
The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent. Teqball is a relatively
new sport that’s sometimes used as a training aid for professional soccer players, and has
become a professional sport in its own right. The game is played on a curved table similar
to that of a table tennis table, and measures 3m long and 1.7m wide. There is a net made
of perspex that is 14cm high and the service lines are 2m away from the ends of the table.
The ball is a standard size 5 soccer ball. To serve the ball, you must be behind the
2m service line and within the edges of the table. To put the ball in play, you can use
any part of your body except your arms and hands, and you must strike the ball above
the playing surface. Hitting the net during a serve is not allowed.
The idea is to hit the ball onto your opponent’s side of the table, and your opponent must
play the ball back to your side of the table within one bounce of the ball. Failure to
do this results in a point being awarded to your opponent.
Just like in volleyball, you are allowed a maximum of three touches to play the ball
back to your opponent. You don’t have to use all three touches, but if you touch the
ball more than three times, your opponent is awarded a point.
This results in players trying to make the ball difficult to return, so that their opponent
cannot play it back successfully. This is known as a rally.
So it’s basically a combination of volleyball, table tennis and soccer then?
Basically, yeah. But here’s where it gets difficult. You are not allowed to use the
same body part to touch the ball twice in a row. And you cannot return the ball to your
opponent using the same body part twice in a row either. Doing this results in your opponent
being awarded a point. Therefore, players have to be equally skilled with all their
limbs. Once a point is won, the process repeats itself
and service alternates between the players or teams after every four points.
Once you reach 20 points you win a set. And Teqball is played to the best of three sets.
The player or team that wins two sets the fastest wins.
If the game is played to a third and final set, the winner has to win by at least 20
and two clear points to win the game. That’s basically Teqball in a nutshell,
but there’s a few other things you’ll need to know before playing or watching a
game. For example: Other ways to lose a point
You cannot touch the table, or your opponent. You cannot cross the halfway line of the table
when the ball is played. You cannot jump to play any ball – at least
one foot must be on the ground. You cannot serve the ball outside the parallel
of the table. You cannot hit the ball and for it to land
on your side of the table. And the ball must go over the imaginary line
of the net. Committing any of these infractions will result
in a point being awarded to your opponent. Fault & Double Fault.
You are allowed two chances to serve the ball legally on any given point.
Failure to serve the ball legally results in a fault.
If you do this twice in a row, this is known as a Double Fault, and your opponent is awarded
a point. Edgeball
If the ball hits the edge of the table and changes direction drastically, this is known
as an edgeball. If the edgeball hits the ground, the point
is replayed again. However, if the opponent chooses to play the
edgeball, the game carries on as normal. Sideball
If the ball hits the side of the table, this is known as a sideball.
You cannot hit the side of the table, so hitting a sideball results in a point being awarded
to your opponent. Net
If you hit the net during open play and it bounces back without touching the table, you
can still play the ball so long as you are within your maximum three touches.
But if you hit the net and it bounces three times, this is known as a let and the point
is replayed again. Doubles.
There are some unique rules for doubles that don’t apply in singles.
In doubles, each player must touch the ball at least once prior to returning it.
You can cross the halfway line when passing the ball to your teammate, but at least one
foot must be on your half of the court. Whilst you can’t touch the ball with the
same body part twice in a row, players can do this when passing to each other.
And finally, players are allowed to switch positions during a game.
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