The Rules Of The Dojo 2015 | The Academy MN |

The Rules Of The Dojo 2015 | The Academy MN |

Welcome to The Academy. Today, we are going to review the rules of the dojo. Please do not arrive late to class, or leave early, without first obtaining permission to do so. Classes begin with students lining up in descending rank order, with correct salutation. All martial arts training begins with respect. Students must always show respect to their peers and instructors. Students must remain quiet and attentive, not engaging in idle conversation, especially when the instructor is demonstrating techniques. I’m gonna go do this class, like jiu-jitsu or something. You should see the outfits they’re making me wear… Totally looks like pajamas, oh my god… disgusting. Anyways… Be conscious of, and responsible for, your own actions at all times. All students share the responsibility of keeping The Academy safe and clean. Please pick up after yourself and others. Return all training gear, including weights and equipment, where it belongs. Students must wear clean, odor-free uniforms, in proper fashion. Really? You have got to be kidding me. Go get a clean gi! Brazilian jiu-jitsu students must wear a complete Academy gi, both jacket and pants, when attending gi class. Gi class… For no-gi classes, students must wear either an Academy rashguard, or T-shirt with current belt rank and Academy shorts. No-gi class… Street attire may never be worn during class. Furthermore, no hats… street shoes… or jewelry, are allowed on the mat or in training areas. As we practice close-contact martial arts, all students must maintain good personal hygiene. Please keep fingernails and toenails clipped short for everyone’s safety. All students are required to report any injury, health issue, and skin condition to their instructor prior to class. Really? You don’t consider THAT a skin condition?! No obscene language and ill-tempered behavior is accepted inside The Academy. Control your emotions at all times while training. When I say line up, you line up! You wanna be Jackie Chan? Bruce Lee? Huh? Let me get on your level! Let me get on your level, Wyatt! Unnecessary roughness, poor sportsmanship, and/or profane language, is strictly forbidden, and will be addressed immediately. Members of The Academy will be courteous and polite to visitors, students of other schools, and competitiors. When visiting other schools, act with humility and respect at all times. Remember, you represent not only yourself, but also The Academy. Very importantly, no one is allowed to enter The Academy under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. The only exception to this rule is if you are on a routine schedule of prescription drugs. Remember the golden rule: Do not abuse your knowledge of the martial arts. The martial arts should only be used to protect yourself and others. What the french toast?! Hey! Hey! Pay attention. These are no rules, just some last good advice: Train to the best of your ability, attend classes regularly, practice at home. While these rules may seem formal, they must evoke a sense of respect and discipline.

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  1. i am glad you have a good sense of humor, I love you master, the King Kaysone Saly

  2. 2:31–2:44! Very Funny!!!!

  3. Ok what a turn off sounds like the Christian academy I went to as a kid,

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