The SAD Truth About Console Fortnite… (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

The SAD Truth About Console Fortnite… (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be talking about console Fortnite, and more specifically my experience playing
console Fortnite for the last week or so. That’s right, as I briefly mentioned in a
video I made about a week ago, I decided to play the Winter Royale this weekend on console. And even though the Winter Royale isn’t we’re
gonna be talking about, I just wanna say that I thought it was incredibly fun to play, and
a lot of people made a good amount of money off it which is just really great to see. And before we move forward with this video,
if you played the winter royale comment down below right now letting me know how you did. So I played console Frotnite pretty much all
day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the tournament, and I also played a few hours each day in
the 3-4 days leading up to the weekend as an attempt to try to get used to playing on
console. And let me just establish this right now,
when you play Fortnite on PC for a prolonged period of time and then go back to console,
I really can’t even put into words how big of a difference it truly is. So what I wanna do in this video today is
discuss the most noticeable differences between playing on the 2 platforms,,, so that you
console players can really understand the disadvantage that you’re at. So, without further ado, let’s get right into. So when I initially decided to play the Winter
Royale on console here’s basically what I expected. I know for a fact that the game as a whole
was going to feel a lot less smooth since my FPS was going to basically be divided by
3-4, and then I also expected my aim to suffer a lot. But other than that, I thought it was more
or less gonna be similar to my experience with Fortnite on PC. So let me take you through what happened when
I first hopped back on console and started playing actual games for the first time in
at least a year. Like I said this was maybe Monday or Tuesday
of last week, and I thought the best way to really get a feel for everything was to play
some Zone Wars with my friends. And my goodness, withing about 30 seconds
of that game I realized that I was in for a bit of a rough experience. If I had to sum up how playing that first
game on console felt, it would be “delayed.” I know this probably sounds crazy and I’ve
never really hear anybody else say this so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but it really
did feel like there was suddenly this input delay on all my actions, and everything in
general just felt so much less responsive. And this didn’t just effect my aim like I
initially expected, it effected just about every aspect of my game. The most blatant example I can think of is
how it effected my waterfalling, which in case you don’t know, is the building technique
where you fall down while spamming walls and then a ramp/floor so you don’t take any fall
damage. So the friends that I was playing with in
this zone wars game don’t really grind Fortnite so therefore they aren’t very good. And because of this, I was able to get high
ground pretty much every round, which in zone wars is usually the easiest way to win. However out of the maybe 30-40 rounds we played
total, I probably had something like 6 or 7 deaths because I would try to waterfall
down, and then 1 of the walls or my floor wouldn’t place, and because of that I’d die
to fall damage. On PC, I can literally waterfall with my eyes
closed, I mean I probably haven’t messed up a waterfall in months unless I was out of
materials or something. So it was just so crazy to me that such a
simple building technique could become such a struggle simply because of a platform switch. I mean if I saw those clips of me building
in that first zone wars game without any context, I seriously would’ve guessed it was a gameplay
from maybe season 4 or 5. And the craziest thing about that is, this
building and editing delay-feeling was super apparent at 60 FPS, so therefore it was probably
2-3 times worse in those competitive end games during winter royale. Tunneling on controller is already hard enough
on great FPS, so it’s darn near impossible on controller when you have to do it at 30-40
FPS. And boy do you hit 30-40 FPS a lot during
those end games. It really makes you feel like you’re playing
Fortnite in slow motion, there’s a lot of hitching, just a really unsmooth experience
as a whole. Now moving past that, even though I was expecting
my aim to be effected before I even started playing, it was even worse than I anticipated. It’s kinda crazy, because a few months ago
I uploaded a video that showcased pretty convincing proof that aim assist wasn’t effected by FPS
anymore. And even though I saw that proof with my own
eyes, all I had to do was play a few games on console to really question it. The snap-on that I was getting with legacy
was just so much weaker than what I was used to. And this really showed up in the games I played
of winter royale. There were so many times me and my duo would
have high ground in end game, and I would have all these great opportunities to beam
people who were exposed while rotating with a SCAR or an AUG, but I’d just struggle to
string together enough hits to get a knock. And as bad as that was, the lack of aim assist
is probably even more noticeable in shotgun fights, especially with the tac. Since I’m a legacy player tapping L2/LT right
before you fire with a tac is such a powerful strategy, but the amount of pull that I got
felt so much lower on console compared to PC. It resulted in me losing a lot of those early
game 50/50 shotgun fights where everybody has low mats, so it pretty much just comes
down to who has the better raw aim. And another aspect regarding aim on console
that I underestimated, was how different the sensitivity feels. Throughout the 3-4 days before the winter
royale, I probably changed my sensitivity 5 different times. I’ve tried to mention it in every sensitivity
video I’ve ever made, but playing on a higher FPS makes higher sensitivities feel a lot
more manageable. And even though I don’t remember the sensitivity
I used off the top of my head right now, I honestly may make a video in the near future
about the best sensitivity for console players specifically, because I experienced first
hand that just copying my PC sensitivity probably isn’t the best idea. Another thing that I found really annoying
was the fact that xbox still doesn’t have the foot controller setting. When I play on PC I use legacy with foot controller
enabled, and as I’ve talked about before, that basically gives you the godly aim assist
of legacy, with some of the smoothness of linear, definitely not as smooth, but a nice
boost. So I was stuck in this kinda sticky situation
where I was even considering switching to linear just so I could have that smoothness. But luckily, that’s when I remembered that
I could mess with my xbox elite controller settings like I showed you guys a few weeks
ago, and I don’t think that was exactly as good as foot controller would’ve been, but
it definitely helped a lot. Now one thing I wanna point out that I was
actually pleasantly surprised by, is how little of an issue the graphical settings on console
were. I was expecting things like shadows and the
general duller colors on console to be a really big problem that would singlehandidly get
me killed every once in a while, but that really wasn’t the case. The only thing I would say that seemed slightly
different, was that whenever I would make a quick turn, my screen would look kinda blurry,
as if I had motion blur enabled when in reality I made sure to have it off. But at the end of the day even that specific
problem was only a very minor issue. Maybe I just got lucky with all that, but
I didn’t wanna make this video entirely negative so I decided why not end it by talking about
a positive. So overall even though I had a ton of fun
playing winter royale on console, and overtime I did start to get more used to the disadvantages
of it, I’m really happy to be going back to PC now. However if console gets more equal prize pool
tournaments like the winter royale in the future, I could definitely see myself coming
back. Except this time around I’ll definitely make
the switch to get used to it a lot earlier than just 3-4 days before. And for all you console players out there,
and I know there are a lot of you, I have the uptmost respect for you guys after experiencing
playing on console first hand. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section down below. If you’re a console player how do you feel
about all of the disadvantages of the platform that I discussed in this video? Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time.

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