The Scope – Triglavian developments and fighting in HEK.

The Scope – Triglavian developments and fighting in HEK.

New Eden was surprised a few days ago,
when for the second time Triglavians managed to take over
billboards across the Cluster. The message broadcast showed
Triglavian envoy Zorya Triglav inviting Capsuleers to join them
in the war against empires! We are Zorya Triglav. We speak for the Convocation
of Triglav Outside the struggle. Glorification awaits those fit
to join the flow of Vyraj. Liminal potential is divined
among Augmented Narodnya. We invoke a proving of Kybernauts
in the Ancient Domains. Guide and ground the flow
and be fit for glorification. Obstruct and mortify the flow
and you will be extirpated. We speak for the Convocation
of Triglav Outside the Struggle. We are Zorya Triglav. Needless to say, this ominous
recording has sent shockwaves throughout empire space. Officials of CONCORD’s “Big Four” empires, who for some time have been
concerned with the growing wealth and influence of capsuleers, are questioning the loyalty of such pilots. KASIHA VALKANIR, Provost Marshal
of CONCORD’s AEGIS division and the primary co-ordinator of
planetary and orbital defense against Triglavian invasions,
responded to the broadcast: CONCORD’s Directive Intelligence Agency
believes the Triglavians are attempting to entice independent
capsuleers into renegade actions that would suit the interests
of the invaders. I can confirm that CONCORD
is co-ordinating closely with member states in a broad effort
to thwart Triglavian attempts to manipulate star system
environments across New Eden. The Triglavians pose an existential
threat to all of New Eden. We trust that capsuleers will
continue their efforts to combat the Triglavian menace and work with
local defense forces to this end. In the days since the broadcast, fierce fighting has
been witnessed around CONCORD observatories where the Triglavians have for the first time
deployed their mighty ZIRNITRA dreadnoughts against CONCORD and empire fleets. The appearance of Triglavian dreadnoughts
continues the apparent change in tactics marked by the Collective withdrawing
its massive WORLD ARKS from K-space. The implication that the Triglavians
are seeking to draw capsuleers to their side is a further, alarming
development in their overall strategy. Reports suggest that numerous Capsuleers
have already accepted the Triglavian offer and assisted their attacks
on CONCORD observatories. This is causing a great deal of unrest
and unease in government circles. While capsuleers are notoriously fickle
and prone to shifting allegiance these acts are regarded as a
betrayal of New Eden civilization! The Scope will continue with updates
as the situation develops. This has been Alton Haveri
reporting for the Scope. Now with a special story about recent
events in Empire space, here is Lina Amber. Last month, the residents of the HEK system
witnessed some of the heaviest fighting ever seen in the high sec partition of
New Eden, when a Fortizar class citadel owned by Hog Hitmen –
came under attack from multiple alliances. A couple of weeks prior to the engagement,
Hog´s Hitmen had declared war on at least one hundred and eighty
alliances and corporations with the intention of ambushing as many
lone pilots in high sec as possible. Perhaps they did not realize that
their actions were also making themselves vulnerable to combined
attacks from those one hundred and eighty alliances. RUDAZARA, a fleet commander of BLACK LEGION
– one of the alliances war-dec’d – spotted an opportunity
to band against Hog Hitmen. Most of this high sec war deccing entities
that declare war on other alliances and corporations usually choose alliances
and corporations that can’t fight back and some of these newer founded
corporations take months to build up assets and anchor them in space
just to have these kind of corporations come in there and steamroll them,
I can’t respect that and we are just glad
we could return the favor. Banding together,
Fleet Commanders Aezekiel of Vindictive, masterglorfy from the
started coordinating attacks on Hog Hitmen’s Fortizar. During a brief period of neutrality
when Hog Hitmen, in attempt to reduce the number attackers withdrew war
declarations, BLACK LEGION managed to construct an ASTRAHUS
class citadel close to the Fortizar. As the conflict escalated, pirate alliance
PIRAT saw an opportunity to enter the target-rich environment and joined
the war on the side of Hog Hitmen. In the days leading up to the battle
multiple neutral freighters were seen bringing in ships and equipment
to the Fortizar in preparations for the upcoming fight, and undoubtedly
leaving the system with valuable assets. After weeks of fighting and skirmishing,
the Fortizar reached its final timer. A decisive battle with the Fortizar
hanging in the balance was inevitable. Since both sides could easily access their
nearby citadels, stocked with a wide variety of ships and equipment,
the subsequent battle turned out to be exceptionally fluid. On multiple occasions,
fleets docked to switch ships, attempting to counter tactics
and outmaneuver opposing fleets. Destroyed ships could also be
quickly replaced on the battlefield as Capsuleers made use of
the reserves stored in the citadels. Fleets consisting of Hurricanes, Tornados,
Ravens, Nagas, Hecates and Vexors took turns dishing out mutual death
and destruction until finally, with fires raging in multiple locations
and having completely lost its hull integrity,
a magnificent bright flash signaled the end of the Fortizar. And with it,
thousands of its inhabitants. Sporadic explosions continued to light up
the battlefield for some time afterwards, as the fleet remnants continued
exchanging shots, occasionally turning their attention to opportunistic
battlefield salvagers By the time the battle was over,
around six hundred ships had been destroyed and along
with the Fortizar, the total value lost is estimated to be over
eighty billion isk. The number of crew members killed is counted
in the hundreds of thousands. So the assembled might of Black Legion,
Intergalactic Space Hobos and VINDICTIVE managed to score a significant victory against the perceived villains
of the peace, Hog’s Hitmen. Despite losing the Fortizar,
Hog’s Hitmen remain defiant. By spending nearly thirty one billion isk
on over hundred and eighty wars and our bait staging Fortizar in HEK
we crushed our kill objectives with almost seven hundred alliance kills with an estimated value
of over 70 billion isk. We have been asked if we have
learned our lesson, the answer is simple. We call this an op success, thank you. Reporting for the Scope,
this is Lina Amber

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