The Sims Logic (Ep.15): Sims 4 (ft. LGR)

The Sims Logic (Ep.15): Sims 4 (ft. LGR)

Whoops, looks like you just started a fire
right next to a sleeping baby because you lit a firework indoors right next to him before. Oh, that’s perfectly fine, no need to panic. They’re completely fireproof in this game
after all. Oh so you have this morbidly obese sim? If you manage to make them wear this scarecrow
outfit, they will now become extremely underweight. Oh yeah, I have to work today, but I’m too
lazy. Luckily, I can work at home. Let’s see what I should do today. Share 3 random images. You mean, any image? And then I get paid for the day? Well okay then let’s see, first is gonna
be this wall, umm next will be these dirty dishes mine, and last is gonna be this dog
poop. Okay, three images, perfect. I’m gonna share it now. See even my followers get it. And voila! My work for today is finished and I got paid
600 bucks for uploading those images! My boss must be so proud of me
Wow never thought there are trash chutes in this game. I bet it has a complex disposal system behind
those closed walls! Ow nevermind, it’s just a magical portal
that leads to the void as usual. What’s that? Your sim is a painting expert with level 10
painting skill. Apparently, they can now paint this kind of
painting that looks like it’s drawn by a 7-year-old for 7 thousand bucks. It’s even regarded as a masterpiece. That is what we call quality art, sweety. Aww yeaa I finally obtained one of those flying
magical pets. And oh my god they follow us everywhere we
go. That’s so cute! Sup. Wow what book are you reading? Seems interesting. Oh you’re done already, that’s pretty
quick. oh- oh- oh, seems that your reality broke
again resulting in your hand stuck in that position. Well then, because of that, your right hand
will now stay in that posture for the rest of your life. Whoa I wanna go to that floating island. Good thing I have a magic broom so I can just
fly there. But I’m gonna casually bust through the
ceiling with no hassle. How to efficiently wash the dishes 101 (pake
lagu sims 1 gitu yg classical). We all hate dirty dishes piling up, so here’s
how to clean them up efficiently according to the sims. First, pick up the dishes. Second, put it again. Then, pick them up again and go to a nearby
trash bin to throw away the remaining leftovers. Next, go back to the place where you find
them and put the dishes there again. After that, pick them up again. And finally, bring them to the sink and wash
them there. Thanks for tuning in! That’s so cool there’s a magic duel nearby. I wanna take a closer look at it. Let me just stand in the middle of this magic
death ray to be able to observe it better. I love the addition of this flaunt wealth
interaction. I can finally flex about my wealth and make
it rain on any occasion ever! Okay so we’ve already woohooed everywhere. We’ve tried doing it in a wardrobe, a bush,
we even woohooed in a freaking rocket ship. All of them are boring now. Where else should we be woohooing? Hmm let me think, oh how about that burning
pile of leaves? You know what? I hate school. My teacher is always calling me just to be
angry at me. So, I decided to go to another dimension that
bends space and time themselves. Ha! There’s no way he can contact me no- wait
what? What the hell man. What kind of provider are you using? At last, I’ve finally saved up enough lifetime
points to buy this potion that can change my personality traits. I can finally have some better traits. Wait, what are you doing? Unflirty? Mean? No please, no no! Oh god, I’ve wasted my whole life saving
up these points just to end up being a worse person instead. Dammit player! Oh, you think you’re so cool, huh? You think you’re the only center of attention? Well, not today, kiddo. Just you wait any second now. Any second. An- *cough*. Haha told ya! Nice, my sim is a ghost that floats everywhere,
from wandering around the house to going up the stairs. But of course, he has to slip and fall while
passing on a pile of mud. Good luck going to the space. Bye! Man, I wonder where she’ll go. Space is just so vast. I better watch her rocket blasting off. Wait a second. The rocket just stays on this very height
this whole time? My god, we’ve been lied to by the sims government
all along! Nice, I can play games online with others. Alright then, I’m gonna play a round of
Mario Party with my dead mom. How fun! I’m gonna play a violin. Oh, I almost forgot. I have to summon the bow into my hand out
of thin air first. There you go. Let me just move this cursor on the computer
I’m using here by typing through the keyboard. These people are just wasting their time going
to the hospital to have their diagnosis and be cured. I mean, they’re living in a world where
they can simply order this one medicine from the computer for 50 bucks that can cure any
diseases from common cold to measles in just a sip! Oh so your sim is starving right now but it’s
poker night and she doesn’t wanna miss it? Well good thing multitasking is in this game,
even for this specific occasion. And now your sim wants to both eat a bowl
of cereal and use the laptop? Again, multitasking is here to save the day. No need to worry. Your sim can now use their laptop as usual,
but they can now eat it like this! Aww look at this cute little Pomeranian dog. I bet she’ll do a squeaky little bark after
this. Or maybe not. Damn you had a rough “try for baby” there. Anyway, after that you can immediately have
a pregnancy test right on a toilet and if it’s positive, confetti will then appear
out of thin air to congratulate you and your belly will suddenly grow like a 3-month pregnant
belly all in the same day. Ah great, looks like I’m going to die of anger. But damn this plate of grilled cheese is too
good to be dropped into the floor just like that. Oh well, guess I’m just gonna die while
still holding them. Oh god a vampire is breaking into my house. He’s definitely gonna suck my blood out. Nooooo. Oh nevermind he’s just washing my dishes
and feeding the dog. Phew! Apparently, you can kiss babies, but it’ll
only be available in one condition. Can you guess what the condition is? Being their dad? Nope. Being their mom? Not even close. The answer is you need to be in a high position
in the politician career for the interaction to appear. Yep, this is a thing apparently. Time to go to work, you should probably take a shower. Hmm take a steamy shower? Okay then, that could’ve made you happier,
I guess. Alright he’s feeling flirty now for some
reason. Well, I’ll take that. Oh yeah before going to work, make sure to
go talk to your son first and ask about his day or something. Okay why are you talking to him in a super
weird and suggestive way now? Alright I’m calling the cops. Thank you so much guys for watching Episode
15 of The Sims Logic. And special thanks to Lazy Game Reviews or
LGR for short for voicing some of the lines in this video. If you haven’t, be sure to check out his
channel. He usually makes videos regarding retro gadgets
and games, but he’s also a big fan of The Sims and sometimes makes high quality The
Sims pack reviews. Anyway, I hope you liked this episode, and
I’m also planning to upload another Sims Logic episode before this year ends so stay
tuned. See you later!

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