The Special Ops Olympics

The Special Ops Olympics

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  1. This guy looks like he is doing the drugs that these drug cartels are profiting from.

  2. holy shit ! sice when did my country get part of this game!

  3. turkish spec ops would kick all their asses.

  4. what is vice problem with not fuzzing out the faces of Special Forces and NARCO officer faces. fucking assholes!

  5. That Colombian special forces is some weak shit

  6. Missing out on some big names such as SAS, GIGN, GSG9 and ISI

  7. Boy I did not read that title right.

  8. Creating wars and keeping soldiers busy since October 12, 1492?

  9. Pitty the fool who has to fight these dudes smh.

  10. No love for the best: sas and sbs

  11. Felicidades Hermanos Colombianos, sus fuerzas armadas siempre se han distinguido por su buena preparacion.

  12. are the russians here

  13. If the sas was there they would have won coming from an American

  14. i wonder how Honduras did

  15. I want to say a little something that's long overdue, the disrespect to women has got to be through. To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends, I wanna offer my love and respect till the end.

  16. So this is like the chunin exams?

  17. kinda wished you interviews other countries, like the founders being the US im sure they could have some nice things to say about the cooperation and goals.

  18. The sas is too good for that

  19. They didnt invite the SAS because they knew the SAS would beat them by a landslide in every respect.

  20. 06:46 – Colombia top cocaine producer… FALSE! Top producer is Peru.

  21. you want to stop the drugs and gangs in your country colombia then you must kick out the CIA and the american embassy cause the CIA is secretly funding the same people you are fighting and has been since good ol' Pablo

  22. I wanted to see Jamaicans

  23. They supply the coke let’s all cheer them on!

  24. Notice how VICE didn’t show the U.S winning the whole competition at the end.

    Biased towards their own country.

  25. i saw my country JAMAICA IN FULL EFFECT

  26. Just legalize drugs already — this problem would disappear.

  27. I did not see Mexico on the list

  28. So , This is the new School of the Americas ?

    For those that dont know , School of the Americas was where the Death Squads of the Dirty Wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador , Columbia and Chile and Haiti , and Guatemala and most other S,American Fascist groups were TRAINED in counter insurgency , irregular warfare and torture , and what Americans call "TERROR" (when its someone else behind it)

    They were shamed by the International community into changing the name and re-locating.
    It was SO BAD , that Peace Activists held 24 hour prayer vigils outside its gates , and KEPT coming back and back and back until public shame closed it.

  29. He has a lvl2 helmet…. The awm and kar98k will destroy him

  30. I definitely read this as the Special Olympics: War Games lol

  31. Australians, brits, NZ etc? This aint a real test.

  32. "lOl oMg TheRe ArE NO wOmaNS THouG HoMg wAht stOp tHis RAcaTisT sExISts AcTIviTy ImMeDIaTlY1!1!!"

  33. 4:08 So that they can later use them on eachother

  34. I was reading it at first glance as ( special Olympus war games) lol

  35. And this is being held…in Columbia?

  36. You guys forgot Mexico

  37. Wouldn't U.S. Green Berets, Army Rangers, and Navy Seals just crush the competition?

    We have a large selection pool for candidates first and foremost.

  38. Are you guys.outa money, because that was a truly weak ass report.

  39. What happen to the other ones

  40. Literally comparing shit world "military" to the real countries military lmao

  41. I thought that Costa Rica didn’t have Military!

  42. The ringer starring Johnny Knoxville part duex

  43. The north most country has JTF2 the most accurate snipers ever.

  44. I wish they would put this on TV.

  45. The British Special Forces aren't there because their too good?

  46. (2:58) dead, dead, and dead. good lord

  47. I heard the Marines got their asses beat for years in the side arm round because of the shitty low cap m45. 1911 people are the worst.

  48. A few pounds to lose ?? Try this stuff . If you don't expire , you should lose all of it . More even . I are an hexpert .

  49. Ta buena la gorra de xolos

  50. where are the US special ops?? Oh yeah, doing somthing actually important! BAHAHAHAHA

  51. This reporter has the charisma of a dead snail.

  52. And now the final round of this competition, TEAM DEATHMATCH!

  53. They try to defeat the T Series

  54. It would only seem fair if special units of guerrilla forces are allowed to compete. You think guerrillas are just poorly trained peasants armed with stolen weapons? Think again.

  55. UK not there because they too secret

  56. vice always be puttin out videos like this that are so damn vague

  57. The us thinks they're slick, they made this so they could identify other countries special operators and how they perform.

  58. How to defeat all Special Forces without losing a single soldier, Hide huge electric magnets and flamethrowers….

  59. Man those other countries rucks are small as hell. Lol

  60. watch out canada is going to shoot you with diversity

  61. This should be properly titled; the Latin American Special Ops Olympics. This report lacks focus.

  62. Looks like Colombia has their shit together

  63. So is it specifically for South and North American spacial forces

  64. What a bunch of bulshit the CIA has been running Coke out of Columbia for forever

  65. So the U.S sends green berets to this place?

  66. A fantastic idea.

  67. The ten best special forces units in the world:
    10. you
    9. can't
    8. rank
    7. them
    6. they
    5. all
    4. have
    3. different
    2. skillsets
    1. JTF2 – Canada

  68. Weres the us seals

  69. So who got first second and third place it never did say?

  70. Rainbow six siege lol

  71. 2:13 Scar L (pubg fan)

  72. They basically have a forced cocaine growing program which to me is kinda pointless unless you do something to motivate the farmers to switch over. Maybe then you’ll start to win the war on drugs

  73. I wanted the special ops special Olympics…

  74. wow special Latinos here hold my beer billy bob

  75. I bet Latin American countries learn a lot from Army SF

  76. They didn’t show or go through any of the actual courses with them?

  77. No Mexico ,,,,,,,, hmmmm is it cause they all work for the narcos ?

  78. Hard-working men

  79. They take War Game to a whole new meaning.

  80. Wait no GIGN or GSG9?
    Who was in charge of inviting the forces?

  81. 4:44 laughs and crys in 2019

  82. The black guy in 1:37 standing in the boat look in his chest that was one of the patches use by DEVGRU the black squadron i dont think u.s allow this team to particifate such event because all of the DEVGRU operator is highly classified.

  83. Gold medal gose to simo hayha for most kills with a sniper rifle.

  84. You know what your army needs to do their very best YOU NEED A MONTAGE TO GO FROM A BEGINNER TO A PRO YOU NEED A MONTAGE A SPECIAL OPS MONTAGE MONTAGE!!!

  85. When i saw Jamaica was involved, i automatically thought of the song from cool runnings.

  86. But who won the games?

  87. Long overdue to decriminalize drugs. This war has been going nowhere good, and is never going to end with them being illegal. Things won't be perfect but it's a good start.

  88. The last event should be team death match

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