The Specialized Zwift Academy Tri Team at the IRONMAN World Championships

The Specialized Zwift Academy Tri Team at the IRONMAN World Championships

IRONMAN Hawaii is just absolutely stupid. It’s the best form of sport. Kona is just brutal. Everyone of us is crawling to the finish line. Oh my God! I didn’t want to cry. I Just had a moment. Well you know after that same high of going out there and racing and pushing our bodies as best we can. It’s a mix of emotion, stress, passion,
narcissistic triathletes, crazy wind lava, heat. It’s everything that we love
about this sport. It’s absolutely beautiful. WORLD CHAMPION! We’re in Hawaii! It’s very beautiful. We’ve got some mangoes on the tree. We’ve got some Lancashire rain. It’s fantastic. How do you feel about being a swanny Tim? Think I’m good! proof is in the pudding if she wins. I’ll be signed. The Zwift soigneur. I guess I am very experienced but you know I just see myself as another triathlete. 5 days out? Yeah? Sounds scary. I have all these great people around too. It’s super cool. I think he’s super nervous which he tries to pretend he’s not. Are you nervous? Yes. Probably more nervous than him. Personally I didn’t really realize how
big a deal it is and then I’ve kind of got here and yeah I’m blown away by it. It’s pretty fantastic. Initially the goal was just to do an IRONMAN and finish it. And then all of a
sudden it’s kind of stretched and don’t really know where it’s going to end up
so it’s quite exciting to see where it can go. I just had a dream about the race last night. I just remember I was riding my bike like I was in the race and I don’t know. Usually I have bad dreams so maybe this is a good thing. Oh we’re carb loading baby. Golo is just laid-back. He’s here with his
girlfriend and you know they seem in a good spot nice and chilled. He’s been
here before this is his third time. He’s had two races which he would say aren’t
so good. I think he’s come here fit and confident and I can see that in him. He won the overall amateur division in Maastricht but he knows what this course can do to you so you know I think he’s respectful. Finished. It was just 200 meters. It was good. Feeling good. Ready for race day. A bit excited and a bit nervous but also confident. Feeling good. The atmosphere down on the front that’s incredible. Being around all the other athletes and a part of the Academy that’s been unbelievable as well. Putting on a kit and we’re checking in
later. That all makes it feel real. So starting to get a little excited and
nervous but all good things. You got Rachael who’s just full of life, bubbly. She’s been here awhile ago but I think she’s changed. I think she now more competent athlete. She’s got an amazing coach that she’s working with
back home who’s top ten’ed here in the Professional Division. So hopefully she can have a good race as well. Bex is very quiet and calm and she’s sticking to her routine. She’s very diligent. A couple of days to go and yeah excited nervous to see what happens. We’re going to go and register pick up numbers and it started to get real. I’m excited for the challenge but it will be a tough one. The finish chute. I just got the chills a little bit. Are you proud of yourself? A little bit. What did your mom and dad say? They just told me that they loved me and that they’re proud of me. They always are. God IRONMAN week it’s just like you started feeling grateful then you just get emotional randomly
like this. Nerves are starting to set in and I’m excited. It’s all good things. The worst thing I think that could happen at the weekend is I don’t finish. I want to get around this course. If I can get around it yeah I’ve got ambitions hopefully to come back in the future and see what I can do
so yeah that’s my main objective. I need to finish this race. Wow! Look at the numbers. It’s 2000. We all decided that we’re gonna race at the same pace. We’re all stay
together the whole time. Yeah we can do that. I was thinking more of a Madison Sling. Then we can like chuck each other into the race. it’s been great to be a part of their
journey and see how how the whole Academy has come together right back from when they got selected to 48 hours before the race. Very excited like what’s a lifetime opportunity to be here so gonna make the most of it for sure. Up all night? Yeah. Like 2:30. I was up at 1:30, went back to sleep. Was up at 2:30, tried to go back to sleep. Luckily the night before the race it doesn’t matter that much. Not sure if I have enough fluid here. Let’s go racing! Let’s do this! Come on! Good luck. Good luck. I’ll see you guys out there. I think just being on the start line,
just being surrounded by all the other athletes. Everyone kind of says once the cannon goes and you’re in the race and then the thick of it so yeah
really looking forward to that. Hi. Whhaaatt. You all done? Yeah. Excited and nervous. It’s cool
huh isn’t it. I mean look at the atmosphere over here. Now the sun’s coming up and it’s just great. It’ll be a good day. I just try to have a good swim to be like in the second or third group and then just staying conservative. Thing is just to
stay calm and not to you know overreact. I think what’s going through your head
the entire time it’s like one foot in front of the other and focusing on what
you’re doing in that moment. Awesome! Golo go! Swam really well. Second out of the water.
On the bike she looked like she end up in third. Think she’s finding in the heat a little hard in the run. Two-thirds gone, just a little cheeky marathon to go. I think he did pretty good swim. Then when he got onto the bike course, his shirt ripped open so it probably cost him some time. I can’t wait until he comes here and we run to the finish line and see him cross. He was laughing for the first time all the way. Third time is the charm. I’m happy actually. I’m super happy with the time. I would really love to go like top five in my age group and I missed that by three and a half minutes. I guess I really have to figure it out, how to run well on this island. This will be quite a task I think especially for a big guy like me. He didn’t beat me! Woo! We’re gonna shower now. A bit sweaty. It was like 8 hours 57 or 58 [minutes]. Something like that. I think she got pretty emotional towards the finish but she’s done it. It was a long day out. Disappointed. I’ll come round I’m sure.
Had a lot of family and friends messaging me and they’ve turned around
said you know some people spend the whole triathlon careers trying to get a
place in Kona and I did it on my first shot. Just me personally, I wanted
just a little bit more kind of like the fairytale ending of the story but
other opportunities so yeah I will be back. No bueno from the get-go. I was hyponatremic and I was just cramping every time that I tried to run. Sorry. Who won? I just messed up but you know life will go on. Kind of hurting a little bit still. I think I don’t really like to make goals like super far out you know. Like I don’t I would never sign up for another IRONMAN for a next year because I
think you just need to let yourself have some time. Whether it goes well or not it just takes a lot out of you so we’ll see. Tough day yesterday so it’s time to just relax a little bit. Actually the Zwift Academy program was a life-changer for me I would say. All of the material and sponsors we get. And on the other side, all the people and all the encouragement and the passionate love from all of the people all along the way and all around this incredible journey has been absolutely massive. It’s been great following their journey. I hope everyone sat out there has enjoyed the journey as well. It’s been an awesome adventure. See you guys next year.

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  5. Awesome! Congrats to everyone for trying and for getting involved in the 1st place!

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  7. Well done team Zwift. Great support from zwift and sponsors. I can't wait to watch the team next year.
    Maybe one day I'll be quick enough to also qualify.

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