The Tennis Shoes Designed to Glide on Hard Courts | The Tech Race

The Tennis Shoes Designed to Glide on Hard Courts | The Tech Race

Welcome to The Tech Race. Can you imagine tennis shoes that allow the player
to cover the court quicker? Stop imagining – there are shoes
that make this possible. (TENNIS GLIDE SHOES) A professional tennis player
can hit the ball at speeds faster than 200km/h. Competitors have barely a fraction of a second
to respond. Glide shoes make it possible
for the player to reach the ball and return
to their original position at speeds that were
previously impossible. Today, it’s not a huge surprise that the tennis game,
like anything, is speeding up. Tennis is faster today
than it was two years ago or ten years ago. What we’ve seen is that many
professional players have adapted to that by learning
to slide on hard court. If you watch Djokovic,
Gael Monfils especially, they’ve been sliding
on hard court almost as easily as they do
on clay for several years now. Our footwear engineering team
noticed that and wanted to look at
how to take that ability and make that possible
for younger players and other competitive players
around the world. (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) (CHICAGO) At the College Park
Athletic Club, Chicago, tennis players train
with one-of-a-kind shoes that allows them
to slide on the hard court. What you’ll find
on the glide shoe that’s different than
any other shoe in the world are two glide plates
on the bottom, strategically placed
in the shoe, made of polyethylene. What we found is this provided
the perfect surface to allow the player
to glide on hard courts. But the traction
around the shoe, the reinforced rubber, allows them
to reposition their weight and quickly move
out of that shot. It’s an impressive dynamic of those two materials
working together, also taking into account
the player’s position. This shoe is a new invention. It basically allows us to move just like we move on clay,
except on the hard court. It enables us
to transfer our weight and slide into the shot, which enables us to instantly
recover right after and get back to the middle
of the court, which makes us quicker. The opponent sees us always
in the middle of the court, so it’s much harder to beat us with the ability
to slide into the court. Yes, come on, come on. Yes. I really like playing
with the glide shoes. I feel like it’s really cool
because I’m faster and I can recover better. It makes…you know… Your strides change a little,
but once you get used to it, I think it’s really cool
and it really improves my play. In the past, athletes wrapped their feet
in fabric to play sports, until they began to manufacture
tennis shoes with cork soles in the 18th century. The shoes are always determined by the surface on which
the match will be played on. Ever since tennis was included as an Olympic sport in 1984, it has been played
on hard courts, with the exception of
the Olympic Games in Barcelona 1992, where they competed
on clay courts and in London 2012,
where they played on the legendary grass courts
of Wimbledon. Tennis hard courts are made of
cement, plastic or asphalt. The action is fast-paced because the bounce
is low and quick, making gliding on these types
of courts a revolutionary step. Most importantly, these shoes
allow the player to decide when to slide and when to stop. It’s important to know that you don’t slide on this
if you don’t want to. I think it’s important
that people understand these are not ice skates. These are actual tennis shoes
that you can regulate how much you want to slide and how much you do not
want to slide. This new technology
completely changes the way tennis is played
on hard courts. The glide shoes
make it possible to hit the ball
and be ready for the next with 30% quicker recovery. However, it takes time
to get used to the shoes. The first day,
I was very nervous about how much it slides
and how much it doesn’t. I was afraid to make my steps. But very quickly,
I switched my mind-set. I used to play on clay and I realised
that this actually works and I can regulate
how big that step needs to be. I got it very quickly
and our students today show that they can do it
very quickly as well. It was a little bit difficult
at the beginning to learn it, except once my coach showed me
some exercises to do and we worked on it, I think I got it
in the first day or so. Once you keep practising it, it just becomes
easier and easier. The weight is on the inside. Fantastic, Alan.
Fantastic, Alan. My goal for tennis is to be number one
in the world and I think that
the glide shoes can definitely
help me achieve this, and I’m really excited
to wear them.

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