The Transporter — Movie Review #JPMN

The Transporter — Movie Review #JPMN

The first in an eventual trilogy that also
spawned a 12-episode TV series, this French action thriller was a surprise hit following
its October 2002 release… more than doubling its $21 million dollar budget. Co-directors
Louis Leterrier and Hong Kong choreography specialist, Corey Yeun do a great job bringing
the fast and flashy 92-minute picture together. Jason Statham is featured in his first starring
role, as a professional courier for criminals, who gets more than he bargained for after
transporting a living hostage, played by the adorably annoying Qi Shu. Although the acting
is less than convincing, the two leads share enough romantic chemistry and charisma that
it’s easy enough to overlook their performance shortcomings. Obeying a strict set of self-imposed
rules, Statham takes pride in his work, explaining, “Transportation is a precise business”. A
thrilling high-speed chase through seaside France kicks off the PG-13 rated film, and
is one of the more memorable cold-opens for the genre. Backed by some funky-sounding music
by Stanley Clarke, the fight sequences are inventive and exciting to watch unfold, especially
since Statham commendably performs all his own stunts. One particularly fantastic scene
sees him taking on eight bad guys at once while covered in motor oil. Occasionally though,
the fights feel like they’re happening in slow-motion… and appear too rehearsed. The
movie constantly skirts the fringes of believability however, not the least of which is miraculously
landing a car on a transport vehicle and hitching a ride without its driver ever noticing. The
remainder of the set-pieces are relatively low-key and contained… but work very well
within the limited narrative. With not much below the surface, bland villains, unrealistic
action, and a simplistic plot – this movie still maintains its appeal with well-executed
martial arts, big explosions, and fast-moving chase sequences. Hardly an award-winning film,
it’s still plenty rewatchable – as are its equally amusing sequels. “The Transporter”,
“Quick fights distract from story.” Here are some of your thoughts on this film from the
YouTube comments. Our scores for “The Transporter”… a SEVEN
and a SEVEN. Plenty of praise of this picture, most of it going to Statham and the fight
choreography… but we were both aware of the film’s limitations and faults, scoring
it a COOL.

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  1. Thanks for watching!

  2. Good review man. I noticed you do these series of reviews related to an specific topic or someone (in this case, Jason Staham). I believe you would get more viewers if this vids were related to directors instead.. :p

  3. Great Review Jon. I love the Transporter Trilogy.

  4. Hey yo Jonathan, I would love to see a review of the beautiful Disney film that is Frozen.

  5. Totally agree with the review. Jason Statham and the action is what's good about this movie. Everything else sucks, from plot holes to the music.

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