The Try Guys Try Not To Laugh Challenge

The Try Guys Try Not To Laugh Challenge

– Welcome back to another episode of, – Try Guys Game Time! – Today, we are doing the
try not to laugh challenge! – And there are three rounds. – We’re gonna watch some videos. – Dad jokes, head to head. – We are going to have a lightning round where we try to make each other laugh. – Whoever laughs the least
throughout this video, is the least friendly of us. – Boo! (chuckling) – You might be the worst
one, historically, right? You’re a giggler. – Worst, best? I would say you’re the worst because you have not joy in your life. – I feel like Eugene
would be good at this. – Yeah, Eugene will be fine. (upbeat music) – Are you already losing? (laughing)
– Yeah! – Oh my God. – Oh, that is very funny. Also, that hog took off. – That’s good.
– Wow. Didn’t laugh but recognized
that it was funny. – Got some smiles out of me. – Also impressive. (laughing)
– Just the idea of not laughing is so funny. Okay. (exhaling) It’s because,
– That was the first video. – That was literally
three seconds in, Zach. And he made a funny noise. – [Teacher] Okay, who likes Fortnite? – [Children] Me! – [Boy] We like Fortnite,
we like Fortnite. – No. I don’t care about you, children. Unless one of you, yeah not funny. – They’re doing the fornite thing. – That a fornite thing?
– Yeah. – Really? I just thought it was a loser thing. – That was awful, those kids are real huh? That’s the children these days. – I don’t think I found
it funny because I just found it scary. – Oh no come on now. – Dumb dog. – He’s never gonna catch it, is he? Oh oh. (laughter) – He’s so bad! He’s so little, and he can’t. – Oh a taco. (laughter) the taco got you? – The taco got me. – When I finally got down
here to the house to look and see what happened, the
door was standing wide open it looked like he was
packing up for a yard sale, he was lying, throwing his
hands, he did pull a gun on me one time. – You laughed and it made me laugh. – Who steals a cheese grater? He’s got the works, lysol, he stole an empty bottle of spray – I love this one. (laughter) Certain things appeal to my sense of humor and listen when someone with
just the best type of accent is just going of, my type of content. – What was he even saying? – He was saying that someone
had an empty lysol bottle and why should someone
steal an empty bottle? – I think that’s funnier
to us than other people because me and Ned have a
relationship with people like that in our lives. – We both grew up in the south. – I know who that guy is. I know that guy. – He’s really fucking up that bucket. Oh no. (chainsaw) – Why’d they blur it? – Why’d they blur it? Well I just was scared. – That was not funny. – Was that an infomercial that
someone kind of chopped up? – It was like someones Tim and Eric reel. – I appreciate it, like I
think I was smiling mentally. I was like ha, but not
laugh out loud moment. – It was trying too hard for me. I’m a simple man of simple pleasures. – I thought the one funny
thing was when he was picture and picture by himself,
but it wasn’t funny enough to override how scared I was. – Yeah I was mostly just scared. – Oh this is gonna be
funny, whatever this is, I can tell it’s hilarious. – Don’t slip and fall I swear to god. – Oh god. (laughter) – Just breathe, just breathe. (laughter) – I lost it at the end,
I just remembered it. My brain for some reason played it back. – Nothing I ever make
will be as funny as that. – That’s my favorite, I loved that. That was so cute. – Oh my goodness is it pooping. (yelling) (deep breathing) – Pretty close on that last one. – Pretty close. – You know what the problem with that is, I watch so many nature
documentaries, I know where all that footage is from. – I liked the ones where
they don’t know they’re funny more than the ones where
people are trying to be funny. And that almost got me, because
that cat just face planted. – It reminds me of that
cat that jumps off the bed into the wall. (laughter) – Yeah! Fuck yeah, give us another one! – What is happening? – What if he was on a tramp? – A tramp? – Poline. A trampoline. – But why was he going like that. He never went back, he only. – He must have a better stronger left leg. – Oh that’s next level thinking. – See again a cute animal. – I am sold! – Oh he’s sold. – Wow this is making me so jazzed. – Alright that was very cute. – Very good. – Not funny but I would send that to Becky and be like I miss you. – Ariel would love it. – I miss you. – That made me sad. – Why did it make you sad? – I’m glad he was sold, but
it such a small glass cage and he was rubbing it. It wasn’t even well round,
it was just one continues shot of him scratching at the wall. Poor dog. – He’s gonna prank his dad
and he’s in the garbage. – Oh no. (laughter) – I can tell that was a fake video, the way the edit happened,
but that was funny. – Oh my god. Is that kid okay? That’s not funny that’s scary. Is that child okay? Was that fake? – I didn’t even care I was
like no that’s good comedy. – That was really great. – Some people like funny
things where people get hurt. That aint me. I do like a good hit in the nuts. – Yeah because that’s recoverable. – You’re fine, you’re fine afterwards. Unless it’s real bad. – [Zach] Round one complete. – We’re not doing great. Fortunately we’re not
paired for round two. – Thank goodness. – I did better than I
thought I was going to do. Because I didn’t laugh at all of them. Now we’re gonna move on to a joke off. – Dad joke off? Oh I’m not gonna laugh at any of these. Who am I against? – Try guys game time! – So in this we will be reading jokes that we haven’t seen
before, to one another and trying not to laugh. – These are jokes that were
written by our find patrons over at patreon. Become a triceratops today and
you too can make your content our content. – Thank you. – We’ve entered your section. – You are paired in the
dad joke section with an actual father. – Do dads laugh at dad jokes? – Oh yeah. – Or do they just tell them? – Nah. – So you’re at a disadvantage here. – Yeah, yeah. – What is a dentist’s favorite time a day? Tooth thirty. – Why can’t you trust tree’s? Cause they seem kind of shady. – This is torture, this is the worst. – What do you call cheese that, (laughs) What do you call cheese that’s not yours? – I don’t know Keith, what do you call it? – Nacho cheese. – It’s clever. – Why do cows have hooves instead of feet? Because they lactose. – What’s E.T short for? He only got little legs. (laughs) – I like that. – Why was the kind only a foot tall? Cause he was a ruler. (laughter) (clapping) – Why was the grape sun bathing? No raisin really. (laughter) – What do we want? Low flying airplane noises. When do we want them? Noooowwwwww. (laughter) – What kind of clothes
cowboy’s wear when they go out? Ranch dressing. (laughing) – What did the janitor say
when he came out of the closet? (laughing) Supplies! – Have you ever smelt moth balls? (laughing) how do you get their little legs apart? Can we discount points for the dad look towards every camera. – Congratulations. – Congratulations, I thought we did great. – We did so good. – We did so well. We barely cracked a smile. – I forgot we were doing a
try not to laugh challenge. I just had a great time. – [Eugene] I don’t know what happened but I think we did better
than Zach and Keith. – We rarely laughed at the full joke. We laughed before the
joke even got finished. Which that has to count for something. It’s the final round
of Try Guys game time! And we’re going to make each other laugh. Each one of us has one chance
to make the other three laugh. I’m going first. Last night, Becky made
me detox my arm pits. (laughing) and that detox involved
me putting a clay mask onto my armpits, drying
them with a blow dryer, washing them off and
then applying a sensitive vagina oil to my armpits. As a result, today I smell terrible. (laughing) – What’s a sensitive vagina oil? – It was called lady sweet. – Try guys game time! – You guys wanna hear a secret? (fart noises) (laughing) – I was so impressed
at your lung capacity. – That was much longer than I thought. (clapping) – It took me a long
time but I came around. – I did smile.
– I did smile. – Yeah I didn’t laugh but I smiled. Try guys game time musical chairs! Is he too low in the frame? – Gentleman welcome. I don’t have any jokes to say, I don’t have anything to do. I would just like to give you each a little kiss on the neck. – Oh god no, no. – Just a little kiss on the neck. Thank you. Okay thank you. I’m just gonna give you
a little kiss on the neck if that’s okay. – I don’t. It’s too sensual. – That was more for me than for them. (laughing) – Next person. – Wait let me actually
think, don’t, stop it. (laughing) Stop it, I’m trying to think
of something clever to do. (fart noise) (laughing) (clapping) – Standing ovation! – Did you just fart? – Wow! (fart noises) – I didn’t mean to do it,
I didn’t mean to fart. Oh now I’m embarrassed. – You didn’t mean to fart? – No! – See like I knew farts
were funny but like you just showed us that farts were funny. – I thought it was brilliant, right? – Wow what a journey. – Can we end this video, I’m done. – Let’s look at the scores. Whoa, congratulations. – Wow I didn’t see that one coming. – This has been the try
not to laugh edition of Try guys game time! What’s up triceratops it’s black Friday, head on over to
you can get 20 percent off all the merch. Oh man you could look so hot. (upbeat music) -this is embarrassing. They’re like wow this is
perfect comedy writing. Wow Eugene really came
around with his fart. – Brilliant. See ya next time. – No we’re not doing any more of these. – See ya next time, bye.

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