The Undertaker returns to Madison Square Garden: WWE Exclusive, July 9, 2018

The Undertaker returns to Madison Square Garden: WWE Exclusive, July 9, 2018


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  1. What the great friends ship

  2. The last real wrestler.

  3. Undertaker Is Now 299 Pounds?

  4. I Miss UnderTaker BELIEVE THAT????????

  5. I miss the Undertaker very much !!

    pls come back ~

  6. Undertaker is come BACK!!!!

  7. I really miss u dad man????

  8. 0:44 Kevin Owens puts correctly the hands.?

  9. u getting handshake by a deadman? lucky
    some ppl dont, they get chokslam instant, specially john cena

  10. Even WWE cannot finish The Undertaker. Death never dies!!! UNDERTAKER FOREVER!!!! ⚰⚱?☠?⚱⚰

  11. U cannot tell me that wasnt fake af?? he didnt even touch that guy

  12. No one is like my god THE UNDERTAKER!!!HE IS A LEGEND.

  13. under will return for the super showdown in ausitralia against HHH BOOOOOOOLIEAVE THAT!

  14. The legend never dies

  15. There would be no WWE with out undertaker and most stars if they didn’t get the nod from him would be nowhere . He is the true measuring stick and say of ok at the WWE

  16. The undertaker can't wait till he gets his hands on Brock lesnar

  17. Respects man, trully deserves to be there even if most punches like 70% of punches in WWE are fake, even some of your stuff is fake, you are still my hero and my motivation 😉
    who says why he is my hero/motivation, he made me fight what i feared and whom i feared.

  18. "você não pode matar o que ja está morto", melhor superstar que ja teve!

  19. The legend himself from the under grounded grave and cannot be defeated

    All hail to our king!

  20. The stare down with roman at the end was epic

  21. top entary undartaker

  22. legend always a legend

  23. Undertaker is a legend

  24. There is NO WWE without Mark Calaway PERIOD…!!!

  25. Taker should have a rematch with Brock sense that cheater's off the roids now.

  26. Bro u can see he’s really tired even after 15 minutes but still what a legend

  27. OMG! You see it's getting harder for Undertaker to be that real deadman but he is still here out of respect. No matter Vince calls him or not but he can go out any time he wants and Vince has nothing to do with that. But he is still taking that responsibility

  28. I think he said to Braun strowman “you know something I think I’m getting to old for this s**t”

  29. But that shot for the UNDERTAKER is not real it's just a trick

  30. You know legends never die

  31. They cut 2 mins off video cause of undertakers entrance

  32. Under taker is best

  33. he is loyal like paul scholes

  34. teke your hand my boy hahahaha says indertraker

  35. 1:06 wrestlemania dream match

  36. Nobody and i mean Nobody does a tombstone pile driver like the undertaker!

  37. omg undertaker is back

  38. You can hear Taker saying nNnNngghhhhh at 1:35

    edit: and znnghghhh at 0:39

  39. The undertaker is a legend and class act. Like sting even if you get his character to be heel they'll still cheer for him no matter what. No one can replace the dead man

  40. Wow, Braun usually makes everyone look so small when standing side by side, but not the Phenom..

  41. Roman Riengs best hero

  42. 0:28–0:29 slow motion was so sad for me to watch…

  43. I love the way when Undertaker enters the ring… A living legend… Respect for him…

  44. He came back I thought he retired

  45. Dead man return and triple h will be rest in peace

  46. This was my idol since I was a little kid, Hope the life bless you Undertaker

  47. COMPLETELY random and off topic comment, but damn, Undertaker's tattoos (besides the lack of vibrancy) they still look very detailed and look just as good now as they did 20 years ago!

  48. The Best 5 Of Mine
    1.Roman Reigns
    3.John Cena
    5.Ultimate Warrior

  49. undertaker, braun strowman, and roman reigns all on the same team??????

  50. lol in this vid u see the show

  51. watching the undertaker and roman reigns shaking the hand of each other is very exciting for me…they are both my favorite superstars in wwe…and after their match at wm33,this hand shaking is looking very amazing..its very impressive to see the respect between them i like it…

  52. If that shaking of hands is scripted, I'm gonna die on 2019

  53. Best dead man??????????

  54. 25 seconds did Roman reigns just tag the undertaker

  55. I don't like to say but y'all all know things in life come and go….

  56. Wonder what Taker said to Roman and Braun?


  58. بحب اندرتكر

  59. I did it udku Munbu& udku ponnu endru varusai paduthalammmm

  60. god of wrestler in undertaker

  61. Just think what an incredible feeling it is for someone like owens to be in the ring with the legend like the undertaker..

  62. under taker is the best wrestler in the world no one is better than him

  63. This was at a live event ?

  64. Undertaker é muito foda

  65. man nobody better than the deadman i watched him since 1990 8im so honored to be able to see every version of him

  66. nadie se da cuenta de que ni siquiera se golpean? se ve mas claro en el 2do ¨golpe¨, ademas cuando le hace el martillo (o como se llame), la cabeza no toca el piso…

  67. Ultimate respect for Taker even with his age he is still an incredible performer and my all time favourite, personally in recent years i think they have booked Takers wrestlemania matches wrong having him return after his streak was ended by Brock only to have him lose another to Roman, i would have booked his first and only loss in his final wrestlemania match and then retire at survivor series where he began. Thanks for posting this video ?

  68. they are just acting .
    if u focas very well in the moment when the undertaker punshing the other wrestler you will see that they are acting and there is no real fight.
    that's why i hated to watch wwe any more because i want to see a real fight.

  69. Greatest wrestler of all time, didn't have the championships flair had, but wrestled as good as him and had a better character than hogan

  70. 0:42 look at KO's hands

  71. The Legend, The Undertaker. Streak's still alive in our hearts…

  72. I always wanted to see The Undertaker live. Then I hear he's gonna be at MSG. I cross the Hudson and get to see the Phenom live at the World's Most Famous Arena. This may be the only time if he makes no WrestleMania 35 appearance.

  73. Undertaker don't need to prove anything now at the age of 50….. He had already done it in his debut…..
    Legends shouldn't be criticised by comparing them with petty humans like HHH, Hulk Hogan…blah blah….
    Moreover he is DEADMAN still can fight with Mortal humans….

  74. taker has more respect in the world of wrestling than any man ive ever seen.

  75. you see all these dummies looking do at the fight tru their cellphones…? there is already high tech cameras everywhere! you think you gonna get a better image or what?

  76. Was Taker wearing a Tie during his entrance just like the old days?

  77. This is late but when I went their this man got a full standing ovation.

  78. great respect to taker by roman and broun

  79. Roman reigns ????

  80. My first ever and most likely only WrestleMania I will ever go to with my dad, at MetLife Stadium by where I’m from. We always dreamed of seeing the Undertaker make an entrance at a WWE Event we would be at and for sure we thought he would show up at WrestleMania this year but we didn’t. It just really pains me that the one I will probably only go to, he misses his first WrestleMania. What pissed us more off, was when he showed up the next night on RAW.

  81. Taker Is real wrestler

  82. Beautiful respect môment

  83. Taker looks creepy when he does the soul thing

  84. 언더옹은 예전엔 몸도 좋고 그랬는데 나이때문인지 조금 살쪘네…

  85. "You are legend.God undertaker…."

  86. Extreme rules spoilers

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