The Viva (with English Subs) – by Sabarish Kandregula

The Viva (with English Subs) – by Sabarish Kandregula

Ok enough of your chanting… What should I answer, if they ask me about ALU? Do you know whom you are asking this? He’s come..he’s come Dude..did you see that “you are dead now” look he gave? Dude I am scared.. There’s nothing left to do, let’s face it… Viva incharge: Do you know or not? I read it last night only sir..I am not able to remember it.. Don’t worry about it…prepare well next year…I will see you then! What say? Sir, I am trying to answer sir… What are you trying to answer??? I asked you 5 questions until now…
and you gave the same answer that you read it last night and I don’t remember. Do I look like a stooge to you? What is your roll number? 21 Sir… It’s enough if you pass? Sir, is It possible to give me an 8 or something? I will wait outside ok? you write down how much ever you want…don’t hesitate! Ok’s ok..give me a pass mark..that’s enough. Ok, Call the next guy in… brother.. and do not forget to hint the rest that the viva guy inside is dumb and they can yap whatever they want. That is how they can score more! I will ask the next guy whether you told them or not..if I get to know you didn’ will get it proper. Ok Sir Go then. Was it easy?
Is he giving good scores?
Tough ones? Rubbish…take light.. Say whatever that comes to your head, that’s enough, He’ll give you good marks.. Now they are dead! What’s your name? Shannu Sir! Favourite subject? Communications Sir. Ahaa!! Really?? What are the uses of optical fiber ? There are many uses of optical fiber, Sir and optical fiber has many uses, Sir The uses are many with optical fiber because there are many wide range of uses which are used using optical fiber… Hello Brother…ok.. Do you have any clue what you are talking about?! I asked you to answer, not to repeat the question… Sure..I was just about to start now. Oh! will start now? What was it you did until now…some ritual ceremony?? Optical fiber is a kind of fiber and it is a very good fiber!! Optical fiber uses communication and communication uses optical fiber.. So, optical fiber plays a crucial role in communication.. Hence, this is optical fiber and it’s uses. What are you waiting for…say off Hence Proved too..say it off. Hence Proved!! Nice touch of Humor you have there.. [Sighs]
Let it be..what does ALU mean? ALU means… ALU only sir… WHAT!!!??? Ohh I’m sorry, I didn’t know that ALU means ALU… Leave now!! what’s your roll number ? GET OUTTT!! Sir, marks Sir?? Eh…I’m not giving any marks or anything.. Get out now! What is the use of a capacitor? why are you hissing like a snake? Did you bring a snake along or what? No sir, I read before..just day before.. Okay! How can you differentiate between digital and analog communications? it’s like I m blowing on hot tea.. I read that chapter just yesterday sir…just yesterday…I studied everything except this one…just this one… What is ‘Apashyaam Paam Kiri Kiri’? I read that a hour ago Sir.. Just before coming here, I read that concept Sir… I am unable to recollect it, I just read it before coming.. What!!?? I have no idea what I just asked you…and you are saying that you read it an hour ago ??!! Just get..get out, GET OUT! Sir…marks? Just get out… If you are here for one more second, I will make you book a Tatkal ticket.. Next… Why do we need cathode in this process? We need cathode in this process because the process needs to be completed… But the process cannot be completed without cathode.. So, we need cathode in this process. Do you know how you’ve said it? It was like… Life is boat..boat is a life…so it is a lifeboat! Are you asking me to let the answer out? What’s your problem brother? Sirr..its coming!! Heyy..What is coming?? The answer Sir!! Have you been learning Viva or acting?
Sir, Can you repeat the question? What did you say?? You forgot the question itself? Alright, how does a processor work? The processor works according to the process, the process of processor is the processing of process… When a process comes into the processor, the processor processes the process and sends according to the process.. So, this process of processing the process is done by the processor.. This is the main function of the process of the processor… Just…STOP…STOP IT… All that I hear is the word Processor but nothing else… I will just ask you one more question… What are the different types of diodes? I am warning you once again, if you know the answer just tell it, or tell you don’t know…but don’t make dosa’s in the air… Sir…marks… For what do you need marks for? because you made these wonderful dosas in air?
GET OUT!! Tell me… say something!..something.. anything! Brother!! At least tell that you don’t know the answer… Aaah…say at least aaaah… Please say something! That is reason we call ‘Shakelaka thenewdragon’ process.. Do you at least know..what you just said? I said is correctly sir! Why are you yelling? “I said it correctly” bolke? Don’t I know what is correct and what is not?? That’s right…you know nothing… You schumk! Why are answering back with that tone? what is that rudeness on your face? I will ask you 5 questions… if you don’t answer them…I will kick you out… What is Impulsion? Impulsion is aaa… What is Compulsion? What is Compulsion?
Sir…Sir…just wait a minute.. What is Repression?? What is Depression?? Sir, let me explain Sir……Not even one have you answered! It’s over…You are getting a zero! Get out! Next… Define CNG! Pass! Pass?? Do you think this is a picnic game…Get Out!! Each one has their own act and their own unique style… Hey!…why are you here again? Did you know that the Viva will be conducted only once? It was my brother who came before… We are twins Sir… I have this double bonanza offer also??!! I am afraid how many variations you are gonna show me… Okay… Tell me about valve theory… Okay Sir…Okay Sir… It plays an important role Sir..Ok Sir?…Ok Sir! It plays a crucial role Sir..Ok Sir?…Ok Sir! It is an important process Sir..Ok Sir?..Ok Sir! Hold on… Hold on… It plays an important role… It plays a crucial part … It is an important process … All these three mean the same, isn’t it? leave these and tell me anything else! Okay Sir… Without this we cannot accomplish the task Sir…Ok sir? Ok sir! Ok? Ok? Your brother is better than you, he was talking rubbish.. but you are inventor of it! Ok boys! you are from b4 is it? Yes sir! Shall we get started with the Viva? Is the class empty? Sir, we’re already done with the viva! What??!! Who conducted the viva? I am the external and I am supposed to take viva for your section… There is someone inside doing Viva Sir.. This guy??!! this is the guy who took you Viva? He is your super senior… He failed Viva thrice..this will be his fourth time.. Let’s go… Let it go brother… he acted better than all of us!!

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