The war on gamers continues | FACTUAL FEMINIST

The war on gamers continues | FACTUAL FEMINIST

A major humanitarian group has just come out
with a lesson plan for high school students on sexism in video games. It is full of propaganda,
vilifies gaming and gamers, and is likely to discourage young women from playing. Does
this matter, or is it all just a game? The answer: coming up next on the Factual Feminist.
“Is Gaming A Boy’s Club?” is the name of a school lesson plan developed by the Anti-Defamation
League—ADL for short. The ADL is a well-respected organization that has fought anti-Semitism
and racism for decades. As a long-time admirer of the ADL, I am baffled by its sponsorship
of such a biased and dogmatic curriculum. The lesson plan advertises itself as meeting
standards for inclusion in the Common Core—an influential national curriculum. The entire
lesson plan is dedicated to the proposition that video games are a hotbed of sexism and
misogyny, and it gives students the message that anyone who dares to suggest that games
should be more inclusive can expect to be terrorized by malevolent gamers. Lesson materials
include a video and an article by feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian—both are harsh indictments
of the world of gaming. That would be fine if she were not the only assigned author.
In another part of the lesson plan, the teacher places seven posters around the room—each
bearing a statement about video games. Students are then told to attach Post-Its to those
they agree with. Three are neutral—for example: “I have played video games” and “I have
watched other people play video games.” But four are affirmations about sexism: “I
have witnessed sexism in video games,” “I believe video games can perpetuate sexism.”
None says anything positive about games—such as, “Gaming is an exciting activity for
both women and men,” or “Sexism in video games is exaggerated.”The curriculum also
includes a small group discussion on sexism and video games and “additional resources”
that focus on—guess what?– harassment, misogyny, and terror in the culture of video
games. The curriculum is not only obsessively one-sided—much it is false, misleading,
or exaggerated. Let’s start with the very first sentence. “Video games do not have
a good track record when it comes to positively including girls and women.” But on page
3 of the curriculum students learn that women now constitute 48 percent of video game players—up
from 40 percent in 2010. An important study has shown that there has been a major demographic
shift in the video game industry toward the inclusion of women, but men and women prefer
to play different types of games. The world of games is rich and diverse and there is
room for everyone. Why give young women the discouraging message that they are not wanted?
What about the idea that video games—especially those most popular with men– perpetuate sexism?
The lesson plan promotes this idea, yet offers no evidence. The fact is, as video games have
thrived in the U.S., so have women’s freedoms and opportunities and participation in sports
and games. As I have said in an earlier videos on gaming, gender critics have to show, not
dogmatically assume, that video games make men sexist and unjust—or hold women back
in some way. They have not even tried to meet burden of proof. Finally, what about the claim
that when women criticize video games, they receive abusive messages or even threats.
Unfortunately, this is sometimes true. Feminist critics have received threats, and that’s
deplorable. But what the ADL fails to mention is that no one knows who sent them—and males
(and females) who challenge the feminist critique receive them too. Milo Yianappoulos, a British
writer who defends gamers from the charge of sexism received a letter that contained
dead mouse impaled by a razor blade. But the ADL curriculum, like dozens of major media
stories on gamers, sensationalizes the threats to feminist critics—makes no mention of
threats to other side—and then implies anyone who objects to some of the feminist criticism
is a misogynist implicated in a campaign of violence. By the way, the ADL lesson plan
does not include a discussion of a Pew study of online harassment, but that study does
not support the simple “women are victims” premise of the lesson. While it is true that
more women than men are sexually harassed (7% women, 4% men), men are the primary targets
of threats (10% men, 6% women). The internet can be a hostile environment—for anyone.
The ADL lesson plan includes a vocabulary list and urges teachers to ‘Make sure”
students master them. They include: “Abusive,” “dehumanize”, “misogyny,” and “gamer”—.
I can think of several others I would make sure students learn—biased, manipulative,
propaganda, and re-education.The Common Core should repudiate this lesson plan. My advice
to the ADL: Stop playing games, and recall this defaming curriculum. What do you think
about the ADL’s curriculum? Why are they promoting such a one-sided picture? Let me
know what you think in the comments section. Follow me on twitter and facebook. Thank you
for watching the Factual Feminist.

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  1. We gamers are opressed.
    Momma annoys me because i was bout to best ha-go's ass.

  2. This is oppression of male rights. By same logic we should ban female romance novels.

  3. This video is now three years old. Has the ADL made any changes to that curriculum, or are the still promoting fantasy over reality? Oh, and by the way, for the list of vocabulary words that was not included but should have been, "Misandry".

  4. Why is this in my recommended , gtfo

  5. The last game guild raid group I played in had several women, 1 a RL friend. They were the lead, top damage and top healer. We NEEDED them to succeed.

  6. The ADL has always been one sided, it doesn't speak up for Palestinian rights, for example, but scurrilously claims that anyone who doesn't support Israeli's rights to be abusive of Palestinians is an "anti-Semite". That is the most blatant racism.

  7. am a 55 year old man i played video games for over 40 years and am nothing like what those sexist feminist angry salty womans say's that gamers are .i look at this mature woman i find her to be a beautifull woman very good looking and pleasing to my eye's and ears does that makes me a sexist if so am a sexist with good taste and happy to be one then. she's smart and see trough the lies of those other anti gamer people who has obvioulsy has nothing beter to do with their time instead of spending in a constructive way no they go on a rampage of rage salty and man/boy hating

  8. This lady needs to run for president

  9. All the games that i have are equal like
    rainbow six siege
    Battlefield V
    Sea of thieves

  10. Is makeup a girls club

  11. Thank you for calling this out. Im a gamer and it hurts to be labeled nasty things without being able to defend yourself

  12. Gaming is not only for the dudes I have several very good friends that play Playstation with me in a female

  13. the reason gamers terrorize people for disrespecting games for garbage reasons is because I'm just here to play the game not look at another characters tits

  14. Males are addicted to recognition for performance. Women, to social recognition. Games are to men as social media are to women. No difference.

  15. The thing these people are trying to do, and what they shouldn't be doing, is looking at games through a political lens…if that makes sense. Now I'm no politician myself (and honestly, I don't think I'll bother), but even I can say that the two don't mix. As far as I'm aware, like 90% of games (and movies, now that I think about it) weren't conceived with real world issues in mind, and so using said issues to evaluate them isn't the best idea. They're there to take us away, to let us see and do stuff we couldn't otherwise (and to let us have fun, of course). But hey, we gamers already know this.
    Sure there'll be the occasional gorgeous 100/10 with a beyond perfect body, and sure some people will play as said character purely because they're that hot, but chances are they're not gonna come out of playing that character and be like "Welp, time to be a sexist" or anything.

    As a wise Jeff once said in the comments 4 years ago, "I just want to play video games."

  16. ?Now ?this ?is ?an ?epic ?gamer ?moment?

  17. As most other people have said, the only people who might look down on you for playing games as a woman are other women. Other gamers I’ve met were just thrilled to meet someone who shared their hobby.

  18. This is how feminist should aspire to be, I’m pretty sure they will get everything they want with zero or minimal backlash if they approached issues like this and be this realistic with themselves.

  19. ….I just like playing video games.

  20. Feminists are seldom taken seriously by intelligent people outside of the academic and media bubbles, because their latest cause is always predicated on the notion that women are perpetual victims, and men are violators…justifying their constant misandric attacks

  21. in battle field want to have a girl get sniped by a fucking panzer DUMASS

  22. Bahaha this shits funny. Games are only for men bahahaha mate do people know how many female twitch streamers n shit there are. bahahaha mate.

  23. Where are your twitter and facebook?? Only AEIs are given! Thats stupid, sorry, if thats the only choice! The FF needs its own!!!

  24. I know this is a 4 year old video, but just wanted to say thank you for taking up for the gamers out here who aren't trying to engage in anything but getting their game on.
    Anyone who has played online games can tell you that the online gaming world is a very hostile environment, regardless of race or sex,l. There will always be someone somewhere that's mad at the world, and hates their life, and is somehow able to get great satisfaction from saying very cruel things to the people they don't like. All you have to do is stop their kill streak or just run into them at the wrong time.

    Not all gamers act like this. I don't mind playing with females, but I really don't appreciate it when game developers throw some kind of left-leaning proproganda into a game and we are forced into something some of us want no part of, especially in our beloved games.

  25. You are a goddess among humans. A true person who can bring a better view of feminism

  26. The mere mention of Anita Sarkeesian's name makes me dry heave.

  27. Video games for along time have put out what they believe will sell now they have to make games to make people like who probably don’t play video games but just call foul play happy

  28. 'factual feminist', a contradiction in terms.

  29. I'm a casual gamer, I am your casual everyday chill person grinding mats. I don't kill people IRL, I'm not a toxic piece of shit, and I'm most certainly not genocidal. at least IRL. in-game, if I'm doing it for an achievement or I just want to do it, there is not anything that can stop me, and I can always undo it by resetting. if the game is online, things will respawn.
    But we are getting off-topic, so why? why do you assholes scare gamer girls away, I mean the world isn't perfect and all. but really? blame the whole for the wrong of a tiny part? wtf! please comment your reply or if u stand with me like. PEACE!

  30. Epic gamers attacker

  31. I'll deal w femenism (Wich is already frustrating) but once they start fuckin w my games that's when we have a HUGE problem

  32. What about Lara Croft?? She kicks ass

  33. Women are worshiped in video games. If guys know there’s a girl in the game they will go the extra mile to help her out. That’s is a fact.

  34. U good, u not feminist cuz u dont hate men

  35. Jesus Christ, those worthless fucking Feminazi airheads are running out of trivial shit to bitch and whine about; now they're making shit up.

    Thank God Donald Trump won the election and is the President of the United States and President of ALL Americans while that ugly wrinkly corrupt lying useless fucking hag Hillary, the Wicked Witch of

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    #ClintonBodyCount #VoteDemOut #Trump2020 #MAGA #WalkAway

  36. lmao not our fault girls are dumb they can play whenever they want

  37. We talk to gamer Samantha Beauvillain about her experiences as a woman in the gaming community –

  38. Girls play mobile games mostly.

  39. Bruh wtf
    I was watching a steel panther concert I put this in my pocket and this bull shit comes on.

  40. I remember once when I was about 16 years old I decided for fun to pretend that I'm a girl in a L2 interlude server. In a summary, I was treated like a princess with very few exceptions who treated me equally as they were treating me when I was registered as a guy and in about a week I had a 200 euros account because of all the gifts I received, while when I was registered as a guy I was receiving threats and offends all the time(typical teenage gamers) and it took me more than a month to make an 80 euros account. So yeah, there is sexism in videogames, I agree.

  41. The absence of positive poster in the opening clearly shows how biased the whole thing is.
    They knew incorporating them would destroy their whole narrative, so they simply removed em. This is one of the most blatant, LAZY manipulation attempt i've seen, and they should be embarrassed for it.
    Lastly i'd suggest you remove your support for the ADL, not just for this, but for the toxic role they have taken these last years concerning youtube content creators. (see the whole nazi pewdiepie debacle and other pathetic joke police actions)

  42. Look at the bright side though : Death Metal is OK now.

  43. I've been a girl gamer for over 20 years. I have played "boy" games such as Duke nukem, wolfenstien 3d, call of duty, online MMOs and more… I love them all! Did I care they had a male protagonist? No! In fact many early games had a silent protagonist so that it was easier to become that hero. What I can't stand is trying to push an agenda in my video game. Don't like first person shooters? Don't play em! Try an MMO or a Sandbox! And if you don't like those there are plenty of other genres to pick from!

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