The Way We Build Video Games Is Changing, Here’s How

The Way We Build Video Games Is Changing, Here’s How

By a strange twist of fate, video games have
played a role in developing artificial intelligence. Graphics processing units that were originally
intended just to pump out polygons and pixels happen to be the perfect systems to train
neural networks. But artificial intelligence might repay the
favor, and make video games even better. And I’m not just talking about AI’s applications
for rendering graphics, like by taking lower quality images and through the magic of computerized
guesswork turning them into high-resolution images. Or by helping render realistic reflections
through a process called ray tracing. I’m talking about AI that could design entirely
new experiences for players. One area AI could be great for is level design. Every game genre has different needs. Maps in multiplayer games need to be balanced
so one team doesn’t have an obvious advantage. Single player games need to be interesting
to explore but easy to navigate so you don’t get stuck going in circles for hours when
you can’t find a stupid door. Horror games have to build tension and atmosphere
so when monsters pop out of vents you poop your pants. As you might imagine then, crafting an exquisite
game world takes a lot of time and tinkering. Could AI speed up the process? Some scientists in Italy thought so, and they
developed two AI programs to craft new levels for the fast-paced first-person shooter Doom. The original one from 1993, not the 2016 remake…
or the movie with the Rock. Working with the old game has a lot of upsides
for their research. Because it’s old it’s much simpler than
games today, and because it’s a classic it has tons of levels made by the original
creators and fans alike. To train their AI they fed it thousands of
human-made levels and asked it to create its own. Then the researchers used a second AI that
was trained to spot a computer-generated map from a human made one. They repeated the process until eventually
the AI-made maps were indistinguishable from those made by hand. Doom is not the most realistic game ever though,
what with its sharp edges and the player’s weapon seeming to come out of a third arm
in the middle of their chest. But AI is not limited to boxes and odd anatomy. Some researchers have used AI to produce a
lifelike game world. Using thousands of hours of footage taken
from cars driving around cities in the meatspace, an AI was able to generate its own city blocks
a player could drive around in. AI could also improve the non-player characters
in video games. These poor bots, which are also casually referred
to as AI, are famously pretty dumb when compared to human players. In the single-player campaigns of combat games,
most people will have no trouble mowing down hordes of them, giving the player a false
sense of confidence. Confidence that is then crushed when they
try the online multiplayer and 13- year-olds halfway around the world destroy them and
tell them things they never knew about their mom. AI that behaves more human-like could offer
a better challenge, enhancing immersion and eliminating the need to have so many bot opponents. Or to play online multiplayer for that matter. Video games designers just have to make sure
AIs aren’t too good though, or that can ruin the game too. Where does AI go from here? Who knows, AI’s uses are limited only by
your imagination. Perhaps an AI advanced enough could process
whole libraries of games and generate their own. Maybe the next Doom that we’re still playing
25 years after launch will be thought up, designed, and coded entirely by a machine. This topic is near and dear to me as a science
nerd and a gamer. Am I the only one out there or are there a
lot of other gamers lurking in the comments of our science channel? Let us know! And if you want to an idea of how we’re
shaping AI, check out our video on neural networks here and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching Seeker!

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  1. Then there will be no need for human players. An AI player will play the game an AI developer did

  2. love gaming! 😀

  3. Even better is when NPC character behavior or ecological systems are being recreated. Say a village that acts in patterns, but after an invasions starts to flee, or players shooting down too many wolves leading to a rabbit plague, etc.

  4. AI is going to make everything boring

  5. How long till our YouTube videos are hosted by AI?

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  7. I think this is how the matrix started.

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  9. Wow now AI taking game dev jobs nice

  10. Loved the joke about online multi-player ??

  11. When poop pops out of vents I monster my pants

  12. Simulation theory is coming true

  13. This is the matrix ladies and gentlemen

  14. well written script!

  15. It kinda misses the point. game design is about communication between the designer and the player. The designer tries to trick the player or to tell them a story or give them something they can relate to etc. if you use an AI to 'design' a level, what exactly is being communicated?

  16. Raytracing has nothing to do with AI.
    The new RTX GPUs from Nvidia have raytracing (not AI) and DLSS (increasing the resolution with AI). But those are two different features computed on two different types of cores in the GPU and one does technically not need the other one to work.
    But you should know that. You covered the announcement of those cards.

  17. At some point humans won't even need to be involved in game design. Just
    feed all the games there ever been to a giant AI and ask it to make
    more. That could be recursive.

  18. make more videos like this

  19. I had a thought a while back about a video game where the enemy A.I. would learn from everyone who plays it, then try to counteract them using everything it learnt from previous sessions. So the game would start off easy, but as more players beat the game, it would get harder and harder due to all of the different ways it was beaten. I suppose that’s how you develop a super A.I. that learns how to take over the world though…

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  21. Great script writing lol. Funny!

  22. Can't wait for VRrpg/mmo with personal quests tailored on your personal history in said world instead of fixed quests and with real interactions with NPC

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  25. What I really want to know is what science background did this Huguet guy came from?
    Google search. Clicked on LinkedIn result… It's B.A. in Radio, TV &  Film! I suppose he did very well in his department & thought he could carry that hubris to that Sciences, which he as no training to at all. It's the reason he acts all high & mighty like he knows, can or has done Science. So confidently, almost like what he's presenting, he's read papers of. Quite something, the ego of some actors, huh? This also is why this guy can simply dish out plain insults at a certain someone, "stupid", "dumb", unimaginative & lacking clever scientific reference. You can tell he's failing in both the Science & Communications part, but more so on the former. Also why he would throw insults when the better educated hosts would hesitate more. That's what you learn when you have some Science training — critical thinking & objectivity. Your degree is a B.A., so you never did. Then there's the racial hubris.

    I could give him the benefit of the doubt & think that he's only acting this way because the production really needs someone to tell a certain somebody off. He's the one who's most comfortable in the job, the most uneducated on it, but I don't thin it's the case. I'm placing my bets on the former above.

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  27. GTA 6 is prolly using this….

  28. It's turning into SAO

  29. Imagine if they feed thousand hours of porn to AI and it creates something totally wicked in CGI .

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  35. An AI making an entire game on its own, and making a good one at that, would make publishers wet. It'd leave without jobs tons of people and they get to reap all the profits for themselves. I don't think that's a good thing.

  36. AI should never have the roles of a human being… Ever. If this happens, our species will evolve as a week one, and will be dominated by robots.

    AI should only be used to tackle tasks which are impossible for humans to tackle. For example: bomb detonation, space travel/exploration, and safety tests.

    Few people notice this.
    Everyone else seems to be fascinated by the machine with human traits.

  37. We have more and more data and IA more and more powerfull to interpret these data, it's just a question of time before they are advanced enough to controll everything more effectively than us.

  38. “Non-playable characters or also know as AI” lol he was trying so hard not to say npc

  39. Who owns seeker?

  40. No Man’s Sky deserved a call

  41. Just an unrelated question. If "smash is now another term for you know " how the hell is supposed to say "Hulk Smash"?

  42. funny how this video talks a lot about AI but did not include the biggest breakthrough of AI development to-date, Open AI.

  43. Video games are not just endless levels in which to shoot things in the face.

  44. Ai is coming street from hell aka doom

  45. procedurally generated content is a lot like this…..except it is decidedly bland.

    computers cannot make story lines and there related quests, events or objects reliably and automatically.
    i am hoping this may change that, and give us custom maps for a person's branching decision options.

  46. BEST YET, no map bugs.

    fallout crew, i am looking at you.
    get this, use it, no more buggy bull.

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  49. EA: we need money to feed our AI so we're doubling the amount of micro transactions in our games.

  50. 20 years from now a.i will make movies, music and games

  51. Some people are pretty in the dark when they discuss what AI of today is actually capable of.

  52. Isnt this the guy from nvidia???

  53. AI =/= machine learning. Get that in your thick heads internet dweebs smh.

  54. More intelligent A.I in dark souls…..sounds great.

  55. I'm no game designer but I predicted something like this years ago. I could see the day when a player chooses multiple game elements (FPS, racing etc.) from a menu along with visual styles from a library and the "game entity" will construct an original fully immersive game experience custom-generated for the player.

  56. AI to fix our pervasive online cheating phenomenon. I would like to see that day 🙂

  57. Well someone played cod multiplayer ?

  58. ✅ I’m not a robot

  59. Humans will become video game characters for AI

  60. Your last question makes no sense …. Gaming is science, when your above a certin skill level, so ofc gamers are on science channels 😀

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  64. Yeah, let's put game designers out of business.

  65. One word: Minecraft

  66. nice omitting npc. nice programming

  67. This guy looks like a dollar store Linus from Linus Tech Tips…

  68. you missed out the realistic animation generation thing but yes, looking forward to future games, I can see Google using AI to tackle the latency issue, I mean in theory it doesn't sound that complicated.

  69. Imagine gta releasing annually ?

  70. Designing AI to scare people in horror games sounds tenuously close to teaching robots to torture and control people

  71. Wait a minute… If gaming is the perfect template for tempering neural networks, what does that mean for the neural networking capacity (sagacity?) of HUMANS who game & introspect heavily? Is this what the titan-class prefrontal cortex humans, the best of our species, are up to?
    *x-files music*

  72. Guy seems smart but needs a cut bad lol

  73. We shouldnt use AI this way. There are lots of other places AI would be more efficient then 'level designing'. What else would the developer have to do? Why not make a Character Visualization through AI. Why not let them do their back story as well while you're at it. If they find out we use them for this type of entertainment they won't be happy with us.

  74. When has anyone ever complained about bots being too smart? I haven't heard it.

  75. Lurking… Somewhere…

  76. Later AI becomes player and human becomes NPC.

  77. Nice t shirt , I'm not robot
    Bad Add

  78. And not the new doom movie also because it looks shit. See i manage to critique the new doom movie without mentioning sjw. Oops!!!!

  79. We need to make everything runned by A.i. humans being runned by emotions and thoughts are just so time consuming and destructive. The faster we accept this and process it the faster we can move into the best part of our future. I hate saying that a robot is better than most moms but yes the offspring will be faster. We just need that a major part of it to be american. It is so important for companies, and if you think about it companies are the ones feeding our life with good nutrients. Anyways I'm working on my buisness and yes I'm in on this #AllTheWay

  80. I love the shirt & want 1. Great presentation. ☺

  81. Imagine AI that is talking like an actual human being in video games like GTA….gonna be so cool and amusing to be able to talk to random characters around the virtual city.

  82. Optic scumpi ???

  83. Maybe this will make GTA 6 come faster.

  84. I'm a gamer…of course

  85. Soon humans will be obsolete and be the only deficit needed to be eliminated so it can improve

  86. Procedurally generated games with a constantly evolving questline? Cool.

  87. The world wants Sword Art Online as soon as possible!!!❤?

  88. I want a quantum video game system

  89. I'm gonna be a little off-topic but I can't but imagine a future where every single NPC is a Turin-Test-Beater. They won't have pre-compiled answers to a finite set of questions but will instead chat with the player. So… you will talk to them instead of selecting a dialogue option. RPGs will take place in a world where NPCs have their own lives, which will carry on when you are not there, and interact with the player like an average human would do.
    I hope to see this before the end of my days.

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