The Weeknd – Heartless (Official Video)

The Weeknd – Heartless (Official Video)

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  1. How does this not have 100 million view yet

  2. Blinding lights Is better

  3. 0:41 amphetamine got his stomach feeling sickly…. he just admitted he does crystal meth … promoting garbage for u blind fucks

  4. Hes on some bad drugs on this video

  5. I'll explain the meaning of the frog:

    A certain species of frog in central America prays venom out of their eyes which contains a chemical called DMT. If the venom is dried then smoked it will give you a crazy psychedelic experience unlike any other drug known to man.

    Hm licking the frog is eluding to the fact that he smoked the venom and now he's essentially high af. The only other celebrity I know of that has smoked this is Mike Tyson and Kanye West (rumored).

  6. For a second I thought this is Bruno Mars

  7. For a second I thought this is Bruno Mars

  8. Rip juice fuck everybody tryna dickride

  9. Omg u look so different! But i been a fan sents you ben rappin in the cold streets of Canada! ??????

  10. Bihari nibba after getting money ??

  11. Looks like Maxwell was casted in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas…

  12. This is NOT a look

  13. “Never need a bitch, I’m what a bitch need” some people had to feel that ?

  14. Damn juice died today
    And now i see this
    Well its funny af
    But i hope no one goes out here licking frogs

  15. Wayne recreated this movie already…in the " no worries " if you already know them both tho

  16. Sick of niggas wanting to be sooooo heartless and think that’s actually good, um no

  17. WEAK Song WEAK vid

  18. this video was based on
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Great Movie!

  19. Anyone know what type of glasses those are?


  21. I want to cry by the hook the feeling in his voice….

  22. So at 3:16 who is that suppose to be?

  23. This nigga is weird.

  24. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas inspired I think idk

  25. When you actually come looking for the lyrics but everyone is concerned about abel's mental health. When it was his dark music that all made us fan..2019 has betrayed me

  26. When you lick her dirty frog and catch herpes!

  27. I like how he never smoked the cig

  28. “Never need a nigga, I’m what a nigga need” I felt tht

  29. the bella hadid breakup really got to him didnt it….

  30. ABC's of Salvation….

    Admit you are a sinner in need of a savior.

    Believe in the finished redemtive work of Jesus Christ on the cross alone for the remission of all your sins (past, present and future) and eternal life!

    Call on the name of the Lord. ("All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved." Romans 10:13)

    "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me." (John 14:6)

    "When you declare with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead you will be saved. For with the heart man believes and is justified and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." ( Romans 10:9-10)

    "For it is by grace you are saved through faith. It is not your own doing. It is the FREE gift of God. Not by works lest any man boast." (Ephesians 2:8-9)

  31. Who else noticed the new led ceiling on Fremont in setup mode, with tile numbers, then doing the RGB color sweep test patterns. Just me?

  32. this has got to be a reference to fear and loathing. good on them its my fav movie

  33. All the glitz and glam can make a mf ill. Toad showed him the truth. Run you've been frolicking in hell!!

  34. I never wished to be a frog until now

  35. Damn this song is kinda twisted. Thing is, there’s many people that actually feel like this and aren’t even phased…

  36. New official audio music video "want it all back" click the link share like and hopefully subscribe thank u for ur time god bless

  37. who stole ur heart? @theweeknd

  38. It disgusts when he licks the frog ?, krrrrrr

  39. Just watching this video makes me feel worried about him. RIP juice?

  40. Is he trying to say he's the frog prince or what

  41. The is great, but Please don't do drugs

  42. a 13,500 personas tontas no les gusto esta joyita.

  43. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

  44. this is the 50th time he's made this same exact song fuck metro boomin fuck 808s fucking all this gay shit heartless AND soulless

  45. After listening to this quite too many times. I've found out this beat has some Klasey Jones style on it, not many know him, but actually has lots of talent.

  46. How come there’s no metro tag at the start?

  47. this is a cry for help. i feel like he's got leeches around him. someone fucking reach out before we lose him

  48. Did he just lick a frog

  49. chơi hay thế không cho anh em chơi với.nhất ông

  50. The toad represents dmt. Dmt can be extracted from the pustules on the back of the toad

  51. được 11 củ ít thế hát ở đâu thế

  52. I love him He's good!
    but, what kind of 24k Magic is this???

  53. continue the lore pls

  54. Official fuck boys anthem…#fuckboysriseup….lol

  55. Is It just me or does this sound like blood orange "dark and handsome" check it out and tell me what yall think im curious ?


  57. So this where Lil baby got it from

  58. Metro never lets you down….no ?

  59. Nigga over here looking like Tyler Perry

  60. Look up the following.

    1. Lil Wayne – No worries (Music Video)
    2. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.( Johnny Depp Movie)

    You will get the reference……Thank me later.

  61. these generations should run away from drugs as this guy at the end

  62. The weekend a tras krokodil pe nas ?????

  63. Running like the Joker.

  64. i promise ill listen to this you promised ?

  65. Finally the comeback of The Weeknd

  66. Me my friends and I waited for a long time and all we got was 2 songs

  67. All the music he dropping rn suppose to be in that new Adam Sandler movie Uncut Gems

  68. I think he's trying to say he's heartless.

  69. Whoever directed this needs a raise the visual choices and shots are amazing!

  70. its a shame You became a loser

  71. How are people gonna just stop watching this amazing work of art. They’ll all be back once the album drops. Like he does so well every time.

  72. Me, as his future wife knowing this song exist : “im about to destroy this song whole career”

  73. The weekend the winner ?️

  74. more here

  75. This makes me so sad.

  76. Lmfao….really u gotta b spilling shit…100

  77. I like his new look… But the smiling part?? He looks like JOKER

  78. This video gives off fear and loathing vibezz

  79. Last time I saw a different guy with same music

  80. wtf was that …bullshit

  81. Wake up. Freemasons,witches,and satanist are real. They sell their souls and become celebrities its time to wake up already.

  82. Real art man… this..and nice trip

  83. Frog???? :<<< oh my god… :<<<

  84. this music video is a wake up call for help guys can u see he help rehab some one to talk to god dame this is sad

  85. I'm so tired of this shallow shit….so it's a miss for me.

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