The WEIRDEST Gun in Modern Warfare…

The WEIRDEST Gun in Modern Warfare…

What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and welcome back to another one of the ugliest guns in modern warfare Look at that thing Just sitting there the last time I did a video like this It was about the scar idiot variant which mean it looks so stupid but today’s ugly variance is the kilo 141 because of all of the recent double weapon XP I have grinded this gun up I’m getting close to getting it to max rank and I have made one of the ugliest variants of it that you can possibly imagine For this masterpiece. I’ve decided to equip the Singh guard arms whisper barrel to sniper scope No, stock and underbarrel grenade launcher attachment and the 100-round drum match without further ado Let’s go play online and see how terrible this thing’s gonna be. I’m gonna try out a hardcore first as usual I’m gonna try out this very in core as well as ground war and we’re gonna see just how good this gun is Wow, you’re the scalise matchmaking is real. Look at these levels. Ok. Hardcore TD. I’m a gunner. That should be good I’m worried about this variance. This is something that I’ve never used before and before the whole double weapon XP thing I had the kilo at like level 14 I had really use it too much but now I have it all the way at level 61 and I’m gonna be honest the kilo 141 is actually really good It’s a gun that doesn’t have too much recoil has a pretty decent time to kill and it has really strong innocence I think it’s a pretty decent gun in modern warfare But now it’s gonna be utter shit or at least I’m expecting it to be who knows Maybe it’ll actually be good like its brothers. Oh This thing looks disgusting. We have to call it for what it is guys. This thing basically has a ballsack magazine Not that slow of an 80s though. It’s not bad Oh scared dude. Am I gonna quickscope with it? This is horrifying about this one already over here To be fair. I haven’t played a lot of hardcore recently. I mostly been playing ground wars Yeah, I’m struggling right now who’s just camp back. There’s our first kill guys Got a mountain lean knife or where to get kills Oh Noscoped Well, this guy right here parking lots a giant fucking camp fest this gun is exceptional look look order Are you fucking kidding me two or three shots point-blank. This thing is not dropping you Why do I even have the scope on its supposed to boost the range? No, really? No. I’m fighting a new one This one is not fucking counts you oh god. I regret being max level in this game is so badly right now I have close to a 1.9 Katie I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m getting matched up against other nerds. Even I don’t get for my Katie It’s unbelievable guys another hardcore TV among gunrunner. This one better be better. I swear to god This is one of the few good Maps. Please be a better Lobby There I’m not even two games and I’ve lost my minds this trash I don’t know how I survived playing so much hardcore trying to go for quad feeds in this game at this point No one moves look our team fuck off There we go, there’s a kill it’s pretty bad in hardcore not gonna lie Can’t beat these guys are either campaigners hipfire. Yas’m. Geez. Look at this fucking potato. That’s it can’t do shit thing is horrible Oh my god, what am I doing to myself by trying to make this series? I hope you guys are enjoying my pain right now. Just have to get the high ground. That’s fucking messed it up This is what’s lowest game of our core this feels like Stonehaven right now. I’m getting ghost vibes Definite goes fives off there’s Lobby. Holy shit. Just so slow. You can’t find anyone. Oh how the mighty have fallen? Oh shit Double thermite. I’ve got more kills a thermite than my fucking gun. Usually when I’m making this videos I actually end up recommending the variants I’m not too sure about this one right now, although right now it’s definitely because of the lobby of everyone’s camping Look this is this other point like Oh, Someone else is here pop it out. You know, you’re what? Ok, there we go, beautiful. I’m on a to kill streak. Oh boy Now you’re here somewhere whoa got him Come on I feel like it’s impossible to move around the map because the second they hear you they’re pre firing you So everyone plays and that’s just how this game is. Oh nice noscope I’m an amazing sniper guys. Look at these precision sniper scope was a great choice Come on, dude If only these enemies knew how much I was suffering maybe they wouldn’t camp as much clothes a sick nasty head shot all brought to you by the sniper scope Oh Starting to get a streak going I feel like this could just be because it’s TDM because in the objective game modes are a lot faster pace, you know Cuz people have to actually move to be able to win the game No, I don’t want to push everything we eat Oh, this is ridiculous That’s gone into my own fucking kill straight. This is brutal. I don’t think I’ll ever put hard core TM in my queue again. I Can’t even kill any more. I’m trying to stop camping any way. I can either that means sacrificing some stupid teammates Our team is just as bad as theirs. I mean, there’s people like this that exist. I Can’t even stop them. Come on. They gotta be close. Oh He’s right there oh my god, oh, oh Oh a mess on the team – oh, I don’t know guys. Maybe the gun isn’t that bad? it could have just been the lobby because it really was a struggle it took me so long to Like actually realize I was in the enemy. Oh my god I don’t know why I stayed for this lobby either But so far the most that I’ve hit with this piece-of-shit gun is just a triple feed now It’s time to try it out in court. Oh, I’m gonna throw it on shoot house People will still find a way to camp but Elise it’s gonna be a smaller map. I need the bipod for this thing That’ll be a hilariously pointless pink camo. Don’t mind if I do. Alright, let’s go hi in Why you fucking freak it out? There we go. Sick nasty headshot. No weirdly enough for the sniper scope actually does make it easier to aim for headshots There’s some dude just camping up here. I Love executing campers. It is so much fun. I need to try out that new tube on this thing. I Actually got to kill with it Shit oh My smell on a feed. Okay, so far in quarter. This thing is not very good either I think I might have stumbled upon one of the worst guns in modern warfare. It really is a shame to cousin gromer I thought this thing was pretty good. I was definitely doing pretty good with this thing granted I was running much better attachments on it nib table Oh got a triple loop – If I’d have had a triple grade launcher that have been hilarious I’m so tempted to take the scope off of this thing, but I have to keep using it for science fucking price What’s her tip bag, let’s go wait I didn’t that was weird that it didn’t like automatically switch me back My god, it’s it’s just so weak though. Oh My lord An actual good thing happened it fell just a triple though. I love to hit a quad with this thing heavy. I’ll hilarious Oh my God, he’s afk. Oh shit with that split probably way too slow to be a splint But one thing that actually is really good about this variants is that if you have to reload it, you know It’s a hundred rounds, but that’s how faster reloads so there really isn’t a lot of downtime with this hundred round mag. Oh My god Just standing around not playing cross map that’s not completely possible Well, I have been doing that I myth busted that I legitimately shot that hoping that it would kill someone big brain plays coming up guys. Okay Maybe there will be. Oh no. Oh My god, come on, there we go. There’s a noscope slide across, you know, someone’s camping the middle. Oh my god guys I’m legitimately trying so hard. I want to do my best with this gun and show off this variants I do partially feel like it’s the lobby’s but I have no control over that this variants just not holding up. Oh There’s a double noobtube. Let’s go. I Don’t know what’s more pathetic than that game or the hardcore game But now it’s time to put this ugly-ass Keela 141 to the test in ground war find a game Please don’t beat the force district I think it’d actually be kind of funny to try to snipe with this thing on the farm map and I got exactly what I Wanted. Alright guys, I’m really worried about this one. This game’s already halfway over great. Well play it. Why not? Everything else has gone wrong a terrible and Mark Orion core. So horribly carried this point Just some corner camper, come on guys, we gotta go – OH I’m popping off with two careful. I joined late. We got a Def Con going This is great better than the other game so far have to mount it up and we’ll wait for someone to come by There’s a tank if you see how fucked no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no look Oh wait from man was driving a vehicle over here. You want to kill you? Come on come out? Come out. Oh I got killed by someone who doesn’t have a gun. That doesn’t say how bad this thing is invisible guns are outperforming my gun. Oh We can do this, there we go. That’s a headshot. I guess. Come on. Let’s go little streak you miss blinking this going on Hipfire why not scope is useless Oh I got anyway be Their life oh, we got it 266 I’ll type them we got this Oh shit one keep this tree going I’ll come up here Oh How’s that a VTOL? Yeah, this thing’s definitely doing better in ground war I feel like a lot of it has to do with play style people play a lot slower pace in 6p6 Everyone just runs around and has fun and ground war. It’s a lot more casual a lot more enjoyable But what did I unlocked it? I got the bipod. It’s a stupid ass my papa. Alright, let’s go Let’s see if I can actually use this bipod and have it be helpful. Oh My god, wow, that actually helps at the recoil. I can’t tell if it’s an SMG or an LMG. I Haven’t figured out what it’s good at. Oh, it’s good for that. Oh I Was like, oh my tank what though? Let me go launch a missile range of my mouth Oh way outside that guy Probably not. I don’t have the patience. Plus there’s someone coming right over here Oh What I haven’t given up on the gun, I just want to go for a joyride yeehaw can’t beat so much fun I can’t every game I play Fuck it suck it suck it suck it Oh Nah, fuck oh my Lip that is not an Olympic front flip. I’m disappointing with that That was a kill take it holy shit. Come on Keep it going People spun around the tank. Yep, three kills No thermite ends again, well, everybody sucks cheese and ground where it melts vehicles instantly know people instantly – it’s just hilarious I know I joined lay but we lost – That’s the this is the most broken looking kill cam. It looks like it’s hardcore what’s What Whoa, guys use the ugly version of the kilo 141 in hardcore core and ground war and honestly this thing was just not that good As far as it goes for the kilo 141 is a base weapon with some actual decent attachments It’s a pretty good gun but god damn it this thing with the ballsack magazine the sniper scope and either a bipod of the grenade launcher no stock it is pretty horrible and I think this is one of the few times I would actually recommend not using this bill of the gun that I Was using in this video unless of course you’re planning to just mess around and have fun then You know by all means use this thing But unlike the pistol shotgun and the scarf Ariens and even the aks-74u this thing is definitely in the trash tear along with the OG M16 that’s gonna do it for this video. Thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed watching me use the ugliest gun in modern warfare and quite possibly the worst gun in Batam warfare if you Guys did enjoy this video and you want to see me use some more ugly or weird guns on modern warfare Make sure to drop a like see you guys later

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