The Whistleblower – Let’s Play Telling Lies Blind Part 11 All Endings – PC Gameplay

The Whistleblower – Let’s Play Telling Lies Blind Part 11 All Endings – PC Gameplay

Back to “mission” July– Oh, July 15 Probably one of the sessions where– Yeah, David was telling the story to Alba A baddie mission, baddie Glowy being lost, that’s gotta mean something Mm…he’s trying to sneak talk to her Glowy– I thought we searched Glowy
but did I spell it wrong last time? Yeah, there’s still one more here–Oh, this is the same one Is it–it is, same time zone It is a hotel “Are you on a baddie mission?” “Who’s there?” “Alba who?” He’s not a bad dad Hm… It’s very depressing to look at; the downfall of this man Obviously, a lot of it is his own fault But at the same time it’s like, Ah, he was working on a mission.
I don’t know, there’s a lot going on It’s hard to excuse it, though, cause like, he started cheating because of
a mission, so is it cheating? But then at the same time. he was gonna go talk to the camgirl and then like confiding in her which is not illegal, But did he have to pick the sexy cam girl to do this with? I, I don’t know Okay, well, cool, got something out of “mission”, there “Nurse”? These very basic terms “Wife” I wonder if we’ll find one where–Oh. Yeah, one where Ava talks to
David about finding out about Alba? Maybe not because if they talk in person
then, they wouldn’t have a video of that. Gift? A necklace, shoe? Bracelet? What (Welonz chuckles) T-shirt? Even though it was supposed to be a happy thing from Steven Oh, the way he said that was so… That’s sad. At the same time as
these arguments with his wife, he also has Alba to be with him
so uh–or not Alba, but uh, Ava (Welonz sighs) God. Good lord “Roses”? Roses from Maxine. Eh, I’ll keep that one in mind. Hm, “gift”? Oh…Okay, that’s not even the same
clip but it’s on the same day “For you” Again, this is going back to how David always feels
like he needs to do something about these people without even asking them about it She’s very anti-violence and anti…illegal stuff Do you think he gave the same gift to his wife and Ava? Certainly saves time thinking about gifts A ring? What is it? Keychain? Some kind of jewelry “But also I can’t stay mad because
you just gave me a really nice gift” (Welonz chuckles) She’s trying to hide a smile Oh, keys. Ah, that’s right. We had this video before Yes, he gave her keys. Yes 2:14 on 2/14, remember that? Didn’t bookmark this one, but
I know we’ve seen it before What I’m really curious about is what he gave to his wife. Oh. Uh, I guess I’ll watch this one first. This is November 6 Wait, that’s really late November 6? That’s after Maxine shot him. Oh, my gosh 81? How can the people get into this? There’s like, 20 men talking to her
at the same time (Welonz chuckles) I wonder if she set up some ground
rules because of David Man, this looks so fancy here, but then you realize that behind the scenes, it’s really crummy Hey, it’s that song again if we search the lyrics, we could have found this one I just don’t know how the people can get
into this ’cause this isn’t even private She’s entertaining the requests of
multiple people at the same time. I don’t know, I feel like I would want a solo
thing. Is that just me? (Welonz chuckles) Okay Maxine, you better–you better watch it here Okay, we’ve seen enough of this (Welonz chuckles) She doesn’t even know the words! She only knows like, half the words Yeah, she’s back to doing her own thing in November When did she shoot him? Oh, I didn’t put it down here but sometime–yeah, I mean,
November is one of the latest ones we have It’s right before David buys the bomb stuff. So she’s just going back to living her
own life again, pretty much Now this one, “Valentine” Feel like we’ve searched Valentine before,
right? We gotta have. Oh, bingo, bingo Size? Is that more for you or more for me? Exactly! Ohh, he didn’t even tell them that they were–that he was gonna go back and he just showed up at the doorstep That’s pretty bad. I kind of get it, though
because they’re not (Welonz scoffs) It’s like buying your mom a vacuum cleaner for her birthday. Like okay, that’s great but you’re just you’re giving me a tool to clean the house
better. That’s not really a gift for me Yeah, kind of like that? Especially since
they’re not really happy with each other right now So sending sexy underwear is not the greatest of ideas Uh–February 19 Yay– What?! Did you give another gift? Oh, my God, he gave one to Maxine, too This house looks different Did he go back? February, right? I think that’s around
when he went back to Emma Yeah, that’s not his normal house, is it? The wallpaper colour is different. I think How does he even have time to–Oh, my God, can you not (Welonz exhales) Hate it when he gets so close (Welonz chuckles) It’s such a creeper kind of thing. Stop He sent her a gift, what is it, I don’t even know A wig Wait, real hair Did you give her a wig for her performances? Wait, who did you speak to? Talking about beating Peter up Cuz that was around Valentine’s Day, too Yeah, I’m pretty sure this was Maxine, right? “Yoga tits”? Uh, “wig, wig”? Ooh–okay, that’s not the kind of
wig I was (Welonz chuckles) That’s nice that we found another one
but not what I was thinking of, “yoga” How do we find this one? February 19 2:16 we don’t have it here February 19 Mm… She didn’t say Valentine’s Day, “present”? Yes. She didn’t say gift, but present Remember how, in November in 2018 she sets up rules. “No gifts. No intimate conversations”, blah blah blah ’cause she doesn’t want to get involved in this kind of thing again He’s giving to three women for Valentine’s Day, my God Wig Real hair? It could be like, a jacket or
something. Oh, there it is Redheads? (Welonz chuckles) What’s her real hair color? “The creep” (Welonz scoffs) He’s not dead Her eyes always have this really sleepy
look, it’s really alluring (Welonz chuckles) Okay. Well. back to the wig Wait, this is–June, right? June 2018 All the crap happened already Maxine is about to get a knock on her door next month And we were supposed to search “Max” That’s crazy, she doesn’t tell anybody her name
but she tattoos it on her chest That’s insane! Wha–I thought he didn’t want any sexy stuff before But now that he doesn’t have a wife, he doesn’t have Ava maybe things have changed He doesn’t like it? Oh–Oh, God You know, it actually makes no sense why– (Welonz chuckles) Why do her stream people
even like the sounds of New York? The crowd She’s indoors., why would you hear the–oh, God. Oh–oh my God, I, uh– Are we done? This might be the most provocative one
that we’ve seen so far. Let’s go faster. (Welonz chuckles) Oh, that’s it Yeah, this was in June and– Is it back when David is trying to reach out to her but then she doesn’t want to be found Trying to think of a word here, I’m pretty sure we’ve seen some words that could have been good for–oh, God that could have been good for searching “Spank”? Why am I searching this? “Harder”? (Welonz chuckles)”Harder”, we find a freakin’ clip of Ava Okay, well we pretty much know what
that’s all about, anyway The camp Oh, the invisible mask. Oh, that wasn’t a video to Alba, then. It was to you Not the recital, but the singing Yeah, this is the counterpart to the other one That was a unexpected way
of finding it (Welonz chuckles) Yeah, are there any more good words here? At this point, Probably–Uh, what about “doctor”? I don’t know why I thought of that ’cause one of the code words. Oh, yeah,
one of the code names is “Doctor”, right? Doctor, Dopey, Snow White. Look at all this Ava decoration Oh, this is the counterpart to Laura in the bed. Wait The glowy worm? “Do you think Meemaw will die?” “Is that just a lie?” Yeah, this is around like, Right, a few days before Laura passed.
The counterparts to the other one, this one There is that Maybe we’ve seen some of these counterparts
already. Oh, we’ve seen this one, right? Did I forget to take it off? Yeah, we’ve seen this one Oh– There you go And probably the rest of these ones.
They might not even have counterparts or we’ve seen them already, who the heck knows Yeah, I think we pretty much have the bulk
of the story now even the–you know, Karen’s motive, how Ava found out about Alba Pretty big bulk of it, like 90% I would say Just out of curiosity We have 148 now and it’s 5:55 A.M.
Still not 6 o’clock yet Uh, okay At this point, let’s start searching for
the words that people suggested Which maybe we’ve already seen? Hm, that didn’t even come back with anything “Prude”? Okay April 25th Oh, t’s the same day when David met Karen Because I got to go meet Karen He’s driving Oh, my God Woah! Oh, wow, that’s…pretty traumatizing 25th The group as a whole got caught-
-some time before, I think But anyway, this is also the day that Oh, and this is before so she gets released later on when they realized that– She didn’t really have much to do with it.
She was just part of Sreen Storm but, um, Yeah, we don’t know the exact date that
Green Storm people were arrested But– this one is before when David tells her to go to the medicine cabinet So she got arrested, but she also got off I’m driving Come on you got to be driving right now, right? Uh… I want to find that counterpart to that one need more words “Coffee”? No April 25th. It as at like, 11:00 A.M. Or something, right? Yeah 10 A.M. Come on, “touch yourself” (Welonz chuckles) “Touch yourself”, but
that’s what Ava said, not David I just want to see his reaction through
the whole thing happening Isn’t he driving? “Pssenger seat” Horny, let’s do “horny” Huh–Oh God, it’s like it’s all these women telling
him they’re horny. No, no, people, if only you knew Uhm…Oh, “I’m in public right now”, maybe Just looking at the keyword we got Yes, yes He’s not in the mood for — for any happenings (Welonz sighs) He’s gotten way too
attached to her, like, it’s… She–if she didn’t do anything wrong, and she didn’t then she’d be released, which she
was. So that was okay, I guess Out of curiosity, “Pookie” Oh my God, we got a gold mine here Wh6at? Did she show up at his house? Oh, my God Well, that’s something The counterpart (Welonz exhales) Oh, that’s it, okay All right Yeah, inconsequential ones but we got it Um…. Hold on, I’m gonna take a really quick break right here. Ah, I logged out and it put us back at 5 A.M. again How many 5 A.M’s are we gonna experience here?
By normal time within the game, We should be at about–probably 7 A.M. Yeah, that’s–(Welonz chuckles)We’ve been doing this for a full 7 hours now. Oh my God, that’s ridiculous. Um–Since it was just mentioned in the
Pookie one here, why don’t we try “sex”? Of course not 6 records match, results limited to 5
normally would be a very good word but we’ve already seen everything here Um, I’m pretty sure I’ve searched simple
things like “Thanksgiving” already, right? Oh? One more. It’s the same– uh, restaurant, cafe was when he
was watching the recital. He didn’t go back for Thanksgiving 4 place settings? He’s probably talking to Emma Every time he talks to Emma around this
kind of time, it seems to be at this restaurant. Is he trying to avoid Ava, maybe? But they don’t live together here, yet “Rules” Oh Kh–You 8know, he’s a good dad and all with the kid But maybe because of what we know about him, it’s actually pretty scary that he can switch like that But you did! The recital and Thanksgiving Oh, we’ve seen the counterpart for this one, I think It’s one where Alba messes with
Laura and Laura’s sleeping Yeah, Laura wakes up and thinks like David is Daniel He’s getting exasperated already It’s tough. There’s just so many stresses going on with everybody’s lives here. David,
obviously but Emma has had it pretty rough, too with a whole affair with Steven and I don’t know, Laura and taking care of her daughter And David going out of town, cheating on her essentially She’s had to do everything by herself I I am pretty sure we’ve seen the
counterpart. November 23rd 3:16 Yes So we’ll get that We do still have some here that–
I don’t know, like, maybe I forgot to check it off or maybe we just
really didn’t find it. We don’t really know Not too important though, because we can
roughly guess what’s happening here. Um– No, there were definitely words there
I thought we could search I’ll need a bit of a reminder, though Oh, “place settings”? No, but we already have a counterpart so we don’t need to search for that I mean, we still could but I remember seeing a word
here just now that I thought might be good “rules” Heck yeah, September 14 September 14. Rules for Maxine That’s not a big kiss (Welonz chuckles) Yeah, you see how she’s change the rules ‘Cuz we know that she changes the rules later on to include “no intimate conversations,” “no gifts”, blah blah blah blah and this is just garbage Yeah, she-she’s okay with intimate conversation back here
because that probably brings in money (Welonz chuckles) “You don’t like black
and white movies, I ban you” (Welonz laughs) She’s definitely not that desperate for the money Yeah, I’m sure you did Yeah What–“want to go between my toes again?” Oh, my lord The talker Yes, David David making himself known Yeah, Prince Charming is what he calls himself Oh, you already freakin’ said his real name He’s so careful to you know, make sure
oh, you know, to say, “I’m David Jones. I’m David Smith, I’m David Miller” but with this woman, he just says it (Welonz chuckles) “I want to get to know you on a deeper level” He wants to rescue you from this, this camgirl lifestyle. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true Yes ballet teacher How many different stories has she told by now? Sleeping Beauty. Have we not searched
Sleeping Beauty before? Oh, my God Oh. And that’s it I think we’ve seen the counterpart, but we
may not have bookmarked that one Hmm…”where are you from?”, maybe? Like just to make—mm yeah, France, whatever “France” Yes, “ballet” Yeah, it’s pretty much all we’re
gonna get here. That’s fine Did we search a very simple one, “drugs” “Pregnant” “Sleeping Beauty” I think we’re pretty much at our wits end here. “Paul” “Peter” Mmhm. We could try to find the counterparts by
looking at these words again. Oh, you’re not gonna–Mike Mission move into Phase two Maybe– we can find this by searchin, I don’t know “status update” 1:23 status “Update” No, really? Pretty sure we did “camp” before Well not too big of a deal, I suppose–“accident” Now I’m really shooting in the dark Just random words I remember from previous videos Yeah, so Karen was trying to show up to get David out of there but he wouldn’t listen and in the end, he really, really paid for it “Fairy tale” No Fairy tale with no space? Fairy, like tooth fairy but also fairy tale Yeah Did I search Sleeping Beauty just now? Yes, I did Okay. Well, let’s go back to these ones, then And we might end it off here because
I really can’t think of too much else Pretty sure we got most of it though, like 90% April 25th. Oh, that’s the day that Ava gets arrested Oh my God, do you think that Karen
and Mike planned this on purpose? Drag David away, so that we can arrest
Ava without David being there ’cause this is also the day where Karen and David met Maybe we can try searching some swear words, too Especially because that indicates that David is angry Ohh, what do you know. Who is that? Oh, that’s him June 28 What’s a DWP? No, you don’t He likes saying that Uh, wasn’t he living at hotel? So this is
pretty fake, right? This is in June Wow He’s got a kid in the other room, somehow
pretty dubious about that because I’m pretty sure Alba was being kept away from him by her mother. What is DWP? What is DWP? Is it DWP? DWP Van Ooh, there’s Mike. Oh, Department of Water and Power I looked it up, but it didn’t seem right until Mike said it Wait, is he on medical leave here? ‘Cuz I’m wondering why he still has his pistol. We know the date; was the back and Jul– Ah, he was only put on leave in July, this was June We can–I mean, (Welonz chuckles) we
don’t really need to take notes anymore even though the OP is over “Op” Mmhm. “Office”? Yeah, that’s pretty much it “Ambitious”, our last key word here Oh, we’ve already seen this one, okay That’s pretty much it, then Yeah, I mean ending off on David going crazy again.
(Welonz chuckles) It’s pretty much the norm No, I’m pretty certain we have like, 95% of the story now It’s just a sad decline of this man’s life Because of– some of his personality characteristics, I guess– I don’t know why he is the way he is but
he feels like he’s got to save everybody And on top of the fact that he was genuinely cheating
on his wife, not just within the scope of FBI work but he was also talking to that camgirl and then getting Ava, a 19 year old pregnant and I don’t know, like, where do you draw the line? Karen says that she also sleeps with
people to further the mission and all, but Kh. At least she’s not getting
anybody pregnant (Welonz chuckles) I don’t know what to tell you Yeah, I don’t–I don’t got anything else “Die” “Death” This is kind of morbid. Oh, yes, didn’t we want to try searching
like, swear words and stuff? We tried “fuck” already, right? (Welonz chuckles) Oh, my God, two videos Jackpot November 4 November 4, rally Oh, she’s totally against the protest He was beat up by a police officer.
Yeah–She’s really anti-doing anything illegal That’s why even though she was
arrested, nothing happened to her Losing a tooth unlike Alba, it’s forever. Damn “You sound ilke Eric” Eric is a bit more radical (Welonz chuckles) A little bit ragged, just like how girls like it Yeah November 4th 2:05, November 4th 2:05 Great And this is January 24th We don’t know too much about this one. Oh, shit. Whoa, what? Oh, cuz remember last time, they were at
the arcade and then he was doing really well “Movie producer” is a pretty good
word to describe David, too ‘cuz he–the way he act is
almost like he thinks everything is a movie He’s got to be a hero and come
and save the damsel in distress Now, is this Peter? Yes, just look at Ava’s face Poor Ava David beating him up might be the one
good thing he did.(Welonz chuckles) although, Ava didn’t appreciate it afterwards Oh, I feel so bad for her, I don’t want to see this. Stop! At this point, she didn’t tell David about Peter yet and it’s so sad for Ava ‘cuz she’s gonna like, live with this Because her group of people, her “friends” allow Peter to still be here Wow. (Welonz exhales) I feel–What did he say to
her, though? Maybe I don’t even want to know Yeesh. Um… No, we had a few words here, too I keep forgetting them “Party”? “Arcade”? “Movie” Hm, Arcade…party “Hollywood” Once you watch enough of these videos, you start realizing that they drop the
same keywords in on purpose Like, they talked about Hollywood here
with Barry and Mary and then they talked about Hollywood
here again in this party Just kind of deliberate Not sure how much I like that. Sometimes it feels a
little bit like “Oh, yeah, I remember that word” Yeah Um…”phone” No, you know what, I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure this is it for us, “cam talk” Yeah, that was a system that they paid the camgirl with Mmm… I can’t even think of any more swear words We’ve done all the big ones, right? We did “fuck, shit” Yeah Um…”Love”, the very first one that we had “Love”, “love you” Yeah, why don’t we call it a day, then?
I don’t think there’s much else I think we’re very close to having all of it, though. I think somebody said there is
about like, 160-something so we literally have over 95% of it. Let’s go And uh, oh–just before we go, do we want
to have a quick look back at that notepad? Who gave me all this data, anyway?
One of my informants? After David died, they redacted it because they didn’t want
anybody to know that David died My approval code–so normally, I would have access
to this if it wasn’t wiped from me, from the system Sounds like it’s somebody within the FBI, too (Welonz reads the on screen description) Mike, David (Welonz reads the on screen description) One more “jail” “arrest” “prison” We don’t have that many more videos, like it’s not gonna be– okay, let’s do it. Let’s do it (Welonz reads the on screen description) We want the world to know what the FBI did to David and just the FBI’s conduct in general, maybe I don’t know though, it’s kind of, like– how much of this is the FBI’s fault,
how much of it is David’s fault? It’s a little bit of everything But Karen feels like she needs to do this Does she plan on fleeing? Getting out of the country, or
are you just doing this because of justice? It’s 5:30 in the morning, but we
know it’s more like 7:30, officially The way we uploaded it on to WikiLeaks, is very like, Now the next person has to figure all this out by watching all the videos (Welonz chuckles) It’s not like we have a report (Welonz sighs) Watching all these thumbnails
is watching a family get torn apart “Jane the Ripper” She’s not murdering anybody Oh, I think these are in um, chronological order so the last thumbnail is the explosion What? What–you’re drilling the computer “Pulverizing the hardware” My notes, my beautiful notes (Welonz chuckles) As an FBI agent though, I feel like doing this in your
own home was probably not the smartest of ideas Oh my God, I thought that was it Ohhhh Oh my God, are they gonna kill another
person just to cover this up? I shouldn’t say they killed another person because it’s not like they killed David not technically, anyway Is that it? Oh, I’m guessing Karen’s still gonna get caught ‘cuz they know she’s from the FBI and the smashed up laptop in her room is pretty good evidence that something
was going on, too Wow Not really an explosive ending except if you think about it chronologically ‘cuz David blew up (Welonz chuckles) But yeah, it’s ‘cuz we’ve been piecing
together the story for the past 10 hours so by the end here, it’s more about filling in the gaps as opposed to seeing something really, really different Journalist Oh, wow Oh, wow, we even get a timeskip to see how
Ava and Star are, that’s a little bit unexpected. I think whoever we see in the ending here is uh, the changes depending on what we do in the game So later on, we’re probably gonna look up
what happened to the other people but, mm…. Well, I guess Ava and Star lived pretty
good lives after David’s gone and nobody really wants to bring him up anymore
‘cuz it wasn’t really a positive thing Especially because Ava was pregnant when she was 19, too, that’s– I mean, that’s a lot of responsibility and a
lot of stress for somebody so young but they’ve made it through okay,
and that’s good to hear Well, that is the end of Telling Lies It’s been a few years since Her Story came
out and I remember it pretty well because it was one of the earlier games I started
playing on the channel too, And uh, well, it’s been over 4 years but to my knowledge, within these four years, nobody else has made this type of game before so it’s definitely welcome that we’re seeing
Telling Lies use the same system here because this style of nonlinear storytelling It’s really quite fascinating and magical how it all works together, the game trusts both the player and itself to reveal everything to you at a proper pacing and no two players will have the same playthrough, no two players will find the same
things at the same time I think it’s a really interesting format and one that can only be done within the video game medium This is definitely not something that
would work out as a movie Telling lies feels like it’s the proper evolution in
the genre too, because Her Story was– it involved one actress and we were watching
her answer everything whereas here, I’m pretty sure we had no less than 10 actors and multiple location sets and so many more videos too And overall, it just feels like the
budget increased by a lot But with the amount of characters, also come
something really interesting because now you have conversations between people which means a lot of the time were spent watching people emote silently You can judge their mood and reaction by their faces but they’re not saying anything,
and I think everybody, especially David’s actor, Logan Marshall Greene
really acted their butts off in this whole thing There was so many instances where we knew what people were thinking, what
they were roughly talking about just based on their facial reactions and micro-expressions Uh, one that was memorable to me was the one where David was doing the whole “Isabella” thing with his wife and I don’t know, they were getting all horny and stuff and then you could see the excitement and David’s eyes, which is really a testament to the actor’s skills So that was a lot of fun Uh, but one thing that I feel like does get lost between Her Story and Telling Lies is that in Her Story, you get one side of the
conversation, but here you get both so in Telling Lies, if you can find both
clips of the same conversation then there is really not that much
ambiguity as to what really happened whereas, I think even by the end of Her Story, no spoilers but there was a lot of conversation on
what really happened because it wasn’t clear-cut “Sunrise” There is a report (Welonz reads the on screen description) It’s been almost a year since David died, half a year (Welonz reads the on screen description) “Marcus” Wow. He risked his life for this, too (Welonz reads the on screen description) Yeah, she’s just trying to get information
on her own mission, man (Welonz continues reading the report) She might go to jail, but what she’s
uploaded stays on the Internet forever (Welonz chuckles) The ones where I clicked on it more than once, I guess Oh, I love this report. It’s kind of cool (Welonz laughs) Wait, Karen fucked Mike, really? Oh my God, that’s so embarrassing They got all my searches too, all the “shits”
and the “fucks” (Welonz chuckles) Oh…Wow, love makes people do crazy things “J.H.”? I can’t think of who J.H. would be Did Karen really fuck Mike? (Welonz chuckles) Well, she did mention that she had to sleep with a lot
of people so not too surprising, I guess and yeah, They showed us the thing with Ava because
we apparently focused the most on her Okay Well Let me see if I can look up the other endings, too Hey, so as it turns out, All I had to do was go to the game’s folders and the videos are all listed out together and neatly like this I don’t know which ones I didn’t watch so I’m not
gonna try to find the ones we didn’t see but it seems like um These ones are the endings; EX I guess means extended Online, it says that if you watch more than 60% of
a person’s videos, you get an extra scene so, let’s see what Emma EX is like Nobody watched it Oh. I don’t know why–it’s a little bit weird to me that
they’re telling me about their future lives ‘cuz I don’t (Welonz chuckles) Basically, the point seems to be that, nobody watched that video that David
left for them because no one cares Max Oh, shit (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz chuckles) Oh Yeah, I’m not sure how to feel about finding out about the future lves of these people but really it’s just, that they’re all gonna move on past
David and that’s the primary thing here which is extra sad for David because him blowing himself up was like this one final act
of redemption that he thinks, you know, he’s trying to save everybody and he’s
trying to leave his mark on these women but they’re kind of just like,
“Whatever, man it’s over. I’m moving on” I do wish the main character of David was more likable though, because we spend so much time with him but he’s kind of just like, human garbage so It’s hard to form an emotional connection there or even feel sad for him because he kind
of deserved a lot of what was coming to him There were definitely a few intimate
moments that got to me, though Uh, motably the ones where David and Emma were Skyping and they were mouthing to each other. “I love you” or “I miss you” It’s such a small thing and I feel kind of
stupid saying it out loud like that but seeing that kind of made my heart break a little bit for them, even though, underneath the lovey-dovey act, we know that David is again, human garbage, so, no redemption for you there, David All right, well, Telling Lies–this was a really cool game, I completely would not oppose this type of game cropping up every few years Her Story, Telling Lies, whatever’s next, I’ll play it. No questions asked All right, this was Telling Lies with Welonz,
thank you so much for joining me and I hope you enjoyed watching this
as much as I enjoyed playing it and I will see you all in another place, in another time Bye

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    David has some good sides but he really does have some sort of white knight/control issue, he's always trying to manipulate and control people and gets immediately pissed off if things don't go his way. Cool game though, and kuddos to the actors, they really make it work.

  5. You were the perfect person to play this. Enjoyed every second of it.

  6. It's been a very though-provoking playthrough and I'm loving it! Still having my doubts about whether David's a 'good' dad, though, based on some of these videos – there's more to good parenting than having a bit of fun when it's convenient for him, with a child who's relatively easy to pacify. And that's the problem with David I think – he's always just up for 'fun' but not long-term commitment. His relationship with Alba isn't one that he needs to put much effort into (and even then Alba already realises that Daddy lies), unlike the more complicated one with his wife – we see that fall apart from the lack of emotional support with how he's always waving Emma off when she tries to discuss her mother with him, for instance. He didn't show up for Alba's recital or Thanksgiving with the family either, and Emma's comment about Alba freaking out because David shows up out of the blue, or David's behaviour fostering unhealthy family dynamics, says a lot about his negative influence. Ava probably recognises this too, that's why she didn't even give him the chance to start with Star.

  7. That spanking session made ma laugh so hard !

  8. It's a shame no one cares about David at all by the end, not even his daughter. If you have a chance Welonz look up the second to last vid in the story. Right before David kills himself he admits the lying and other things to Emma, Alba etc. It's very well done and the acting really puts more sympathy on David imo.

  9. You can see the improvements from Her Story. Aside from the video control mod I think the only thing that would benefit the game would be allowing a player to simultaneously play two link videos (only once they have both been found, obviously).
    I also agree that the acting is really good especially in the quiet moments when they are supposed to be listening to the other person.

  10. the suicide thing, I don't feel like it fits the rest of the story.

  11. I regret watching this video in public lol

  12. I love how David tried to do a "heroic suicide" and every single character's ending equals to "nah, fuck you, I'm living my best life." All these endings could also be summed up as the Good For Her gif LOL

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