THE YIGA CLAN HIDEOUT – First Time in Gerudo Valley – Part 4

THE YIGA CLAN HIDEOUT – First Time in Gerudo Valley – Part 4

Hey guys, MustBeDensity here and we are back in Breath of the Wild for Part 4 of our Gerudo Valley playthrough. Check out the links in the description if you haven’t seen the last ones. Today we’re going to launch our assault on the Yiga tribe by coming in here to Karusa Valley. So we’ll start by warping into the Kema Zoos Shrine and see how it goes. Alright so I’m pretty sure it’s up here, based on what the guards were telling us in Gerudo Town. So let’s grab a sand seal and get moving. Um, let’s try coming around this way. Here we are. Yeah this is definitely the right way. Whoa. Try and dodge some of these. Ooh, frog statues. Whoa. Avoid! You don’t have to fight half the guys that you see. Just kind of run around them. Whoa. Got one of these guys. Ah where is he? Haha I can never carry anything haha. Ooh these ones have like a cloth over their face. Whoa! Haha that was a terrible bomb throw! Why are they dropping bananas? There we go. It’s hard to get the camera angle sometimes. They all drop bananas haha. Maybe they’re secretly monkeys or something. Look at those huge statues up there. Oh hang on, how many statues are there? 1, 2, 3… 4, 5, 6… Wait. Hang on. We need some kind of reference point here don’t we? There we go – entrance. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… Eight! So there was a guy earlier that was talking about seven seven statues, or something. Maybe one of these is the eighth one? I don’t know which one to take a photo of. They’ve all got this stuff over their face. Maybe I can, like, burn it off… Oh yeah, I can, that’s great. Oh there’s some writing! There’s a lot of torches as well, so I guess that’s what I have to do. Oh no! Whaa, bats! I hear bats. I don’t see bats… Oh, never mind. Oh there’s a little cave in there as well. So there’s going to be a few things to explore here, by the looks of it. And I’m freeing bats all over the place! No! Oh. I’ll go up there in a minute. Let’s just clear this stuff out first. Right, okay, let’s go up that staircase. Wherever it was… there it is! I guess we have to give them bananas or something. Oh no, we can’t save! Alright, I guess if we get caught, we’re going to get kicked out of here. So… Let’s put on the stealth outfit then. So… That lady said they eat a lot of bananas. I wonder if we can lure them away with one? Alright, let’s see if this works. Hahaha. Looks like it works! Now, how are we going to get this guy? Hahahaha. I think we have to take the ladder first – it just seems less dangerous. Haha there’s so many bananas! So I’m thinking, if we maybe jump down here… …then maybe we’ll figure something out from there. Those bananas seem like a trap… I can’t figure out how we’d get them without getting caught. Oh no! Whoa! Oh my god – an actual Game Over! Oh no… Those guys were way stronger than I was expecting. Let’s see where it puts us. Alright, that’s not so bad. See if we can try something else this time. Maybe we can get to that ladder in the distance there. Alright. We need to move that guy somehow. Haha they’re not even slightly suspicious! Oh there’s a door in the background there. Oh right, there’s a frog blocking. Isn’t he a bit big to be a ninja boss? Probably sends his scouts out to do all the work! Haha maybe he can be distracted with bananas as well! Hahaha. The bigger and spikier the ball, the more you hurt yourself really… That boss was just a bit ridiculous… …some of the regular Yiga guards were stronger than he was. Alright, there we go. One Thunder Helm. Let’s take it back to Gerudo Town and see what they have to say. It looks like maybe she’s got it on backwards. Alright so it looks like in the next episode we’re going to be taking on the Divine Beast. But, this’ll be a good place to leave off for this episode. So if you liked what you saw, do hit the Like button and don’t forget to Subscribe! Thanks for watching. See you next time.

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  1. So, for anyone who's ever wondered how Link compares to a ninja…

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