This Game Is Actually Legit… Hordes.IO – Worth Playing? 2019

This Game Is Actually Legit… Hordes.IO – Worth Playing? 2019

Alright, I saw lazy peon’s video about this
game, I got a few comments telling me to check it out and I was like eh, I got other stuff
to do, it’s just a browser game right? It’s probably a bit of a joke and not worth
looking at, which looking back on it was a really silly opinion because runescape right? Browser doesn’t neccisarily mean it can’t
be deep and most importantly fun. Then I saw Cryy’s video and I was like alright
guys, fine, I’ll do it. I actually started playing yesterday for about
2 hours and I was pretty much eh, I’ll make a video tomorrow and it’ll just be talking
about yeah it’s a cool little game but it’s still just a browser game, it’s not really
worth playing and knock that on the head, I had fun with it but I wasn’t wowed or feeling
any kind of pull to try it again. Then I woke up today and didn’t feel like
doing much because I’m still recovering from the flu so I thought oh I’ll just have another
hour on that game and then make the video. Well, that hour turned into like 4 more hours
and I only stopped playing so that I could make the video in time to get it out tonight. I found a lot more depth than I thought at
first glance it had and worked a few things out that sort of just let me enjoy the game
for what it is. So, without further preamble,, is
it worth playing? Let’s go. Right so first off,, browser game,
free to play, mmorpg single shared world, map is seemingly really tiny, doesn’t have
any p2w at all but it does have a monthly subscription you can buy I think called Elixir
or something which just gives you know normal convenient things like bag spaces, storage
spaces, marketplace slots and double duration items can be posted on the marketplace before
they are removed. So it’s definitely not in any way p2w so that
passes the first test. Now starting the game couldn’t be easier,
you can 1 click sign in with google account so it requires literally zero sign ups or
hastle with emails, no downloads, nothing. You sign in with your google account, create
a character and you’re on. When creating a character you have 4 classes,
the game uses a trinity system, so you have warrior which is the tank, mage which is the
ranged spell dps, archer is ranged melee dps and the shaman is a buffer and healer. Pretty standard stuff. You pick your class, pick your name, pick
between the two factions and off you go, there is unfortunately no character customisation
at this stage and I wonder if there ever will be but to be honest I didn’t really feel this
diminished my experience all that much, definitely not as much as thinking retrospectively I
feel it should have, if that makes sense. The game’s controls are simple, the interface
is simple but has a few issues which I’ll talk about in a bit…The movement system
is wasd and typical left or right click to move your camera around and left click to
select targets. You use 1-0 on your hotbar for abilities and
potions. The game has a pretty deep system settings
with some cool features that I appreciated a lot and a fullscreen mode. I should also mention right now that I the
reason this video won’t have a lot of varied footage in it from the later levels that I
got to can be attributed to one of the things I’m about to say is really great about this
game. Basically, I forgot to turn my recording software
on and then played the game for 4 hours straight, not a single time did I get up to leave my
computer or even check my other monitor to see if OBS was actually recording. So why is that good you may ask? Well I put a podcast on my 2nd monitor on
youtube and I grinded mobs in and I literally never even had a thought to check
it. So was the podcast amazing or is the game
just kinda mindlessly fun, or maybe both? Honestly I think this is a massively undervalued
thing in gaming now days and how people approach games, you guys can let me know in the comments
if you feel the same way right now… Basically games are sometimes too complicated
to enjoy if you just want to be mindless. Like on some level, most mmorpgs now days
at least have some kind of semi complex thing I need to be thinking about to actually make
progress, which is fine most of the time…But sometimes I just want to do something that
I can chill out with and relax while I watch something on my other monitor, listen to music,
talk to friends on discord, listen to a podcast, or just think about other stuff…Legitmately
I think this is probably the biggest reason I’d recommend trying out The reasons after that are bonuses and actually
kind of contradict this a little bit. Maybe it’s just me who feels that way but
sometimes I like just a really simple core gameplay loop that is just fun and carefree,
let me know if any of you guys are ever in that same mindset. I even sometimes like to listen to music and
sing, as dumb as that sounds, and you can’t really sing and do something that requires
a lot of thought…If that makes sense, or maybe I’m just really shit at multitasking,
you be the judge. I’m definitely really shit at singing so it’s
alright. I think before I contradict myself I should
explain what this core gameplay loop is…You basically use your skills to kill creatures
on a map and they die and give you exp and drop items. You level up and put skill points into whatever
stats you want. That’s it. That’s the core gameplay loop. You’re also on a shared map with another faction
and their camp I didn’t work out is actually mirrored to yours on the other side of the
map, so it’s open pvp but based on levels. But we’ll get into the pvp later, just wanted
to say what the core gameplay loop was that I found mindlessly fun. So let me contradict myself, I said the game
is really simple and mindless right? Well you’d expect that, it’s a browser game
right? Well it has a really simple gameplay loop,
really simple graphics, really simple inventory , control and skill system butt and it’s a
big fat butt, the gearing system is actually kinda cool and something you have to think
about at least a little, it has more depth than what meets the eye at least. I thought because obviously playing at the
start I was only seeing these white items, these same like 5 items dropping over and
over for an hour or 2 that is all it was. Nope I was wrong! There’s actually graded gear…And it has
a complex, cool system…That I find really damn fun. So you have 9 item slots for your character,
there’s 2 weapon slots which are class based and then the rest are armor, accessories and
a bag slot which are all shared. The items that drop, have a quality percentage
roll when they drop. So according to the wiki there are common,
uncommon, rare and epic quality items. These items all have randomly generated stats
between presets, so even a common, white quality bow can have a few different stats, more stats
based on the percentage quality of the item…So a green item with 52% quality will have less
stats on it than a green item with 58% quality and also the stats could be different entirely…So
more damage, or maybe a dex bonus, or a wisdom bonus etc. As the items go up in quality, they get more
stats on them, so blue items have 2 or more stats, epic have 3 or more stats…So I’d
imagine a good roll item is super rare and expensive. On top of this, you can also upgrade items
with runes that you farm from mobs, so making items +1 +2 +3 etc all the way up to +10…So
the gearing system has a lot of gameplay attached, of course the gameplay is grinding mobs for
stuff to sell and barter or get lucky and get a good drop you need…But for me it’s
simple enough of a loop to do mindlessly and yet have this little bit of depth for when
you want to customise your character’s stats and the depth of just having a ceiling of
content higher than what you would expect. On top of this, you have skills, I don’t know
how many there are, I think for archer there are 10 according to my skill window, one I
haven’t learned yet and then from what I can tell, each of the skills can be leveled up
with rarer and more expensive books at certain levels to increase in effect. I also think of the 10 skills, only 6 of them
are actives at least for the class I picked which was an archer. So it’s not a crazy complex skill system and
on surface level seems to be the most boring thing ever, but it does actually have a bit
of depth to it that you wouldn’t realise on first glance because you only find out later. Again, a simple system that you can skate
by without knowing but the more you get on with it the more it surprises you which is
basically my summary of in a nutshell. It’s deceptively actually pretty decent and
has not bad hours of playability possible…Like depending on the amount of levels in the game,
I think right now it is 45 but people said it was 99 in the alpha and the wiki shows
items up to the 90s, I’m like level 16….So there’s definitely some gameplay here. Also to be mentioned about skills and combat
in general, it’s a simple game to play, but the skills synergise with each other in ways
you won’t even know unless you look. For the first like hour and a half I was using
my abilities wrong, after I figured them out I was doing crazy high damage compared to
the other people I was partied with, like my precise shot thing had a long cooldown
and applied a stack of poison, my dash skill reset the cooldown of that skill and made
it instant cast, precise shot also each time it was cast gave me 2 free casts of my normal
shot skill…So once I put those together, combo city baby. Definitely not a 300iq rotation or anything
crazy…But just again, deceptively decent combat for something that I had zero expectation
of and definitely shows they have the building blocks and ideas in place to take this game
a lot further. So also while playing for hours on end, I
realised two things…Grouping is amazing and incentivised in this game, so definitely
do that…People group constantly, grind together, pvp together, you’re sharing loot but it increases
your drop percentage chances and your exp rate the more people are in range of you as
a party…So it’s not forcing you to group and I didn’t feel I ever had to, in fact I
played most of the game solo so far, but the later i got into the game the more I appreciated
and wanted to group because the devs have incentivised it, which honestly is a great
feature. So people were forming groups to fight the
faction as they invaded our side of the map, or to go invade their side of the map…It’s
legit cool that they organically made the ecosystem of players who usually don’t care
about each other actually sort of compelled via the rest of the community sticking together
to do the same. So that’s really a nice touch. On top of all that, the pvp is capped in some
way. I’m not entirely sure what the actual cap
is, I know that when I was like level 13 the level 17 could attack me from the opposite
faction but the level 20s couldn’t, or maybe I was level 11…I don’t remember. Basically the power gap probably isn’t as
huge and I was easily beating the guy much higher level than me in a 1v1 as archer v
archer before he got help, so it’s clear that reading your skills and optimising your items
is important and therefor you could say the game at least has a little fairness to the
pvp. Also the deeper the closer you get to their
territory the more similar in levels you should be if you’re farming so it kind of forces
you to be at more risk the further out you go but all you lose or gain from pvp is fame,
which I never actually looked at what you spend it on or if it’s just for a leaderboard
but yeah. Just to say it actually has some systems and
protections for people in place inherently, as well as of course the grouping aspect. There’s also world boss things, that drop
much improved loot, which you can group up and go kill, that’s cool. The system settings menu has this cool feature
where you can filter out loot drops based on percentage rarity, so you don’t get random
whites on your screen froom everyone elses drops etc or miss out on rare drops because
of the screen clutter, which I found laate on and really apperciated. Also, pro gamer tip, for some reason people
don’t know this or use it a lot, hold shift and it shows all items on the floor, while
grouped keep this held down as stuff dies so you can scoop up the rare items…I legit
half geared myself in blues running through the wilderness solo with shift held down,
picking up other people’s loot that they let time out which was blue. Now for the things I dislike about the game…Pressing
escape closes fullscreen in the game…That’s definitely, 100% the most annoying thing in
the whole game. So when you’re playing any normal game you
press escape to close your character interface window, or your bag…You do that in this
and you come out of fullscreen and I kid you not I did this consistently for about 5 hours
before I wired my brain to stop but would probably keep doing it less frequently if
I keep playing. Obviously it’s a browser game, so you have
to approach it with different expectations than a fully fledged game people are asking
you to download and pay money for. The server is located in I have no idea where
and it’s quite laggy for me but to be honest their compensation system for the delay is
pretty decent once you figure it out, so again pro tip, don’t spam buttons because you’ll
wind up using skills you don’t want to use when you don’t want to use them. That’s legit my only 2 complaints for what
the game is. I’d say play if you just want to
relax, want a short term game that could actually be quite long term depending on how much you
as an individual can approach the game for what it is…A super accessible, simple game
that has deceptively a good amount of playability and depth to some systems. I honestly feel like there’s no reason to
really ever say, don’t try this game…It’s free, it takes literally 2 seconds to get
in game and try it out and it’s legitmately a decent experience for what it is. Sometimes I
play mmorpgs for review and I feel like if I didn’t make content for youtube and enjoy
it as much as I do that I’d feel shortchanged a bit by the game just being bad in my opinion
or not fun…With I legitmately don’t feel like I wasted my time at all just
for content, it wasn’t an unfun experience. I feel like it was relaxing and I’d probably
do it again. For me, when a project appears on my radar
that hasn’t been there already for a while, I’m usually disapppointed and understand why
it wasn’t on my radar. That isn’t the case here, I’ll be keeping
up with this one and wish them luck. So there you go, try and let me
know in the comments what you thought of the game and how my assessment lines up with what
you have experienced, or let me know if you’ve played it how you feel about the game. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
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  1. played this the day it dropped, was really fun actually. keep in mind it is an io game so the leaderboard is all that really matters.

  2. thats why i sometimes go back to really old mmos like last chaos or metin 2, just to mindlessly farm some mobs and not having to think about anything else in the game… and a little bit of nostalgia maybe. every mmo tries no reinvent the wheel or tries to come up with deeper and more complex systems, i understand that and its not a bad thing, but sometimes simplicity can go a long way too. i kinda miss that aspect in modern mmos. a lot of them feel too much like work, like a second job if you will and not like a place to get lost in and just have fun. maybe im just getting too old for this stuff tho and im more and more turning into a casual haha. i never was a fan of broweser games and i never took them seriously, but u know what, i might try this one and maybe have some fun for a little bit. thanks for the vid 🙂

  3. the dev, i dont think its a they. i believe its a he. i heard its a one man project

  4. i played this game literally 2 seconds after it was released because i was just waiting for the countdown and just sitting in my chair XD

  5. I used to play trove voxel mmo cuz it was relaxing before it became totaly from start to finish p2w.
    Just make some space in inventory and go around open world do dungeons or something which took like a min to do but in the end it was getting me something

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