I’m a mother fucking legion
you ain’t gotta feel me just respect it walking around 20 thou for the
necklace all these niggas know that we’ll come through and wet shit… word around town is we got them pounds word around town is we got them pounds call the ambulance please we need an ambulance , it’s 3 of us shot everybody calling y’all, it’s three kids done got shot yall good stay easy stay breathing stay breathing keep your eyes open focus on the person on you he good he got you he good stay breathing keep your eyes on me Tj you good stay right there keep your eyes open stay focused on me nephew I got
you everything good keep breathing just like that everything good everything good you good keep breathing i got you i got you keep breathing just like that there’s story coming in a 17 year old
boy has died in a double shooting in Norfolk developing in Norfolk police are
investigating their fourth homicide this week tonight we continue to gather more
details about four different shootings resulting in three deaths a fourth
victim is still in the hospital tonight with life threatening injuries where the
search is on for the person who killed a man from Diggs town Sunday afternoon
police say 21 year-old corenz o Blakely was shot around two o’clock on the
Chesapeake side of Berkley Avenue we got to talk about a weekend of violence in
Norfolk that apparently continued on today that’s when a man walked into a
fire station this afternoon with gunshot wounds that happened on Rockingham
Street he suffered serious injuries it comes after seven people were hit by
gunfire over the weekend in three separate incidents one of the people
shot on a Avenue was killed Friday night into Saturday night Norfolk Police
pounded the pavement investigating violent crimes seven shootings with one
fatality it was a weekend in June to forget especially for the families of
the victim what doing please are you aware the fact that life means more
to you and the rest of us than what you’re doing right now guys
Melinda ray from the Norfolk Police Department says that up to right now 24
people have been murdered in the city of those murders 19 of them are men and 15
murders remain unsolved to the naked eye it would seem like a growing trend of
violence overall crime is up in Norfolk Norfolk has 245 thousand residents so
far this year there have been 19 homicides including those four deadly
police shootings that’s a ratio of one to every 13 thousand residents that’s
one of the highest ratios in the country the face of virginia man you hear me the capital this is the capital right here the city wild right now its a lot of murders happening in the city right now the city right here its a lot of hate in this city man norfolk virginia period itself its a dangerous city man so if you aint from here stay the fuck away nah mean you gone hear guns everyday you gone see police everyday there’s something that’s gone happen everyday you feel me you gone see a police everyday you gone see somebody with a gun everyday what defines the city of norfolk is a bunch of mother fuckers down to the woman that just want some money everything i ever did i did it in norfolk first i remember it was a time in my life i say i don’t want to leave Norfolk nigga im in love with norfolk like no funny shit if you don’t fuck with norfolk i feel like you don’t fuck with yourself. norfolk virginia bro this shit just like cali and shit my momma call me every night and pray for me its grown ups in this bitch and then its little niggas in this bitch you got to establish and seperate yourself you gone be a boy or you gone be a man its wolves in this bitch and its lions out this bitch I know I’m a lion even the wolves know
I’m lion they see me and they be like oh what up niggas know what it do we on the news now man norfolk one high ass crime rate man you feel what im saying whole bunch of street shit going on
know what i mean I’d described norfolk right now that shit a got damn zoo and the streets that shit is just a zoo little niggas maxing out they got damn not even trying to get money they just popping shit niggas dying out this mother fucker niggas got homeboys shooting homeboys little kids shoo ting little kids and grown people shooting little kids because they’re trapping and getting money they wanna rob them people man nah mean this considered the bad part, to us this life but to them this the bad part. nah mean, We do this shit everyday man. everyday day, everyday we wake up like, niggas take chances man … nah mean, thats why i love about .. NORFOLK! you know what I’m saying, just like .. i done been everywhere bro, you know what I’m saying ? i done hustled in … division street Delaware, motherfuking bmore fucking
speed or Surry County Wakefield Boston nose and a big jazz of is parallel and
niggaz actually it could be the first had meeting the motherfuckin long wait
once they read baby right no we need to know his niggas like you’re normal
no saying it but you suede no I’m saying you will need you sweat any like with
regular Virginian nigga you never made gotta be real cut toe can’t show that
love there’s really hang you for real party shoe shock city I don’t know no GD
their vice laws and uncle James Yahoo can at shit beauty is my shit
there’s no some Bloods and Crips I’ve been in that man love my city
everybody’s pissed about coming well coming welcome man it was da Bao to
action way before me was really in the field
I’m from my last novel Virginia to me is that every young Nicholas they trust the
bad weather they do what beaches are not everything just the streets man really
all about a dollar man bitches five dollars bitches they fucking this water
and man that’s what it is man like the streets is the streets man in Norfolk
it’s a gold man that’s all i’ma say man is I put it before a lot of cities my
respect other cities and I get respect when it’s blue but not for this it’s
home and its own it’s home all of us previously get ready to get put out we
used to have selling parties Rock parties people didn’t have anything to
eat we stuck together as a family we didn’t talk about whatever we had in
that house everybody the community bought them something what they had
chill today I don’t know where y’all come from or what kind of lifestyle when
I was never it was shopping if a child got hip out
Oh and then all this gunfire all day
elderly people die from being all family then never the stuff that I see I think that the state of normal is at a
point where drastic changes necessary in order to avert what has become
inevitable and that is not only a clash from a perspective integration
and socio-economic positions were also of calamities such as flooding disaster
and so do sensitive or what a dynasty that is
above what is considered to the north to redirect the attention of the people and
the leadership from where we headed will be the support city and have it approved
it gives tremendous opportunity that into action trading calls military city
is a city that has in the state of Virginia only electrical system only of
the largest presence of meter outside Brussels north of the city that is very
rich in its architecture not versed in its aesthetic appearance
but it lacks justice it lacks quality and the next the opportunity of the
people to freely express the hand of purpose in a job defeat at some
Northland is a city that has tremendous potential
but as lacking in the areas of development of human capital together like chicken rice and broccoli
will place the cabin that we needed at the top would be food for your soul this
will hold you in the property but you gotta know these times we won’t slow we
eat the whole roll like prophet Ezekiel I got my BA made up come on you can get
it I stay on my toes like how he was admitted and in these insight my
insights nfinity Christ the prices might take him to church get it now so niggas
y’all thinking is written oh he’s top dog being othered authority because of
the blood Michigan Dan that’s been forgiven
y’all changing your mind became remain living deliverable premonition got a
bunch of hits wishing gosh should I have listened now I said it was wicked beats
on the street got these young fellows rocking Heat’s on the street got the
Goodfellas Robin headed to the promised land
a vodka party in our house okay made a Pierre
city I know Yahoo don’t harsh a few mythical it’s all I can actually let is
thoughts and I’m sure you proud of her somehow there’s one time have my halfway
night we carry pop my knee would want to read cinnamon god forbade no ah you know
everything go down there speak right here when I read what kick trash him sit
trashcan on fire I said I want a couple better bed as work then was in it
from 94 to 2016 I didn’t know by the bit here with us God have been a lot of
places my mr. Holmwood a hustler I mean everybody hustle over bitch it is
whether fussing it really started it you’ve been right way back in the day
before Matson you know I heard a lot of stories about this certain neighborhood
as you can see this money all over this place here me so the difference between
this neighborhood and a lot of other neighborhood matter of fact we still be
government you know you got niggas that other neighborhoods and robbed each
other’s each other fuck each other wives all that kind of shit
right like that stack all the way of fishing whatever nigga wanna see a nigga
saying yes sir the Disney would isn’t all about loyalty you know that should
take you a long way in life and a lot of people that grew up out here was brought
up being on lawyers so that’s what separates us from a lot of other people
you go across the street you know you were fast and just slow your people you
go anywhere else everybody out here stick together man hear about it mama
knew each other everybody daddy knew each other
everybody uncles sisters aunts hands a small neighborhood but he’s big shit
that comes out of this neighborhood like me for instance one about you I see Oh same thing everybody else even maybe
moonshots Dale Brown we call him Bob you don’t even call it bank of the new bank
the shootout I’ve seen all type of shit out I’m going to details
I’ve seen a lot of sheep the saying shit the rappers talk about it’s really real
you know they know what goes on Lord right here everything you can thank
good anytime you could take the think about
it and you won’t right on the money watch the news pull up some links on the
news all that shit yeah you’ll see you to fight artists find out shit gotta say
now a gift they get Wow it’s a lifestyle of something they wanna ride and shoot a nigga for
nothing so you know that’s mainly why the crime week is doubly what
other than a bottle in it would that murder crime Rishi relevant in me bro
because I won’t get into none of that clown shit
if a nigga aint fuckin with my paperwork my family or meat then so big write me some people stove what
everything get out okay ain’t no name you see easy way to get out of this
don’t do do niggas want to get out if you see the gentleman’s key is all
through it and that’s what make me crazy this structure got down war zone
muffins flying through here we got kids playing on the fluffy squid curveball
Navia shit my name right down there see I did that analysis put my name in
little concrete just could even that day age we was thinking like our IP like we
might not be here long let’s put our name in the country my niggas know when
he come here that’s the money shot right yeah I mean we just had we had a lot of
people soften off with all types of shit but niggas know to count anybody trust
nobody out there I even me growing up I I leave my ditalion so I come from these
on the side but you see I get on the camera I can’t even do a lot of videos
out of here they got to be a select few shut up days ahead of time you know me not a shooting that shit she woke up my
reason the shooters the shipping going on been like honey anyone bulls the beef
you know man ain’t really been the whole head but it just I mean there’s my beef
belongs over there recipes my nigga yg that shit with some bullshit that have
recipes to reach she died this year that’s piece of I my brother was in the
streets it was one is 20-year bid my mama so dope my dad to say those got
high off his shit and I just like to go to the ticket nigga started knew like I
was playing sports I won’t rapping and shit at first you
know saying and that was just my thing I just stayed low he gave me football
games and if I was to be coming through there not about jian xi will maybe might
tell me to go around other whip someone’s gonna go down you know that
was just more so with me being attached to the streets like I had a lot of fans
before I heard a lot before it went down he’s healing saying so if the ball is
coming around you might hear find a hole while you go out with Margaret if you
feel even with me trying to do what I’m doing now like ultimately I’m trying to
add a leadoff and selected a Nike campaign with each year you know once I
can bring a different athlete guys because I don’t know
won’t get it but we used to capture every year a lot of people have moving
for principal anymore but it’s not being taught so boys just getting off the
porch moving with what they know you know I’m saying I’m hosted nigga that
and I was teaching the game or you at least got a glimpse in saying they got
locked up Oh two oh four oh six you know I’m saying so these are niggas that was
born in 95 96 minor you know and they see they don’t even hold enough we’re
gonna see how they got down so we don’t even know how to carry you know I ain’t
doing shit sloppy Amy no I had a really they gonna do something do it right you
know they just shit coming back and biting them in and I say my fur bottle
now she was see cheese any time she see me that’s when on top I would present as
on time I like he ween getting to see and shit easy easy
do I have to sell Aquatica team blows over there I’m talking to somebody and
then you said that’s involved they can just come up shooting at everybody I got
man I get down behind a cock ain’t ain’t you shoot because they appeal though but
shoot out there I’ll land on the ground with a customer change babies and baby they Hanuman Lila
moaning monkey turn my mama say no to visit Rolie polies on mom got a working
overnight there light on I knew all I know is working to try to get ma now I’m
saying enemy you your worship so it’s your man frame with what you
want to do ain’t got time to be staying they understand it cuz Nikolai huh he go
he keeps sending out this motherfucker he gonna get on my my cut he’s jamming I
ain’t gonna be on my cousin fuck my sitting here for my niggas take a risk
I’m out here chillin like you know pretty because ain’t got no choice like
he just said some people had it different some people got it you know I
mean they got to do what they got to do and I’ll be damned if I knew I got a
chance to go do some shit my nigga don’t I ain’t gonna get out there and get hurt
because like he said we’re family this is what it is but because they
ain’t got them entirely my niggas for so so he fucking in a little they leaving
niggas behind he’s trying to pass down the principle ain’t trying to create
situation opportunity trying niggas think they’re helping people by
giving and doing all that shit gene really growing up he ain’t making money
making effective moves you’re not creating opportunity we give it him 50
grand into an investment for what he’s trying to do might make him 5 million
dollars but whatever he got them trying to meet that I came week you know I’d
have been grazed two times and I ain’t had nothing to do with that one the time
I got hit we almost got you know I got niggas that dependent niggas the earth
and indeed earth but you know I mean though no difference between you and a
lot of hood is when you sit around its around say whether it’s a southern part
of you in the club anything you could tell how we carry a lot of niggas carry
almost just tear that we funded you almost tell you what the handle the
smoke room and I’m in the overall you can tell you that we together with
everything just carrying shit shit shit you like we can actually go somewhere
like we around it we’re not trying to do not dare to start nothing but if
something happened while we did go take care of it of wrong people to be beefing
we’ll take you know that’s why I care so homeboy you really learn how to cook
crack to try to recycle Chad if you everything I have seen it all at least
when you in Huntersville yeah Norfolk yeah but when you out honey feel
like niggas forever will fuck with us when you told you was going this muffler
guys so you got to go fuck more folks think twice before they come out this
motherfucker will you ask honey – okay where we leave
my coat traffic around okay check this lifestyle cuz I mean
really having on this bill right here nothing you can live good like no like
you can live you can little comfortable that way I mean sometimes
shit-shit fall sometime you you don’t want to keep living that lifestyle
because shit I mean anything can happen from brother you can’t walk battle boys
for shit new pump running up in your crib nigga Hey especially now like my
career been broken in like five times shit oh shit I have to stop doing what I
was doing you know sit back and you ain’t gonna
take mines while I’m a working man for sure because I work for that but a phone
hustling I can I could take the loss because I’m gonna get it right back but
shit he’ll know that white nigga worth difference is you know saying he’s got
more got more structured in the guys from the village yeah from the business
ain’t got no head to teach them what’s going on from right from wrong
but they still go to school you got 1112 welcome that graduate they’re still out
here do what I do but it’s a dinosaur fucked up and it’s hard to get a job
what the hell you see Mickey the school where they learning on plan Street
second hand you got mobilities anything like I want sellers negative thing if I
got a bag of bricks and a bag of gun you need to can grab the government they
will face the brick local way they know they gonna say the guns of or on earth I
move everywhere like that right now and that’s what’s going on right there his
work out here but are there enough drugs though and that’s some real shit Gerber
I don’t want to be kingpin but I got to go you’re gonna use the card you’re alright
then we’ll use the quarter trap nobody used to be huh nice home it’s my home oh dear
niggas getting shot all in my face from a young they’re gonna sit down final
point and raise out an Italian leg but enough for your man for the caramel that’s what tracks this what ride down
it back and not too long ago he won yeah and then doing nothing man right there
would have probably see a flower out of Christ this village alone is just a gold mine
yeah man it’s a lot of cities enough that’s gold not as much as this village
it’s really small and a lot happening out here a lot of people can kill live
people man shot a lot of everything robberies everything beat up all that
shit one way in one way out man you got a got a couple of ways you
can rent you know jumping get yourself you were innocent person out here make
it out he’ll be coming for trumpet in love it’s a lot of people who ain’t made
it out here I lost my brother your man oh wait recipes to the street slain my
shape branch mind it call them moon bit home and that’s what equals I’m a her
backdoor cut the og legend niggas known for my lil o been almost three months
I’m trying to get me a bottom I’ll try getting a job get some when it was that
awake take care of my kid yeah I took a plea for pound your name
but I will facing some Talia Maine first time felony murder that’s that’s that’s
gonna play you man that’s an awfully big oopsie I joined the glad I catch the
fish is very jolly no people no no I said niggas just getting one out here
come outside hey me on the gate but my drawers you feel me call ya’ll martyrs
village this time she do woman I used to run around paid nigga to the don’t think
police lead out this shit scum all you lose come on field even if it’s already
known it is when you stop all hear the man screaming come on Bill Maher fought
against this bitch well as you bow you to in questionnaire my mistake yeah there are also fantasy that’s it
yeah no bullshit a Norfolk rapper shot dead outside a
local hotel people in that community tell us they’re concerned that the
murder could spark even more violence between rival gangs in Berkeley and
Huntersville today the police chief released a long letter saying the
community needs to step it up to help fight the violence the victim’s family
spoke only to 13 News now reporter Robert Boyd saying is not all on them he
has the story from North Military Highway well it’s right here at this
Days Inn where 18-year old Anthony Sinclair was shot and killed around one
o’clock this morning now after that the police chief of Norfolk put out a public
letter saying that it’s the community itself that needs to be held partially
responsible for these types of violent acts and today we spoke with Anthony’s
family about that Norfolk police are still investigating who shot Anthony
Sinclair and why on YouTube there are numerous music videos of Anthony also
known as Ville boy ant rapping about violence and gangs right here in Norfolk
Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone posted a letter to the community on the police
Facebook page urging communities and families to be
more accountable writing I urge you to get involved in your child’s life
recognize the signs of criminal behavior or the cries for help and take action
before it’s too late Anthony’s mother who didn’t want to be
identified admits her son wasn’t perfect but pointing fingers isn’t going to
solve anything I’ve got of them in the right direction what he did outside my
house I have no control over what he had crossed his chest was chase your dreams
and that’s what he was doing chasing his dreams and I didn’t like it
chief Boone also writes that in order to clean up the violence they need the
community to work with them what was once a waterfall a first-hand testimony
turns into recanted tales faded memories and retracted witness statements
Anthony’s cousin says it’s a two-way street when we was coming up back again
we was coming up what you see the foliage you ran to the car and get a
sticker you got a baseball card you get a lollipop or something now you might
get tased run up on the police car we reached out to both the police chief and
the mayor of Norfolk about this public letter but neither of them were able to
grant us an interview today and I gotta get their fucking room I got no 30 in my hand 20 minutes 20 minutes may
this is 20 minutes 20 minutes the same no no I just want really fast
really funny we sweet a song never thought well Katya we got beaten I don’t
know that’s how cool that’s how I’m itchy ended up see black mics key to my scheme
I knew one little one slap my young niggas say mister
realtruck it’s a first trap light ads nigga do you ever hear about a nigga
stated trap this right here was I just was in commented it’s crazy we ain’t made out of cotton but we’ll make these
rules will make me a good little Brady shit none of that man so I’m saying this
this shit gonna come this shit like you can’t start this shit this shit gonna I
don’t know why you make it out of here man
if you want to make it out of here six killer be killed
there’s more walk window my name is good bad bad just don’t pray they don’t so
used to it when you regret in my life as normal
what’s that normal here the jaws pop man yo yo man y’all watch oh man y’all
stairs in the neighborhood so they see a lot of stuff go down in these parts into
these courts man a on Cena I know no face no case so they trying to catch
everything out here man I get waffles all discrete you and that’s the either
is way man you ain’t everybody got a light on a porch you can’t cut them
water seven o’clock heat and light going on I
don’t know that nickel when elamandha time to get crazy out here briefing room one he is outside playing they don’t
even pick me it’s sad but it’s normal you heard that can start tell me what
the gun is it black man nothing that’s a clock Oh me that’s a half day you can
team that’s not normally like I’m telling you get crazy out here piggy
crate I ever cut everybody’s trying to be against each other
man everybody competition man you see a meeting with some nice join oh man you
get you ain’t got the whole purpose is how you get them to your house fuck you
ain’t wondering how can I get with him to try to get him to you wonder how you
can take from me instead of working together everybody against each other
understand is your party’s not for gentlemen I hadn’t seen it all on you I
didn’t see a new rap head which allows speakers in his trunk everything said in
status that I’m gonna get some too now I’m gonna take me it’s not me I’m gonna
tell you why I go get while go granny get mad when I can take me that’s how a
lot of people think about here man his lawful man and she prayed I why should hold of me mommy at home
I don’t know but y’all been out here nothing out about here Bo I don’t know
you know Bachman except for the mud kids we’ve seen brought to the homeland we
walk back all this come get some food man is that long Ben are you I know
young boys 17 with 30 glass on it Hills no I mean for what you got lawyer money
yeah I burned one you get caught with it man what you gonna do man the moment got
to see you canteen you gotta money it’s crazy to me out of your sports that’s a
lot of things to note on me Sports kept me from Bobby hood
I mean I let her butt bet that basketball I got my diploma playing best
water like what damn buddies I jump on you know we had a basketball court
coming up know me they took it down now we can’t get out of school Jim Cole and
I’m not to do button it get in son negative Normie it’s a crazy damn body
fucked up they got a tennis court but not a basketball court I mean how many
people I don’t really play tennis I already know two people visit Sabrina
this is not me but they take the best ball court down suddenly these kids can
play on and leave up a tennis court that’s that’s a crazy stand by my heart
unlike right they really love a tennis court and took down the best Walter and
that was the most acute that I’m seeing could that’s high that’s how I got
through my two days weeks one to the best wall foot man got
everybody what they want to do that oh girl it really got us dude no football
me basketball even baseball we did something on me right now on this point
they got nasty low ain’t see low as a sport these days go see low this foot
then go to store back three guys and beyond all game can all day I mean
that’s less important alone me but the sad but hey this is life I was going
alright now I need to check how blue chamber tell my daughter’s people okay
but hey it’s just people in general man people man friend man I can say a lot of
people out here struggling then when you struggling you ain’t think about nothing
but not trying to scrubbing the boat whether you got a take from the niggas
brother you gotta hate on somebody but whatever it is man people gotta change
this man it ain’t nothing it ain’t nothing else you could do people got a
chance out here man now you said people don’t want to see you do good man I like
this city right here is a lot of hate in the city
say I got an advantage problem in the same man if you look at her all these
neighborhoods out here not just one can’t no neighbor who is safe they doing
better than the next we cut all are struggling I mean you know two white
people out they ain’t doing i but rest on man man reza neighborhood we in the
struggle man trying to make me it’s a dude cut man I said like we do because
we we tight we tighten it a man like no man you can see a young boy I wish it
young boy we let him do nothing don’t know man well
oh you got I got you brother put it in the house might even get fire you
wait let you walk around like mo pot oh he thinks we be doing is he doing a knob
broke come on man go to school man nah me I turn the earth day man the best
thing that ever hired me walk across the stage waiting on me most thing you don’t
know people I can feel it but I tell them that’s a down the line up on the
hood – man I grew up in a slower matter but I said I had to I had people around
me and my mother they tell me look man go to school man I mean God you won’t
walk across stage man other than have my kid walk brothers standing with the best
thing I’ll have it anyway and then why I tried to preach to the young boy right
here I see what third Oney who haven’t played on me all without me he got
farming man we go to jail what you gonna do from
three years you got lawyer murdered on me and I try to install it in a ham I go
get a job even if it’s Burger King that was 16 I would make a waffle let me I
don’t make walking I was bagging up a farm fresh mint on me
wait I said come on man but these dance ma’am or they’ve heard some loud some
perch and got down and trying to party man that ain’t anywhere said man I just
told it on board uh dandy messed up his credit said ah man skree credit ain’t
the only thing you need baby will you get 34 today it’s bigger than this man
it took me Twitter sorry later life even move on to even go out of town I had a
bit about how I’m running this world bigger than all four they were bigger
than Virginia and a lot of people my friend is just stuck here which man was
to Anderson right hand it’s a show that me once he was appointed last one issue
a bride they like man he is a school kids kids had to stay 30 minutes in
school that’s cut that was sure broad daylight no there’s the trenches man
yeah hard oh yeah I’m talking with me it made it harder that’s how that’s how I
going on here they look bored to say is it get kill to get care
give yourselves how you just said you’re my brother your mum I read the old
mobile credit mother no credit that’s not everybody crying out here man and
now you say you’d rather get caught with your 30-day went out to any day you roll
9 you run that’s hot that’s how you carry your no they cannot like you for
that you got say you got some fresh tea alone he got root you don’t even know
what be hey ain’t nobody know do for nobody we did different neighbors and we
are like I said we just trying to make get some running man that’s how that’s
all all the Jets to meet in case I’m lying with my mind what my home is man
on me I guess I might read is going to flip side brothers born to work and long
to get some money you doing some positives of me I wouldn’t care I don’t
care you thirty years old working that guy down Burger King Campbell you doing
you’re making a profit you making some money and with the more money they made
that’s all also tonight more deadly gunfire in the
City of Norfolk it’s been a very violent week in the city latest shooting we told
you about from last night from Walker Avenue in Berkeley 25-year old Larry
Williams was found shot he died at the hospital
that adds a homicide to three others this week the others Sunday and Tuesday
a busy week for investigators for sure 10 on your side’s Jason marks has the
latest on this deadly shooting well imagine getting that call that your
son had been shot well Tracy Williams got that call last night she says it’s a
moment she’ll never forget it’s heart-wrenching to lose your child my
only son my only biological child it hurts it’s been only hours since Tracy
Williams’s world was devastated her son’s 25 year old Larry Williams was
killed every minute is now an eternity of pain they came up to him and shot him
and I guess they ran off cuz nobody knows who did it on a dark rainy night
police lights illuminated Walker Avenue Williams was found lying in the street
he was shot several times he died a short time later at the hospital I know
that he goes to Berkeley and he has friends in Berkeley and every time I
heard something I was just saying God don’t let it be Larry jr. Williams was
the father of three boys and a girl that’s yet to be born his family now
looks for answers answers the community could hold
I think they should speak up if it was your family or your friend would you
want somebody to do it for you you didn’t have no enemies everybody loved
him he has so many people that loved him
Tracy Williams is now relying on that support her son the victim of violence
it’s just senseless just totally senseless now Tracy wines
believe someone out here knows something she’s really hoping that that person
will have a heart pick up the phone give police the information that they need to
bring the family some closure that’s the latest here in Norfolk Jason marks 10 on
your side if I told you that babysit by second please whatever y’all were glad you did
it well don’t say shit stamp that’s a lock keep the bangles myself and lets me be
protectors all the way from those ambitious a
family can see that matters but stop don’t stop yourself well nothing I gotta see the fucking way rather not
you need to think as with eNOS I tell you this over a Muslim I mean there’s no
way out bullshit take off most of you locked up somewhere sided being said it
mean so trance that was burning for Walker
the rocket ham the hump the dim-witted a self-made what up well you heard me how
I hate your Britain hi hey wanna burn the bread never brand of a skating your
birthday baby man you mean walk alone this shit right
here 500 block my whole life and our burgers are really holding off for real
man I mean half full lockdown don’t your
main way some of these get a page I got to up tattoo man like I’m kinda but this
one man my young niggas man seen y’all niggas up to an issue and puts the shit
going on it by y’all niggas out here chasing a cheap man a nigga try get a
chicken man y’all ready know they know that’s always waffle try to get someone
we say who he is coming through back in the days y’all
make big cars all this shit German all this shit and so that’s all we know it
was look up and niggas dance I am get money nigga that’s so that’s all we
know walking around with a lot of money on this get flat y’all man
fucking bitches and standing on a cup you got to get that chicken okay you
gotta get that chicken my I mean her thinking that everything that Florence
fast teens all this shit in there man I ain’t say I’m like oh we know though man
take it down into the blade oh man we should go down there smoke right here
behind a trash can or a day man like I’m gonna go hold anyone aku’s with rabbit
in 30s and she don’t kill people man yeah something like is it like the
dripping sweat don’t even care about nothing this shit like a whole family
man yeah I mean I heard about it mom wouldn’t go out with each other mom was
so busy found in my like okay like this summer turns down there you got the
height down it you got a dot get back in the date little cleavage things from
down in and couldn’t even come down here to base this was just like yours pop pop
got man but a little more weak now happening things I know that you
should eat breathe when took great time up getting them with legs go back to
school 11 we’re here Berkeley – at night Harlem I like 32 Thomas had in the
summertime right and there’s someone won’t even dunya and it was 32 the man’s
time I afford it now we own the meadow light how rich – shit one Baltimore know
this shit my name is a Philly Kauffman one day of my shit water that shit down
here Jenkins going on man this shit this shit alone I mean Norfolk Virginia
brothers shit this shit just like how that shit come on call me her and I pray
for me you got homeboys shoe at home bored look
he issuing look he is wrong people shuen-lu keys goody
traveling getting money no people that I mean knows everything I’m a good uptown boy laughs gonna get killed shit man where we can get in the car we
go any hood we don’t serve any got a stupid bird singing sadly face everything
carjacked nigga servant nigga mama yummy and served a nigga mom oil and
fucking up for some workers something shit real right it should just like it
shouldn’t the movies man I’m a bigger fish I mean like wow young boys
chattering oh hey they bought this shit try to take it it would be there
Saturday I mean basically I mean same time got a
show you got a show you gotta shoot your name that’s all they got out here man
your name man that shit you got hold up to your name
you do I mean the end of y’all niggas gotta go someone pick up and so they
kinda take gun that’s all I maybe they want to short nigga that it would get
that working like they never lacquer want to save a life
I like 85% 85% and I was there 85 50 percent is the young motherfuckers y’all
main is 1819 another to know another something like that that’s I mean so the
only reason is that 85 percent cuz the cult leaders got them else and can’t he
really had on say gotta go get up but shame far you better believe it
bitching right so but by 85 percent but I want to say like that’s guys niggas
got time over here nor that shit while you still got niggas their life fuck
that shit come get caught with it then without it
so I’m gonna say about 90% man yo man we ain’t no apologies fucka we call the
d-block 3/5 vote if you know it be block me know we’re tighter we on the south
side right now man did spot shit 1700 we gotta go I’ve been out dead 21 years 21
thing I’ve been out in my whole life real Street man everybody I read another
count i’ll blue soon there’s nothing through the city Oh Titan agape her will feel no good
everything down awful go ahead fire miss that man this shit we’re gonna and I was
saying they can get the gun on top you walk don’t gain they gonna have why not
because 24/7 block don’t gain weight sad is this pot so I won’t count Burton it
so he just did it pile up me and we go hi Nili niggas that
we soccer that’s too hood man you check it out oh we always come out on top
number 20 uptown South Side see back in the day the little bit getting love
money phone this side of town was getting money and a little bit about
that gunplay right all my old head they was trained see I came up I picked out a
pencil your world understand me and number young nigga I’m not in watch this
shit he bought the song you see just chatting on a date and they just going
hard to go hard niggas ain’t plan by principles see you
got to stand for what you believe in a lot of niggas don’t believe in nothing
they just young dumb go for buddy no uptown doe by back in the day they
were getting that bread came out back that I got a lot of friends numbers from
uptown a lot of fellas from the south side when you go on that side of town
you see how shaky niggas is but you come on this out of town and I’m a real nigga
we go show love later I’ll go fuck my you from me president where’s my fucking
real nigga football a game they heard about a game and a sensible way to
understand where and all right Wow if you clean you up but even eat
even if you do when you whoop in the ass again it’s so crazy gotta hang flat t then we
need to get back to the old days guns down hands up Robotnik and niggas
already know that you trained to go your Asylum anymore honey what’s the point of
keep trying to be in the hood all the turn the goalie can make it out hood but
with a bigger hole got it laughs it’s time to make it out and this especially right now trouble can fine you too so trouble
coming you I respect it but if you just out here trying to drop a deuce trouble with the music it was just music and %
evil that too but we the type of neighbors day lemon they had a boat
blade go out the front little photography and rumbling on the earring
right that’s what we bout bonus laughs at you it’s come on look how sad
look how about I don’t what which are news in really fuck y’all Bigelow come on man you know come uptown
holy shit my friend I ain’t even get in the rested a moment even little time you
know how we get down fake shit bro no trying to be hard shit bro
it’s just that we will hold that we now willing to be like y’all gonna be are
sad because we met any gropes OD that’s what they know is they just want to try
to niggers we re doing that shit Sula they told you the wrong way so sad and
that a pinball uptown total dudes get move right guys you shit never are nor
are we wrong nigga Rory Rory Rock superorder no well this MOOC mostly the
villages in hope is a rounder bunnelby background
its total yeah we believe like a little island and I shit like an island only to
you if they all tell us the difference of
death i all-american happening as we gather once a week it like slide only
the cocktail in the stone come on in right and it is happen they can ever say
he came I’m here you can tell this thing you can’t luggage in the dump more
niggers their way back home you say I’m gonna keep it 100% real with you okay
this is dr. Mitchell oh oh oh what’s going on and all fermented fruit or
cooking if I was just speaking on myself I wouldn’t bring the same angle that is
you may think I’m jacking no sizes but they may know we hand about shit yeah
Nessus nigga doing things but he was scared three years old going to be on a block
niggas know what’s happening is it would be face to face
all right okay you can feel some shit but a they say your channel we not sir
just pull you I went to the hospital and they know no
good day is always on that blue bit – about Christmas yeah it’s my homie
niggas let’s say business no sir no how we can spend the lowest in dough
with it right on get the echo got had that
happen to the test c-money we we taking Oh father told all
my niggas killed all my mother still looking okay I know on the front of full
five hey thanks
niggas I really got pop niggas their physical type of way because this man
and this you doesn’t get worse than worse than it’s already a lot of
negative people no sorry anyway – they smell this shooting over the game
right down on song I said you know that we are always the town we go get us
don’t give the nigga that’s popping out on blocks move em in those good eyes
Katie if niggas will you check the stats we lose heat but if you check you old ladies movie La Diva Cup for you
Brahma hot water and see we we coming through like I’m not gonna nigga though
yeah I know y’all gonna stay and see you there
oh yeah the batter that he amazing we had to minute morning man then last year
2013 I saw that ain’t den ain’t that ain’t that ain’t supposed to be happy
now young man it is like it’s so either better getting away with it that’s what
everybody’s doing it nah me boo 25 saw murdered that means that’s 25 families
that don’t know what’s going on no no it can’t live right no me no justice for
$25 ain’t right man who’s sitting man and I won off that we still no killer
Rosanne you shoot it like this shit crazy people pick on that right now but
set yourself or you want a Down Beat quote without their right you’re gonna
be love on a nigga t-shirt that’s all niggas a little youthful oh I remember
that nigga for that for this insert oh yes I did I did crime rate man she
ridiculous man said I hear but hey she gotta get better here let me you know
the older the older crowd plays a big effect on these young people man only
want to stand that shit big affect me people but they don’t say that I’m no
more so don’t even matter less what I’m gonna just take another man that’s why
they go do the for they want to do all this dumbass should i robbing a piece of
man for 20 long they don’t care no money but you go around a man 20 logs into the
gym 16 years of a British manor house for a TV they don’t have any got here today these
kids could do anything to let down we just say anything many no man niggas in
it you’re better honey that man everybody hi eat you time I eat parts
that only feel comfortable coming out without my piece you know saying your
mother fucker stolen 30 can’t can’t afford to play with no bad out here it’s
like every man for their son that’s how they living right now you did if you
ain’t got no gray bitch right that in normal she still bus and niggas be getting old
anyone agrees with rather than 30s a hand shoot out and kill people man
yeah something like it says like to do that shit before it don’t even care but
nothing matter today they won’t get many good guys out here and the evening got
so big hit it what are you good they became a target shoot right person use
no matter bro Pig no days Roberta good day you know hurt you do because I can’t
be nice being super nice first in this
won’t shoot no 30 is a querido beat clips charlie I mean niggas know you
gotta be the biggest clue you niggas walk around with titties name two clips
oh not me like a honey Brown’s on the clock
are you walking around with a hundred rounds were like nigga bullies right
here they go pull up on you cuz she already skywriting like the young niggas
fuckin on the whole society by the end of the day you can’t get mad at him cuz
say like this right this man comes do shoot this man that’s his people he not
gonna let that rock and it’s nearly power was somebody in the hood out that
hood yeah you got this hood people with that hood cuz they went and shot
somebody baby that’s how that shit keep going back and forth up with number here
could you kill this person then that give this pray it’s not how we’re gonna
beat this nigga and then oh my whole wall was cool with him that was his
cousin they go back and out they move out like Oh down we just bought Earth
Day no you what you’re killing it you can’t take that back
well and you’re gonna hold here is your neighborhood you got nothing because the
others don’t know nothing I don’t know nothing but pop pills get had for Molly
now you monitor with artists somewhere to the heat
somewhat cuz you in a ball for the wrong time he knows well you had a balance
it’s it’s sickening out here mess too many murders mad for but nothing though
these sisters killing it ain’t no money involved ain’t nothing I mean people
taking each other from you think about it does contain away from tooth powder
no found in upper sky lobby are batteries
your mama you doing daddy years mommy you you’ve done you might love be dead
you film said why why a somebody life no lie when you took a young niggas on I see I said loud and all the other kid
anyway hurt you and that’s my cousin child at the end of the day you know damn lot of young niggas they already
had epoxides like niggas out here is like they got appointed to lead a rather
cool they brother fool talk today friends that’s a bit I say a woman
because everybody a reflection of you out here and you got there doing some
dumb shit maybe so River I can’t even blame it on niggas dead in that minute
let me show you a little bit more to know this point to do but a lot of
everybody gonna fall they use that same but they don’t know they I hear they
shoot when somebody not alert Nikhil I feel good doing breaking that shit you
keep abuses of real man and he’s the real man the end of the day you can
always always source a way to get the contact game and your feminine vote and
what what did the beat for if Emily what if this part is what a departed nigga
call that shit being a punk your famous beef it just they think it’s cool or
something you from here and you from here or an area by the closes beating
off put together so now you be with niggas in Norfolk in a negative known
city for no reason it pulls to always been a piece you can
feel like you can always go to a man and say him bro
whatever we had we did is overweight tap it up pull it up we’re gonna drink and
go back to bed and I ain’t none of your bullshit
you super fun finding that one time see game on you ain’t about to get low five
years to come back from the romance novel you barking for the fifth and then
that’s what the telling coming in in knocking down I know it’s in there so
you get some more 15 factors in one shoe on the south side we are the same every
from the same city but like I said my heard about it sold against each other
man like competition they try to make competition when it’s not know me
all its gonna saying screw all like oh here’s be cool up hey what’s a
competition for we all all that time between our lesson – brother man all
right buddy everybody trying to get the shiniest pin
it on me we all got penis everybody’s trying to get the shinier going on me I
don’t see no do between people I look I forward about Murr would know me you get
respect you get respect that’s how you are you’re so sad and all that hate they
some home they work together you remember you got a cousin places early sticking out you got $30 but he
got 30 bullets I didn’t know all his life and ended up in the incisional
right they just shown it the wrong way they started saying now but on the other
like they don’t get around to say no that’s the problem
nobody says no no more about it about yeah yeah that’s the way that’s how you
do my face I said put some with my face so when a nigga be like yeah just day
and then third yeah even though that we should a do whatever he did because I
was small my face some of you niggas donated bail I guess you really like
your mama will be a target it’s just something it’s not hearing them you
might enjoy some but more you know to see elsewhere it might be a target or
something Liberty something is laying there bushes if something sweet your way
is Monday through Friday not just on weekends it’s other body might catch in
Walmart Nicki what I’m saying about sometimes you gotta stop doing what you
don’t know just figure out what you doing like it might look good to the
crowd and everybody’s hyping it up but soon as you get smaller by the saying
rest in peace they wanted justice while you were then you was robbed and then
killing him and I didn’t want justice for your way is for what Sam you know
what you was doing was out there I know we’re not going I’m on you no justice no
handouts on she becomes a night until we forgive me I know exactly what I do when
I do in a hand – not even that just gotta be the right way
we just got them living little we getting out their way and if you sell
you for the screws you normal to come back up in the genocide jail there’s no
sin so take your wrist and get easier boys gang I’m a girl gang I got four
young boys hey I remember back in the hands in the scrap you don’t go to them
didn’t build nigga dirty if I call are you trying to get on that you know I
sound cutting things go get together now me I’d say look man I got this much
mount coming in come grab someone else get some use
paper out of this shit because you’ll need to build you gonna need some future
money on something they don’t say our Tanisha on a daily face I tell them
niggas got down put some money on finishing this today problem school on
this Charlie niggas the right way now I landed with the wrong way I could’ve
told niggas a nickel you go do this you go swimming Nick oh you like baseball go
play baseball you play lacrosse Nick and if you play basketball play football my
do is come on everybody kids with 1/2 cups
probably meant doctors and shit now prancer to be thinking I was thinking
about that then I was thinking about how to tickle but it’ll get this money all
this shit still here my nigga see but they ain’t ain’t doing that it’s trying
to meet you Tara doing right now yeah why y’all Margo like that certainly
reduce your grit shit out your neighborhood you can go got now nothing
doing let people know we can everybody grants at least three times in mark
these guys $20 on this day if you sign this paper then saying will cut your
junk there’s an ideal for y’all you know I’m saying it gr Doug you cut it ain’t
pretending all matter she get enough Doug
your life a little shit bro you got these two speeds I got these two screen
is it money man I did a neighborhood will let you to the
block I remember that young man right there they used to cut my grass get it
these nothing to Daddy they need me they need trying to get no money you femine
they trying to Jesse just being away you familiar shooting at the same they don’t change a lot of people couldn’t do as we
sit down make it change even though single dead is a shitty
primary fucking bed mom don’t know what to do at least you have some type of
idea and he wouldn’t feel left out you wash it for the kids even if it is
teaching them some shit and I heard man for yourself people man
we don’t have people that can change nothing we got to change it might you
know saying it might it might it might take some you know tragic away from the
dam probably not in the next five years I hope so I didn’t shoot myself at all this should I will never be right man
lukela and then you see the wrong motherfuckers as the leaders and they’re
gonna be led into destruction I will be no beef
I don’t know beep and I still fuck up nigga with him they’ll try the menthol
and try to give me gay I try to hear what’s right and they already know
what’s wrong you understand it’s all we gotta do is just listen focus she
believed in succeeded we need to come together as one we got to go back to the
beginning it’s not all over do you disrespect oh here
what is another crappy crappy when it took us out the households a little bit
raise kids you know me mani scared of scared about me we got to sit down he’s
got it this take it like it either niggas on that getting an old lady
cuffing a wife you can’t do that so wrong
life I forgot they’re reproducing reproducing let it go got down Ferriero
girl how you will know if you use change your motherfucking life you can be out
here that hurt go punish her about any time can be found
see I got no keys here sir that’s a still on the car

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  82. Shoop Park @ 5 minutes. #myhood

    Interested in what is next! Good so far.

  83. From Alabama but I kick shit heavy in VA. Much luv to the 757 #8Cities

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