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  1. And 28th was my birthday

  2. 1st comment :3 love you daddy

  3. Boom, 1 minute ago: I see cow, I click.

  4. Fan Cowsep ở
    Việt Nam đâu hết rồi

  5. Cmt đầu ( sever Việt Nam ) , việt nam điểm danh đê =))))

  6. Wait, Cowsep can tilt?

  7. Nah, run nimbus/gathering storm. Bloodrazor, boot (or %items), guinsoo, botrk, sanguine, pd. Ez game.

  8. from Vietnam with love <3

  9. Mabuhay ka, Cowsep!????????????

  10. Why do you E and then Q, thats bad for your E…

  11. that ninja dragon was very cool

  12. I usually hate spoilers but this one was good

  13. 17 min ago!!!
    I also Main Yi

  14. I climbed out of silver with Yi thanks:)

  15. this is so low impact for way too long. like ya… once ur farmed after youve been afk farming for 15 min straight i guess its good. but games are already decided before you can get to that point. i like invading on yi or something that takes charge of the game a bit more… idk man

  16. its so sad when you are a guy like me with autism and it is so fuckinm ahrd to become better at league of legends no matter who im playing bevause i WANT to fuckin become better but its jsut so fuckin hard to analyse every little detail

  17. I thoght eyeballs are 20?

  18. at 0:56 u meditate which builds your passive, why not do this next to the jungle camp so u can benefit from your passive? could've saved you an autoattack from the small dog.
    explain please

  19. Is the Ghost Poro thing really a "Bug" or "Technique"?
    Like was there anything really not working as designed or it broke the code? Even if you abuse something does not always constitute a bug imo.

  20. 差点睡着了,终于更新了。奶牛哥。

  21. 5:25 pink ward
    that will be fun

  22. Why don't you just buy red pot if u just gonna sell the pot first back lol

  23. Hi Cowdaddy, your masterfull teachings have helped me reach high platinum on euw being a hard stuck silver only 2 seasons ago, also im 100% sure i get diamond next year, since my last games i always get enemy diamonds even an ocasional master or gm XD. btw, what are ur thoughts on runing smite-exhaust to be able to duel ANY jng for the super important drakes?

  24. Why does he use E before using alpha on camps? His E timer keep ticking while in alpha, he lose damage like that

  25. Oh shit, there's a challenger teemo one trick named ipav who has been doing that ghost poro bug for months now.

  26. i do the same as udyr ;d but lvl 3 after kiling top


  28. i don't know if his eye sight is just poor or he is a dumb, because his ghost poro count doesn't match to what he saying.. or maybe i just don't understand how is it working..

  29. I think you undervalued eyeball collection, I think you get 2 stacks for every kill, and 1 stack for every assist+ward cleared.

  30. Do you know Dit me may ?

  31. Anh em Việt Nam ơi !

  32. Do you live stream on Facebook?

  33. These videos make my morning

  34. you doing a mistake in 1st clear, you have 2 stacks of smite at crab so you are wasting charge refresh, i prefer to smite big krug cause he hits like a truck

  35. Why do you go berserker greaves when those 3 attack speed items can get you to 2.5 ?

  36. "are you gonna speed it up mr editor? "
    "uhhh nooo"

  37. You're a great Yi player and a great player in general, but there's just one thing I noticed that bugged me. I really think it's better to go for defensive boots, like merc treads in this situation. There's a jax, a rakan, a cassio, that's a lot of cc. You need tenacity, especially since you're using the attack speed rune instead of the tenacity one. Considering you already have attack speed from your runes, guinsoo's, bloodrazor and wit's end, you're already pretty much reaching attack speed cap without your ult. In this case, berserker's greaves are way overkill, and defensive boots would actually make more sense.

  38. Please play on PH sever cowsep i really love how u playing YI

  39. Cowsep you can buy the supp item in order to get more wards

  40. 17 minutes: it is so long…bored

  41. why did you buy the recured bow so early?

  42. Or just play yi by auto q penta because he’s easy

  43. Show this to the supports and they actually just might place down more than two wards

  44. Guys help Cowsep get the 1 Million subscribers
    ! thanks!

  45. I stopped eating cows meat just to support my boy

  46. Btw. eyeball collection gives 2 stacks per kill.

  47. 1. Too dangerous if you eat the crab with low mana, you can be killed by enermy jungler.
    2. You can't gank too much on early game
    Whatever, thks for you video, it's very usefull <3

  48. What if the enemy takes your blue and potentially gromp without your top laner warding and you only realize that your jungle is gone after you get there?

  49. 11:50 dont u mean 10?

  50. so whats the path on the other side since you dont take a blast cone, do you just gun for the dragon after raptors?

  51. Last game i played Yi, i took two heralds and a bug happend when i used my first herald, Oracle was ready. So i used it and cd restarted in a just a few sec deyal , maybe u can do that with wards to stack poro faster. EU Nordic btw

  52. I hate you cowsep lol ^^ i was doing this clear, hope i wont get spoted in my Diamond SoloQ on Eu, hopefully your likes are from Na or Vietnam lol, Peace! Love your work, keep it up

  53. Does the tower bug still work with the w with yi?

  54. POWER FARMING :v I was carried by a Yi that went afk farming a he just came out of the jungle and wiped the entire enemy team :v even the 5/0 mordekaiser

  55. Oh gross. He let a riven play riven. Always ban riven no matter what. Riven players are sub human garbage and deserve worse than aids.

  56. The eyeball collection is now 20/20 stck

  57. Its pretty incredible that Im a better master yi player thann Cowsep and Ive been playing LoL for less than a year in total.

  58. wait this isn’t minecraft

  59. will they still see you if you're outside the circle of the dead crab?

  60. I’m drunk but I love you Cowsep!!

  61. Cowsep!!!!!! bro you are the ultimate jedi

  62. I met an unranked 1 million master yi otp yesterday and I'm disgusted.

  63. lol thats broken champ then. ur claim thats ur one niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  64. Can someone tell me why he placed the trinkets in the fountain?

  65. what if blue is bot side ? do you start blue first ?

  66. 1:00 where is your two heal potions?

  67. Its pronounced ruuuhh-k-on

  68. I prefer staying in bronze than playing yi actually

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