This Is My 2016 – ZINE No.8

This Is My 2016 – ZINE No.8

So the year just gone was a pretty big one
for me. THIS IS MY 2016
It started off in Skegness, 3 whales got washed up , I went to film it as they were removed. I filmed alongside the BBC, ITV, SKY, big
tv people, it was mental. “I’ts so smelly right now, Dad can’t cope
with the smelliness.” My film got in the papers I was stoked. Next I started vlogging. Notts Uni Meeting Yolanda about a film for
Uni with my sister Emily. “What are those?” “What are those?” Then as a family band my dad sister and me
were asked to play music at a Macmillian charity event conference with a bunch of free merch
it, it was cool. “Oh no!! Alchoholic Pancakes happened , with the whole
squad surprisingly. We made a bit of a mess but it was hilarious. Thanks guys. “Oh that’s revolting!” “You’ve ruined the whole night.” The family band, I got a new vlogging compact
camera. We’re on Vlog No.5 now and i’m going to Bottesford
to the skatepark. Filmed a bit of Bmx with Reece and Pacy and
James, It was a first for me. Then to Notts to an open mic night, with my
dad, we got lost. I discovered grilled cheese! Had a council meeting, met John and lazy Alex
and ate way too much Burger King. Then to nottingham Uni to film Yolanda’s campaign
video, circuit training and vollyball. Then the only time Emily was ever ready before
me. “I’m ready on time.” Back to nottingham on the train. Bagel Nash was discovered, I love that place. Filmed a day of table tennis and saw a bunch
of old faces. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” Then music in the garage, it was the Day I
Died. Me and John went to Nottingham, John bought
jeans, stalled. Filming the campaign video again with Yolanda
and had a gym all to myself. GAINS. I LOST IT ALL, a whole vlog day wasted and
took way too many attempts trying to hang a picture on the wall. Got Maccies with Alex and he drove me to the
train station. I filmed swimming and had a bash at table
tennis after a really long time. Then went to Coventry to a TV Studio, Had
a little interview and peformed my origional song. Thanks Emily and Zoe. They were funny. I finished Yolanda’s Campaign Video, had an
awesome time making it thanks Yolanda. Had a nuts time campaigning in clubs and met
some awesome people and my video got on the screens of ROCK CITY NOTTINGHAM. I WAS BUZZED. Skateboarding to work for my dad, getting
£1 pizza. Then met Cain, saw some really fancy cars
and went to what was like a futuristic Mcdonalds. Again another train and another meeting in
Nottingham. Met some really cool guys who i was soon to
working on a film set with. Tessa and Madz and I WASN’T ALLOWED TO GO
SWIMMING! Then a Fire in Grantham and we had our try
at acting, It was Interesting to say the least and i made a report. Not too long after that it was the day i shaved
my head, funtimes, thanks for the support from everyone who came. And then i was bald… It was freezing then i was attacked by cows. Editing and filming at home then for some
reason i was hungover as hell, lots of gear and we went camping (need to go again). Then Lots of talking, my bloody camera broke,
back to notts, a ruggish film meeting, lunch with Madz and Tessa, Grantham £1 pizza and
i put a shelf up with a lot of difficulty. I got a new camera to replace my broken one! Then had a brilliant plan but it didn’t fit
in the car. Playing music in the studio, Reasons Not To
Be An Idiot. Nottingham Filmset , maccies breakfast which
i love to start my day off being a runner. Fifteen umberellas and a whole load of smoke,
it was a wrap. Belton Horse Trials and i didn’t pay to get
in with Gavin and Em, It was brilliant filming horses. Thanks to Dan Fay. Someone collapsed, I saw the biggest dog I’ve
ever seen. Then I had a chicken wrap and was sick out
of my mind. Cain visited, drove to Newark with Granny
to get film photos. We got coffee and it was nice. Bike ride and a life lesson. Follow Cain Pickard fitness. Then a bit of music with Dad. I’m then in London explaining why there is
no video. Thanks to Nathan for letting me and Alex stay. Filming Cains gains. Then the revolution of the Gorilla pod happened. To London I went with Alex. At Kings Cross I was Harry Potter. We found a cool little park, nice shot and
a sweet breakfast. Covent Gardens, a ferret, Buckingham Palace. It was the day Obama visited, Picadilly Circus,
Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, The Tate something, was told off for filming, London Eye. I was seeing all the sights, timelapse on
a bridge, coffee on the South Walk, Leicester Square, paid too much for an incredible kebab,
M and M store – mad! – I was stopped by the police, a labrynith,
Nathan’s night out, It was mental. Hanging out of our minds, Leicester Square,
Chinatown, and the Natural History Museum. We then got Boris bikes and missed our train. It was then my birthday and I made a movie
all about the Beme app. Jumped over a badminton net in style. I then went on a mission to find an incredible
sunset. Lots of talking, another meeting, singing
with Em, and the fun of TK Max. The next film set, a ton of cardboard and
a Haiku, the only job where building Lego is allowed, a Lambo and that’s a wrap, thanks
Madz. Then What the shit Gorillapod? It broke. A zine fair with Alex, to Jack’s and an awesome
sunset. To a wedding we went with wakeboarding, and
a 40k boat. After going to A and E from eating peanuts
– I’m allergic – swings and songs and a walk with my dad, nice! What I did on Global Running Day? Huh? Another meeting about the film shoot, awesome
food, song, The Flying Scotsman. To Linocoln with my lovely family and we found
a cool ass war memorial. We got lost. And visited Emily being a masseuse. Gavin, and we decided about podcasts. Awesome bike ride, awesome sunset. Work for Dad, it was his birthday,
“Happy Birthday father” “Happy Birthday William”
£1 pizza. Alex saved my bacon,
“I just need to ask a massive favour.” Pub with Jack, he hates the video. Vlog 49 nearly the last, it was a big day
with Cain, someone knocked over my camera, mad shopping, then Planet Bounce trampoline
park – absolutely awesome! Then on Autonomy film set for a whole week. It was brilliant. Had a good wiz on a segway, first time ever
and I was a boom op. So a week later I stayed in Nottingham. We explored an abandoned mill where I saw
the best sky of the year from the top of an abandoned mill. It was beautiful. To London next. I went, it was Brexit, with Toms and Tessa
to a huge protest. That was nuts. But I made a cool film. Took a family trip to Majorca. Somewhere in this I went to Sheffield and
Cumbria And I began Zines! “Welcome to Zines.” I had the most mental holiday in Kavos with
some of my bestest of friends. To top off my year I finished in my home town
Blackpool. Poulton with my family and I did a handstand
on the glass floor of Blackpool Tower. Stoked. Bye Poulton. Last one in London, saying goodbye. And goodbyes are the worst. So to sum up. I’ve had the best year of my life this year. It’s been awesome, practically spending a
year making movies and travelling. It’s gonna be real hard to top it next year,
but it will be done and I’m so grateful to all the people I’ve met this year, especially
to my friends and family for being there. You’re all amazing. “Thanks again, I love you all. See you soon in 2017. It’s gonna be an insane year. Adios people.”

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  1. you deserve more views, your videos are amazing

  2. Love how much food was involved in this ?? nice video though bro!!

  3. I love your videos! I've just discovered you but definitely I'll follow you. xx from Barcelona

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