This Is The XFL Podcast | Ep. 25: Houston… We have a coach

This Is The XFL Podcast | Ep. 25: Houston… We have a coach

This is the XFL Podcast Presented by With your host Tron Hawkins Welcome to this is the XFL podcast. I am your host Tron Hawkins. We are sponsored by XFL2k go check him out the best xfo – Kay I’m like the best exit fail news website and probably few checks to fill – Kay website Around he I mean he instantly puts up stories as soon as they released Most ominously puts up my podcast as soon as he gets done adding in it I appreciate him with good team and he is probably the best business partner a guy could ask for big nuggets of Experts who gave the ref he is very very very happy with who his hometown Houston Has as a XFL coach and that is the one and only June Jones. He was so excited He decided to go down there himself to the press conference and he actually put some notes up on the website again Check it out EXIF head to Janice Burke the CEO of the Houston Sports Authority actually kicked it off by questioning whether she should say Aloha howdy everybody including him We’re learning wearing leis. I thought how cheesy but I get it I got it Hannah deuced Michael Cooper the president the new president of Houston. He stated his goals or to build an organization That is in this indispensable to the community He plans on contributing heejun’s economy by creating more jobs behind the best people within the city again a lot of people I don’t think thought about this this XFL league is not a given players job coaches, but people on the community You know, you got ticket vendors and the popcorn guy and just a stadium Filled people. I mean the LA people getting jobs miss after all that luck took the stage and gave his usual business updates You know praising recent man, I could pretty much Word-for-word do it now. That’s eight of these a Little bit more if you count that the city reveal any spoken party spirit would elevate tickets you discuss the broadcast partner and schedule the ABC ESPN and Fox Fox horse one we also Talked about the summer so case which is the twist on the combine an event will take place in all eight markets Coaches and scouts will be on Sat for me NFL players top free agents are invited college players or not You lose college eligibility for attending update on my Twitter. I put I thought it was open tryouts and I apologize your players I’m misinformed but I’m not gonna leave you on the coat the players it inbox me talking about their resumes and stuff I enjoy talking to y’all. So I’m the best young man. You make me talk to you after this episode We’ll be ranking the coaches and the next episode after that. I’m gonna do a except fail podcast Summer showcase, I’m gonna talk about all these players in all my inbox. It’s like 30 I might be the longest Episode ever did but I’m going to do it because I’m promised these gods even though I’m not going to the summer showcase these guys Need attention and they need attention from not only there’s a fail but from the fans Maybe I’ll get a job next to fail. If they can’t Arena League somewhere these young men or something. Nice trick, man I’ve ever talked to they just want an opportunity and I’m gonna be the guy that gives my opportunity. So the extra fill podcast Summer showcase will be in the third episode of this kind of Set of four and fourth episode on we talking about some more hidden diamonds. Thanks to NFL. Jeff diamonds calm Look the attention to the man of the hour the new XFL coach Jim Jones I’m feeling I’ll end up saying Jim Jones, which is a cult leader So if I say that oops, huh? His coaching career spent over three decades play quarterback for five years for the Falcons and the Toronto Argonauts Joined the Falcons injected free agent. That’s my team out of Portland State he led the nation in passing and total offense for Portland State University his church career included two shops in Houston one for the Houston gamblers and One for the quarterback coach for the Houston Oilers. His head coach was SMU Hawaii, San Diego, Atlanta Falcons and most recently the Hamilton tiger-cats He’s another coach that’s left. You know, Glanville was left He’s left chessmen left. I’m sure there’s some more little coach. I forget about defensive coordinators. I apologize, Canada Canada’s better be you know shaking shaking in their shoes Then he officially announced Jim Jones’s head coach general manager and then brought him out to the stage. Jones came out donning It’ll a you know, Wyant shirt the experiment at police pride the event And only two people were said to do that was expert. Ookay and another guy He’s very happy to be back in the city of Houston Complimented the facility and those grades they made since he was last in town You know, that’s the only college Stadium in the end a bunch of eight But I think it’s a really really nice Stadium and I can’t watch it on TV come next year he also spoke about both your bride and trestman again your bride replaced June Jones at one of the One of his coaching stops. Okay me which one you said interests Minh Of course you went against in the NFL and as a player and in the CFL as a coach When asked why he made the jump from the CFL to the XFL He said it was hard Decision for him to make he loved his time in Canada to the playstyle and he thinks they have a similar gameplay In the new XFL I’ll talk about this in my coaching rankings. I have chessmen and Jones both high simply because They’re timeless CFL all these rules just not the same, but they’re similar It’s for down football here and makes FL but they’re similar and the in the up bait tempo is kind of the same. I Have both chessmen and Jones very high and we’ll we’ll see that next week He said he coached a lot of different places But it stressful to be back where you started in Houston Jones said that he watch ESPN study for 30 On there is no exit fail You knew when he saw Vince speak at the end that the league would be coming back and that Vince would make it work this Time around that’s why I’ve been sitting fork over the money He was asked if he would take the same running shoe approach to offense in his new role He was funny by saying that he had an awesome chance to spend time with Bill Walsh in Hawaii And he helped him tweak his style He also spoke about his tempo and how he likes to keep everything a beat he and in the event by thanking McMahon likes to fail and everyone in attendance. You can view the pitchers own extra throw to that he took himself Oh, no photography. No you can you edit and run a website. You can take some good pictures, too So let’s go into a little bit more detail about Jim Jones. Well, he played quarterback Like I said on three college teams, Oregon from 71 and 72 Hawaii 73 74 in Portland state to 75 76. It’s in this time for them. Stay here, dude He was introduced to the run-and-shoot offense by my says Miles Davis It would be a office like he later champion and throughout his coaching career His two seasons at Portland State. We’re taught in 57 I’m sorry. He’s 798 yards four five 2007 I a or it’s PC touchdowns and 20 picks He became the first quarterback together running. She legitimately as a quarterback friendly offense in the years prior four It was state very rarely had success though in the ball You know 275 you threw for 2002 and 80 yards 25 touchdowns 10 picks and thanks season the same picks but for this I was thirty five hundred and eighteen yards there after hearing professional football playing for the Falcons from City 781 and the Argonauts of the Canadian Football League in port cities and trapping zone pleaded just 75 106 passes But 900 point two yards three touchdowns and seven picks. He didn’t have a great pro career But his his coaching coaching career is where he kind of Strived in I know you three Jones started his coaching career as a graduate Assistant under dick Tommy at the University of why he then spent two years in the USFL First as Roberts he was coached for the Houston gamblers So he’s back in Houston and offensive coordinator for the Denver dull in 85 bonding demise of the USFL Which I’ll do a podcast home letter at a later date. I had people excited for it on Twitter Jones spent the 1986 season working as often send assistant for the Ottawa Rough Riders in the sea of the CFL 1987 he got his first NFL coaching position. That’s quarterback coach on Jerry Glanville staff with the Houston Oilers It’s crazy how they gonna cross paths again kinda in the XFL pretty excited about that Tampa versus Houston matchup. I Take lambreaux was released by the Oilers He would join them Detroit Lions chosen staff upon the recommendation of Mouse Davis his college coach at Portland State He was seven as a team to offensive coordinator Jones reunited with glam. Bo upon returning upon joining the Atlanta Falcons organization 1991 as its assistant head coach And 94 John’s replace Atlanta bill as a team’s head coach a move that caused a rift between the two Where poorly then speak to each other for several years thereafter. That’s why I’m kind of excited that’s good time for Houston game not only that but you got chessmen against Jones which be a Just a spectacular offensive match it a lot of all these is gonna be health great offensive matchup, and I’m excited It’s just lady 2000 Jones with higher level defensive coordinator of Hawaii So they made up as head coach Jones instead Jones installed the running shoe offense She learned under mouse Davis initially quarterback, Jeff George Flores under the system pass him for 2007 or 34 yards and 22 touchdowns and Jones freshman year and 40 143 yards and 24 touchdowns his second year and 95 Jones second season his coats the Falcons went to the playoffs losing to the first rounds of the Packers The following year the Falcons posted a 13 record leaving the Jones of dismissal Jones coaching record over three seasons was 19 wins and 29 losses He also clashed with quarterback gift George din the final season He will including a well-publicized and wildly broadcast Profanity-laced shot match doesn’t September 23rd game against the Eagles a few contributed Buckman’s released by the organization Jones returned to coaching when the San Diego Chargers hired him as a quarterbacks coach under Kevin Gilbride So there’s another thing that crossed paths on January 20 29th 1998 on October 13 1998 head coach Gilroy was fired after the sixth game and John became a time head coach again cross pass The tardis won three of ten games because by Jones given him occur NFL customer rated at 22 and 36 Jones joined the University of Hawaii Manoa Football team as head coach replacing Fred von apon who was fired when team lost 18 games in a row Excluding all 12 games in the 98 season Jones led the Warriors to an item four record and a share of the WAC Conference Football championship in the 99 season making it the most dramatic turnaround instant like football history This is when Jones I think got more famous for that. Here’s more famous for his Y career than he was anything in FL That’s when I started taking over something. My dad’s like yeah, he’s cut faculty what happened to him? Why is he not still coaching the Falcons with Jones success on the field and media-friendly personality off the field He instantly came on the most famous people in Hawaii with some people making new jobs with Governor t-shirts Reflecting his offensive philosophy bumper stickers reporting slogan. Joon would throw appeared these reference listen area Oh I laughed got idiot Cooper who said Eddie would go into the big surf join more of ka-chow in TV and a holly wife faulted Jones for discarding long-standing Traditions just to change the music playing during home games and the change in uniforms and team nickname during his tenor nearly 10 years Why he coached five Americans 52 all-conference performers and 16 draft picks 16 draft picks Come from Hawaii, you know saying look that’s that’s that’s weird now Hawaii’s not as good as they was under him anymore Anyway particular Jones claims to have made a special effort to recruit local talent and his players and coaching staff One of the most noble recruits was Tom quarterback. Timmy Chang who became the all-time NCAA leader in passing yardage Johnson is injured in a car accident on February 22nd 2001 missing the spring season because of his injuries Jones negotiated a contract worth eight hundred thousand and sixteen dollars during the 2004 season, which we named the highest-paid Employee of in the state even though the team was struggling it’s time they finished with a 75 regular season record and the invitation to Hawaii Bowl, which they always got – Half of the $800,000 salary was paid by private donors on December 24th. 2006 Jones past dick Tommy became the winningest coach in a lion football history against an ala College schedule with a 4124 record over Arizona State looks like 41.4 score over Arizona State John six white ball was they always good to Put started with what he viewed as like a support from the University Jones often believed a lie at the end 2007 season at the initial reports had him interview and at SMU Hawaii officials had had offers to raise his salary from eight hundred thousand a year to 1.7 million a year and offered a commitment to improve its facilities in addition There was an outpouring of support from Hawaii fans, including governor dwindling go forever Jones contacted Why on January 7th 2008 and let him know he decided to sceptile fair from SMU Jones said the work that needed to be done to improve the facilities And the campus in general would never be done while he was still there What you’re saying was is they pay him too much money. The school wouldn’t get fixed. I mean so they he had to do something he kind of I mean He’s probably living on anyways with what he made it was he was sacrificing him coaching there. Then I can score better in a press conference at the halogen pians adjacent to the jail Jay Ford Stadium On January 7 2008 Jones was introduced as the new football head coach at Southern Methodist University Through the school’s fifth coach since the death penalty in 1987 Jones signed a five-year contract as to me paying him two million dollars annually, so he made a big increase He got to be great and making him the highest-paid coach in Conference USA He got it the SMU Mustangs to a 111 record and he’s I’m eight. He got paid mmm Two million dollars per win. So one win so our number 28 2009 Jones totes SMU to win a – a win over Tulane ending the regular season with a 75 record that’s improved The most SMU victories in the season since the 1980s you turn on sees included a win over defending individual repeat Thomson champion, East Carolina The two line on season also so Jones you utilize the ground game more than recent seasons Jones heads who? Has led SMU to its third bowl eligible season in its first ballgame, huh? The Weibull just 1984 Aloha Bowl and the Institute in the Institute way imposed a penalty SMU ended up defeating a Nevada forty five to ten to finish the season 8 v as in 1999 John Scopes his team to the most improved record in division. 1 football until Don Ken Jones Costa Mustangs to 500 season the Mustangs went 7 and 7 with a conference record of 6 and 2 so I mean he murdered the conference Helping them clinch the Conference USA Western title the team beat the previous year’s champion Eastern Carolina in overtime and the final regular season game But lost the complicated state championship in Orlando UCF the next week Jones and West things went to the second consecutive bowl games are folks as well and lost the army 1614 the game was actually played at SMU Stadium because the game’s cadets the gange normal venue and I’m sorry, because the game’s gonna be new Texas Christian universities. I’m Longy Carter stadiums undergoing renovation They had a home game and a bowl game. I lost And I mean that hardly ever happens that happened now. It happens in general You know, you don’t see a lot of teams doing a home game for a bowl game They just stay away from that on September 8 2014 Jones stepped down as head coach of Mustang citing personal reasons Jones with the Mustangs – four straight bowl appearance just before finishing five and seven and then school’s first season as a member of the AAC and starting the season 2014 season oh and two losing the combine records in those games 88 to 6 they got 44 to 30 on average in but those games o SMU he was perfectly question about the number of non-native takes his players on the team with the lack of recruiting that was half I’m gonna be fair though. You have TCU Texas tips. Am I? Mean to me kind of hard to recruit good Texas players with those around just being honest At the interviewing for a vacant job at Hawaii John was hired Office Coordinator at capella high school and joins He’s done six in December 2006 time to time January 2016 December 2016 Jones was named athletic director at the st Louis school and the door was left open for him to dip into the football coach job if it opened on August 2nd 2017 the Hamilton tiger-cats hired Jones an assistant coach His hiring came at the team lost their first five regular season games of the season the last of which was a blowout sixty to one That happened August 24th 2017 The Ticats named Jones and you had coach up to chant and sit down to focus on his duties as vice president of football operations The Hamilton tiger-cats were oh and eight at the time Johnson’s need to head coach Jones quickly came embroiled in controversy when he attempted to hire his longtime friend and former Baylor University coach art brows and assistant brows have been fired from Baylor with actions and connection to a major sexual assault scandal at the school Calling a media storm the team reversed the decision to hire brows I said taking over Jones led the Ticats ridiculous searching for record for the range of the 2017 season comes this tiger-cats We’re moving on hag and retain jones of the head coach for the next three seasons That’s her eighth and tenth season in the 2018 which included a playoff berth that happens in Canada You can go eight and ten make playoffs Jones agreed to step aside for the highly sought after Orlando Orlando stoner take over as head coach moving forward Jones initially intended to stay as an assistant coach, but he left and offensive coordinator But he left may 13 to 19 His record in CFL was 15 and 15. He left Because seven days later, he was named the coach of the Houston franchise. It says his coaching style as a collegiate coach He rarely run the ball favoring a wide open pass heavy or any cheap offense, but even the ball later on his career I think makes it fair though. He’s been throw the ball I mean that he already said in the video on XFL social media that he is going to Throw the ball a lot and I think if he got a Johnny Manziel with him like that that can throw the ball a lot or even Scramble that he Hindman Bob Stoops limiters we run in the West Division in the XFL very very very long time to kill him I like to think I know like I said Expo 2k is very happy about this higher It’s kind of the sexy pic that he wanted. I think for Houston the best might have been for last we will see We’ll talk about my rankings next week check out Let’s go to kake-dot-com rankings on h4 to kzt page check out all my past podcast in there as well Check out exit fail board and check me out on Facebook and Twitter at except for podcast Thank you for joining me for this episode Like I said, I got some good stuff planned out and I’m ready for this summer And I’m ready for the fall and the draft and everything. I’m gonna be with you every step of the way and get out

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  1. Coach June Jones, my son Paul Boyette Jr. Met you at the XFL Showcase in Houston. He was #46 DL. He would love to be apart of the Houston XFL team.

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