This Week in the XFL | Training Camps in Houston, Draft Info and more…

This Week in the XFL | Training Camps in Houston, Draft Info and more…

Welcome back everybody to another edition of this week in the XFL I’m your host is always the referee Representing XFL newsroom. Ooh the number one source in XFL news and we have a huge week for you. We went to the press conference for the XFL training camps here in Houston So we have a lot of footage of that we spoke to Commissioner Luck and we have some other news items to talk about But before we get started, we just wanted to remind you that we have another giveaway going on You can win two tickets to any XFL game this season All you got to do is like comment subscribe and join the discord Click the link down in the description for that discord and hang up with a bunch of other like-minded XFL fans You know just like me and you as well and if you get up to a backup status and you do all of those other things You will get an entry and if you’re already subscribed to the YouTube channel Every other like and comment counts as another entry so sign you up and good luck So we talked about the XFL training camps We’re not going to start off with that because we have a few other items to kick it off with We are gonna start with a somewhat major story So the XFL supplemental draft kicks off today At least the day that this video is releasing at 12 noon. We’ve heard there’s about 250 players in the draft, but we wanted to go over some of the specifics So I know a lot of people were wondering is this going to be streamed online? No, it’s not going to be streamed But all of the pics will be announced via social media from all of the different XFL teams, right? So similar to how we had that fifth and final open phase of the original XFL Draft That’s how this will be going down as well. So again, this will also be an ace snake format, right and Every team can pick as many times as they want Until they fill up their 70 man roster So we’ve talked about this already a little bit their husband a little bit of churn already players either not signing the contract or getting picked up by practice squads or other different scenarios This is the chance for the league to kind of fill those open spots before we hit those mini camps Right because those are around the corner before we get to that training camp in January So we have the snake style draft. I love it It’s unfortunately not going to be streamed like we mentioned but hey Stay tuned to XFL newsroom calm We’ll keep you posted as the draft picks are announced up sign you up there You know, we kind of spoke about the mini camps So there’s not a lot known about where the teams are going to be for the the smaller camps the ones coming up here in December but we do now know at least where the Wildcats of Los Angeles are going They’re heading up to Vegas baby to UNLV Right and Vegas knows about the XFL they were there originally with the outlaws And now we have the Wildcats will be taking care of their business at least the early Business up in Vegas so good. Wish I was a little bit closer. I would check it out. I’m Assuming the Houston Roughnecks will be at TD ECU Only time will tell only time will tell so now on to some fan engagement news So a few weeks ago. We spoke about the XFL Football advisory network or fan for short right and that was opened up for season ticket holders Well this week the wait is over now. Anybody can go sign up for an account? Just head over to football advisory network Calm and there’s a whole bunch of things that you’ll be able to do now right now to be honest There’s not a lot there but there are a few surveys there’s a few posts and they really want to use this as a way first To help shape the league, right? So there might be a survey on styles of play that you watch or things of that nature or hey You might even get some exclusive news some giveaways some discounts things of that nature According to their press release it’s a digital community that gives football fans who love the sport an interactive platform to share their feedback and have their opinion heard on all aspects of an America’s number-one game and new league and that’s the XFL that’s what we’re talking about here through participation and surveys polls and discussions on a variety of on and off the field topics Members of the fan community will help the XFL design its fan experience and shape its game So we kind of spoke about that They want to hear from us to make this experience Better than the old league better than the AAF and better than really any of the other spring football leagues that have come and gone before it football fans can visit XFL comm slash football – Advisory – network or football advisory network comm like we mentioned And enroll and join the conversation and learn more and like we mentioned you’ll also have an opportunity to get Discounts exclusive news and all sorts of other things. So if you’re an XFL fan, you should check it out You know, I’m there and you should be there as well So now we’re on to the big news of the week the XFL and the Harris County Houston Sports Authority Held a joint press conference This past Tuesday in Houston to give us some more details On the upcoming XFL training camps and just to kind of give a little bit of information here so unlike the NFL the XFL at least for this first season isn’t going to be holding a Traditional preseason rather they’re going to be having this training camp Which now we know and we’ve heard in the past is going to be held exclusively in the Houston area So all across Harris County and that is going to act as their preseason, right? They’re gonna have the workouts plus some exhibition and things like that but this is huge news for the Houston area or Harris County really in general because they’re bringing in a Load of folks they mentioned over 1,000 representatives between players coaches executives TV executives That’s a lot of money that’s going to be spent in this community. So the training camp kicks off January 4th and ends January 22nd they’re spread out over eight different locations in Harris County so each team has their own practice facility which in turn kind of works as Their home field during that time now when I think about it when I look a look at it And I’ve had some discussions online already. This reminds me a lot of preseason baseball, right? So a lot of the teams at least they split them up into two different locales But they moved to States where most of the teams don’t normally play, right? And that’s their home field for the preseason now, I don’t know if this is going to stay like this for next year But at least for the first season I really dig the idea now again from my own selfish reasons and I am in the Houston area I’m really excited to hear that’s at least some of these events are going to be open to the public right, so I plan on it checking out at least one of each of the team’s home facilities if we have the opportunity to You know but the cool thing is is the XFL actually sent us an invite to cover this event as well and It’s really cool to see the league’s Interacting with the smaller guys like us and giving us a platforms to cover the event So hey, we’re going to show you some of that footage right now. We had a team right for you Love this I started saying to Oliver I know, where are we going to take training camp? And so I’ve been bugging him and bugging him for months about a training camp and it’s really exciting for us to announce today We’re very proud that Houston has been chosen to host all eight teams for the inaugural XSL Pre-season training camp and the training venues will be all over. Here’s County. We’re going to share the love Everybody is going to get up these oven and touch this is this is indeed a football town and You know the good news, is that when you think about what’s going to be happening between what January full of them? What’s the day you know that hornacek? Yeah more than 1000 representatives this new league will be right here in the city of Houston they will be occupying more than 10,000 rooms, you know a more the 10th Admirals and consuming more than 60,000 meals But that means the reality is is that just when the NFL is winding down the XFL will be winding up and when you bring all of the a-teams and the players and their representatives to the city of Houston in January as Councilmember Jack Christie would say that’s a big And it is a big deal and we’ve done and we don’t take it lightly That’s why that’s what at least I wanted to be here at the part of this celebration The economic impact just from being in January would be about seven million plus and so that’s that’s good and And you know when you got these football players, they’re saying 60,000 miles So they’re you know a heck of a lot more women than men And then they’ll be understated Houston and then in terms of the impressions that would be received with the team being here It would be just positive PR from cities So the very fact Oliver that you chose to bring everybody here in January It’s very much appreciated by all of us. The hammer sees the Sports Authority and appreciated the members of City Council appreciated all of the business owners that hotel/restaurant Appreciated but just the people in the city of Houston it is a big plus this is indeed a sports town and when you have these type of events happening in our city every Single day, it is validated as being the sports town these sports city in the United States So thank you. So very very much football s videos standing room only This is a good sign for the Roughnecks first season at UT VCU stadium travis sell some tickets, baby Mayor I appreciate the fact you took time during the very busy schedule and janice. Thanks very much I have a confession to make Janice and I cross dress Janice has an XFL t-shirt. I’ve got a sports So the last time that we were together in Houston really was back in May when we were over at the stadium and announced that Joe Jones was returning to Houston to be the Roughnecks head coach So since made a lot has happened in our league and we’re all very proud of that We’ve announced our team names logos, of course, we’ve held our inaugural draft We drafted over 70 players per team in the span of two days to begin to stock up our rosters. We announced our quite honestly landmark partnerships with both ESPN and Fox So there’s never been a league that started like we have from scratch. That’s had such powerful broadcast partners the Disney Corporation Which of course owns ABC and ESPN as well as Fox every one of our 43 games will be broadcast either On an over-the-air network or on fully distributed cable, so we have unbelievable Visibility which puts puts the press rep pressure on us to play good entertaining football and we’re very excited about that Our season taking our season tickets and single game tickets went on sale about a month ago And we’re surpassing our internal expectations of how we’re doing there So we’re very confident that we’ll have great crowds in our buildings and in the next couple of weeks. We have a number of additional Bits of information. I’ll be coming out. We’re kind of reveal our football we will have our uniforms and our helmets revealed as well in time for the holidays and Looking forward to kicking off our training camp in December the first week in December each one of our of our eight markets But we’re here to talk about January which is our training camp Opportunity right with all eight of our franchises as the mayor and so I’d like to I could just walk walk through that list Because it’s not so much the fact there are great facilities in this town There are right facilities for the universities for the high schools for the ist is are really incredible It is as good as there is anywhere else in the country that includes our friends up north and Dallas? but the spirit with which people receive our overtures and work with us to try to figure all this out was Really the special part that and that’s used a spirit of can-do. It’s a spirit of cooperation Let’s all pull together and make something like this happen. So Let me thank our good friends from TD ucu Stadium University of Houston crisp Esmond David tag arena are here June Jones and the Roughnecks will be out at U of H Really for the entire season so we couldn’t be happier with what you all have done for us. So Chris. Thank you very much Appreciate that these Seattle dragons. The Seattle dragons will be at Del Mar Stadium right HISD is crown jewel and the Dragons coached by Jim Zorn We’ll also be using the OU athletic facilities, which is a basically weight weight training facility the st Louis battle Hawks will be up at all Dean ISD and that team this channel betta the st. Louis battle Hawks will be lifting weights Over at st. Pius the tenth the Tampa Bay Vipers Marc Trestman is the head coach They will be up and humble IIST. You’ll never hear an XFL person say humble Let’s see Bob Stoops Will be in Darrell with his Dallas renegades in Tully Stadium Of course out in Spring Branch is team and they will be working out with in terms of weights over at Houston Christian RDC defenders led by head coach pep. Hamilton will be over at Rice University Bevin is good friends with Mike blue from there and hope so we expect great facilities and Rice’s as y’all knows the Los Angeles Wildcats over at Texas Southern University At the Alexander Durley Stadium and we’ve got our New York Guardians and Kevin Gilbride is the head coach They will be an HP youth and so we have we have all of our franchises covered again It was not so much the great infrastructure that exists and it really is very impressive Tiffany Burton, you know Something like this about what was so impressive was a spirit of cooperation of the spirit of openness People want to help this community It helps that the football is the red bread that carries through because of the love that we we have for the game In fact, you know very often we’re asking a why is Vince McMahon doing this? Why did he launch relaunch the XFL? It’s really very simple for the love of football It’s all about the love of the game what it means to people and it means a lot the people here certainly in Houston and South, Texas Thank you very much mayor Janice for all the work that you’ve done for the All the folks at the Sports Authority has really done a marvelous job of pulling This massive community together because sport is something that does bring people together. It’s one of the great Bonds, one of the great bits of glue that every community has and I think it’s as strong in Houston as anywhere else We’re delighted to be here with training camp. It’s a very special moment for us I am looking forward to being here more or less the entire month of January and I am told by the mayor that we’ll add water just like today There you have it you can see we had a whole bunch of folks there We had Janice Burke the CEO of the Harris County Houston Sports Authority We had the mayor of H town Sylvester Turner. We had the Commish Oliver Luck and team president of the Houston Roughnecks Brian Michael Cooper so all in all it was a great event And you know what that wasn’t it from our footage? We also had a chance to talk to the Commissioner himself, and we got a few comments for mr. Luck So check that out right now So these training camps are they gonna be open to the public my chance Most will there’ll be a series of scrimmage –is that will be open to the public A handful of will be will be closed. The public will come out with a full schedule We also are planning to have lots of a very interesting fan engagement opportunities for folks whether they’re high school coaches Or you know pi youth youth football coaches players themselves that thing them out, you know It’s the non traditional football season of the census. I think we may get some folks are just curious about it Looks like and how it’s perfect. Perfect Can you tell us what went into the decision making to choose Houston as as the city to host all the teams here? Well a couple things we have with number one decided that we needed to be one of our markets, right? And then we began to look at those markets weather-wise that we think made some sense and of course we’ve got Tampa We’ve got Dallas and LA and we focused on those markets where the weather I thought was compatible with You know with a training camp like what we were planning to do And then at the end of the day it became pretty obvious that the facilities in Houston you the quality of the ISD facilities and quality of the University facilities is really unmatched and then beyond that I think I really wanted to emphasize here today is this spirit of cooperation And the willingness to sort of work with us or to be a part of the greater good rights in Spring Branch ISD. Sure We’d love to have you work it and tele or our humble ISD. Sure. We’d love to have you practice for Three weeks over inter no stadium soon. That kind of cooperation doesn’t That’s one of the things that makes you special oh absolutely so that no that’s great to hear so Can you give us some more information on you talked about the jerseys the helmets the the game ball? Give us some timelines on when we may see some of that come to the pipeline So I want to say it’s all coming up in the next 3-4 weeks Nothing is better than nothing so it’s always great to have a chance to talk to the Commissioner It’s always fun to meet the man in charge of the things that we’re going to be watching next month But this is a huge week. And as you heard we have some more announcements on the way We’re going to be getting those team uniforms the official game ball in the neck few weeks. We’ve heard around Thanksgiving So that matches during the press conference He said before the holidays, we’ll know he didn’t specify which holiday so, you know Thanksgivings a week away Christmas is about a month away. So we’re getting closer there. So I am excited but that’s about it for this week We had a huge week We had a lot of news and we’re gonna keep you posted as we get more news But before we let you go, if you didn’t know we’re also on Facebook and Twitter at XFL newsroom So head over there and give us a follow and since we’re on YouTube make sure you drop a like comment subscribe And hit the bell the scene when we’re dropping new videos Some are going to be live and some are going to be pre-recorded just like this one. So until next time ooh Sign you up

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  1. I'm pretty sure these training camps are being done together to save money and hold league meetings with all players and teams

  2. This is a game of TACKLE FOOTBALL! It’s time to live up to the X in the Xtreme Football League, career ending injuries and damaged brains be damned! You know what you signed up for, deal with it!

    1. Kill the Pass Interference…
    …which also means Receivers can assault defensive players trying to pass interfere
    2. You can attack guys when they are down after the play is over, but you can only get a couple of shots in, after that will result in a "Bashing" penalty
    3. If you want to take off your helmet for some extra firepower, go for it, but remember you cannot put it back on until the play is over
    4. Return of scrambling for the football instead of the coin toss
    5. If you get into a fight, you will be benched for two minutes, but if you LOSE the fight, you get FIVE minutes…
    …also, your team will be down a player during the benching
    6. Refball! But you must bribe the refs in order to get them to call bullshit penalties, and you can only do it once per half
    7. Wrestling moves can be used to take out players
    8. Play clock is only 20 seconds…and failure to comply will result in a 30 yard penalty
    9. A failed Coach’s challenge will result in a loss of a down…but you can challenge an unlimited number of times
    10. Deflated balls are allowed, but you must inform the refs first, also, you can only do it for one play before it is replaced with a full ball, and you only get three deflated balls per game
    11. You can steal signs, but (again) you can only do it for three plays per game, get caught after that, and 11 star players get ejected and suspended for 2 games
    12. Audibles where you can take out a ref is legal…but there will be a "Ref Bashing" penalty in return
    13. Audibles where you take out the QB is fair game as well…if you don't mind giving up a score that is
    14. If fans start throwing garbage on the field, then you can go up there and teach them a lesson let alone making sure they never attend another game again
    15. Speaking of trash, the refs will scatter the field with the stuff to increase the difficulty in the second half, that's a rule
    16. When the ambulance appears on the field, GET OUT OF THE WAY! The ambulance can and will run over anybody in their path, and they will NOT tend to you if you were stupid enough to get runned over!
    17. Steroids are legal! Have at it!
    18. Overtime games will have no field goals AND punts
    19. First to score a safety or touchdown in overtime wins

    20. And the most important rule of them all,


    If Vince implements these rules, then the XFL has a chance.

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