ThoMats #8 | Table Tennis Challenge w/ Timo Boll | Müller vs. Hummels

ThoMats #8 | Table Tennis Challenge w/ Timo Boll | Müller vs. Hummels

I am here at the new FC Bayern office block at Säbener, and it just so happens that Thomas is here as well. You called me out here. What’s so urgent? It’s been a while, but it’s time once again. That’s right. A ThoMats Challenge. I had to wait a long time for your invitation. It took me a while to come up with an idea, but you’re gonna like it. I thought of something very special. I noticed that you had been practising table tennis on holiday. Yes that’s right. Before that I was much better, it wouldn’t have even been a contest, but now with the training behind you we could potentially be at a similar level. So I came up with something special for us to do. Now that’s a surprise… Well who do we have here? Timo Boll, hey, how’s it going. Now then, let’s see what we’ve got. We’re glad you made it. We’re obviously taking the opportunity to warm up a bit so that Timo can get a feel for what Thomas and I are capable of. You thought you had him. You thought you’d got him then. I’ve noticed you’re trying to make me play long forehands. Yeah he knows what he’s doing. He studied tactics. Now this is getting frustrating. Now then, time for the serves ladies and gentlemen. Five serves from Timo Boll. Mats, if you manage to return one I give you a point here. I only have to return it. Yep, only return it. I’m going to say you’ll get two. We’ll start with backspin. I have no idea what happened there. Ah okay, zero for backspin. That’s not one of my strengths. Now for a simple under-cut. That would have been a tough one to return as well. Very good. He let that one through on purpose. Now it’s time for the snake-serve. Time for the Boa. Ooh very good! Yeah, amazing. Well read. Two points and one more serve to come. Just hit it, can’t go wrong. Two was a good prediction. Müller can cope with the sliced serves a bit better than me. I need to make a prediction as well. Two’s always a solid guess. I’m just considering giving you a third. I’ll give you a third. We’ll see. I’ll try and prevent that. That was very close. Clearly out. I only have to get it back to the other side that’s the good thing. Shame, that was close. Ah now you’re getting unlucky, that’s annoying. Yeah I can see that too. Wipe off that nervous sweat. Oops, that one doesn’t count. Second serve. If you say so. I’ll just correct this. Tough one. Now I’ll give you the so-called “Kick Serve“. I’m not returning anything. That’s what I like to see. Come on now, keep that clean sheet. Oh yes. Ace. I’m being too defensive, I just need to go towards it. Very good. Thank you very much. I read one well and I’ve got no idea what you did. 2-0, that’s a clear win. Now we’re going to do Around the Table. Everyone familiar? With Timo though, and Timo is just going to act as a sparring partner. He won’t be playing for a score, just me and Thomas. The first to make five mistakes or concede five points loses and the other player wins. That’s part two of the challenge. Right then, off we go. Come on. Wait, you go before me, then I’m playing it at you. You serve and we keep alternating. Okay, we start on zero. 1-0 Strong. Referee’s involved. That was my serve. Got nervous. 1-1 I’m serving. Yep. Good point. Now we have to do a lot of running. Ooh that was on a plate as well. Too eager. 2-1 Müller. I’m an attacking player when it comes to table tennis. I compensate for the things I’m not allowed to do on the football pitch. Ooh that was harsh. First serve? First serve. Yep, that was a mistake. 2-2 With the flow. Ahh Mats, stay calm. 3-2 Müller Very impatient. Go! Argh, I’m putting them all wide. 4-2 Wait, now you have to serve at Thomas again. Thank God! 4-3 Now that was a close one. Now to me again. Oh yes! Now for the win! Showdown. Am I receiving the serve from him? Doesn’t matter. Whatever you like. This is going to be a risky one. Where’s he gone now? Frustrating. It’s like in tennis – up to a certain standard the player who makes the fewest mistakes wins. That’s very true. Got too cocky towards the end. Yeah but I like that about you. So, after Thomas Müller unfortunately won that round, it’s now 1-1 and we need a decider. For this, we’re going back to basics: 1v1, first to 11 between me and Thomas. Old school ThoMats if you like. Alternating with two serves each unless it gets to 10-all when it would just be one serve and you can only win with a two-point lead. That’s all. Good luck. Thanks, and to you! It’s all different now, I need to adjust first. Two serves each. 1-0 Ah come on now! 2-0 Like I said this won’t be a good game for the spectators. 2-2 3-2 I’ve always got a bit of a jittery wrist. Yeah what can I say? Let 4-2 Not really getting any rallies here. Stop. Warning. Throw it a bit higher. Okay, so did that count? That’s the first warning. He always does that. You have to throw it higher yeah? Sorry. 4-3 Fluke. 4-3 Müller’s serve. Ah man! Yeah that’s my secret weapon, the quick shots. 5-3 Nooo! Just follow through with the shot man! That was the best rally so far. We won’t do a better one, let’s just settle for a draw now. Unlucky! 6-4 Some say “unlucky”, the others say “important”. You alright? Or do we need to call the doctor? Just because I took the mick. Equaliser. Six all. Nice smash. 3 shots onto the edge and it’s a penalty or what’s the rule? I’ll take that. Well done. 7-6 Whip. Backhand whip. 8-6 8-7 Just too timid there. It’s much worse when you don’t follow through. Just holding it up is stupid. Eight all. 9-8 Wait. Nice. 9-9 9-9 It’s in my hands now. Match point Müller, 10-9 10-10 Nerves got to you. 11-10 A ball please, referee. Thank you. Thanks ref. Very kind of you. Ooh look it’s signed as well. Nooo! He’s pulled it back. No, sorry, a towel please. I spat. What do they always shout? Tscho. Tscho 11 all. Oh yes. Come on! Match point Hummels. Here, signed ball. Could have been read better. Ohhh come back. 12 all. No! That’s a sorry shot. 13-12. Match point again. 13 all. It’s only to 11 yeah not 21. This is a quality game! I don’t believe it! 14-13 Let. Retake. I didn’t think that was going to creep over then. Just return it man! 14 apiece. We’ve got it! Now we’ve got it! 15-14 You can always take a timeout to refresh your concentration. Timeout! How long does that take? One minute. If you take a timeout for one minute now… Time-In. Can someone take a time-in whenever as well? God we’re annoying. It really messes with you. 15-all. It’s Cobra time, watch out! Cobra‘s done it! The Cobra has done it! His 16th serve and he’s gone rogue. Thanks Mats, it was a close game. It wasn’t a good standard but it was close. Thank you. Referee, thanks for the timeout. I don’t think you know how annoyed I am. 17-15 though, we should really play another set or two. That’s all from today’s ThoMats Challenge Top class. And if you want to see more of that, then either watch here or subscribe to our channel, down there.

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