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channel rounding up all the latest in pro wrestling and coming up to start the
week we are talking about Chris Jericho really wanting aew and New Japan Pro
Wrestling to work together to give us some amazing dream matches he even set
out some massive challenges the latest regarding a potential injury following
this weekend WWE considering a major call-up and promoting an unhappy
superstar to the main roster to not run the risk of losing them the latest on
WWE trying to stop it W from certain things and I guess they said seated on
this one and even Cody Rhodes reacting to it we are also talking the latest for
Monday Night Raw before we get into all of that and more though you guys know
the drill sweet it up hit the elbow drop and let’s dive into it there was a lot
of wrestling to watch this week and as new japan pro wrestling had wrestle
Kingdom two nights of it and their new year – oh and if you’re like me and
watch all of it then your sleeping schedule is probably all messed up
there’s a lot of things that went down on the show but I want to talk about
some of the news coming out of it that are being a hot topic of discussion
right now one of those pertaining to Chris Jericho who had a hell of a match
night two of wrestle Kingdom 14 against Anna Hoshi one of the big highlights of
this show was even the fact that Chris Jericho showed up with the aew World
Heavyweight Championship and he made his desire known that he wants to see a
working relationship between aew and you Japan Pro Wrestling which as you guys
know as of late they have deemed this working relationship and impossible or
at least nowhere to be happening anytime soon
it’s no secret that there is some bad blood between these two sides the main
reason for this issue is the fact that a few top stars jumped from New Japan Pro
Wrestling to aew including the likes of Kenny Omega the young bucks and Cody
Rhodes Jericho beaten Ohashi and 92 of wrestle Kingdom Ford Singh event in a
singles match but after the match was when he opened up about the whole
situation about wanting to see a relationship and setting up a challenge
or multiple challenges up for the aew championship again
New Japan Pro Wrestling top stars jericho stated the following and i quote
put aside all of the hurt feelings put aside all of the egos put aside issues
and politics and concentrate on great wrestling matches and big business i
haven’t been doing this at the highest level for the last 29 years and some
people say I’m the greatest of all time because I am a stupid businessman I can
see the amount of money that we can make together with aew and New Japan Pro
Wrestling both here in Japan United States Canada England Australia and
around the world he then went on to indicate that he will love to face Santa
harsh and giving me a e/w Championship match even though he defeated him this
weekend and said the challenge forward for other top stars in the promotion to
Okada will arts pray now Ito a bushy and so on hopefully Chris Jericho is the
bridge that make all of this happen because this will really be some dream
matches that we would like to see no matter in what promotion sticking with
Chris Jericho there is a bit more news but it’s on the negative side of things
as the wrestling server radio noted that Chris Jericho indicated he believed he
suffered an injury during the match the report stated the following Chris
Jericho came into the press conference and said that his jaw was dislocated he
also went on to indicate that his knee was swollen and he was gonna need to
take a look at that hopefully it’s not a serious injury as we said Chris Jericho
did manage to pick up a win even though he didn’t appear on the show after that
the New Year’s – but the good thing is that he does have a little time on to a
EWS next pay-per-view which isn’t over a month from now so hopefully it’s not a
big injury and he still managed to compete or at least be ready for that
event moving into some other new switching it over to the WWE side of
things over the last couple of month or so it has been heavily reported that
wrestling promotion stardom was extremely interested in bringing back
both carry Zayn and esri to the company it is now believed a bovie of Shorai and
Carrie Sain are set to be offered huge deals from the Japanese promotion as
soon as recurring WWE contract gets up there hasn’t been any concrete reports
indicating that either of them are gonna be leaving WWE it has been noted that of
course Yasha Rai is currently unhappy living so far away from her fiance New
Japan Pro Wrestling star Evo following on from this the Restless of a radio
have come out to indicate that WWE is reportedly considering calling up
Yoshi ride to either Monday nitro or Friday Night SmackDown
for the simple reason of stopping her from leaving the company this would
change things simply because once she is moved to roar Smackdown she’s gonna be
moved out to a bigger contract deal instead of having her current NXT
contract which as of right now it’s apparently almost the saying of what she
was making and stardom before even signing with the WWE which is kind of
crazy to think off it’s worth mentioning that even though annex II is so ready
one of the main brands of WWE and there are two hours live every single week
just like Roach Smackdown their superstar don’t get pay as much since
they’re not doing the amount of live house shows that Smackdown all row
superstars are when you think about it though all of this kind of sucks because
someone like Yashiro has been doing absolutely amazing on NXT but WWE is
more than likely going to have to move her to the red or blue where we have no
idea how creative is gonna book her they probably not gonna even know what to do
with her much like a lot of the other NXT koloff’s the WWE struggle continuing
their momentum that they had on the yellow brand stick with WWE creative
they’re new they has a podcast now and they’ve been talking a lot about the
creative process and basically how trash it is in the WWE Biggie recently
discussed how having more creative control instead of input from riders
have helped their progression as a group Bicky stated the following we have more
creative control that’s one of the things I’m thankful for we don’t write
our own promos but we are giving promos and often time we are able to say we
don’t really care for this so we’re going to say that our creative process
is so fun and easy and organic I don’t like it when we have a writer there’s
three of us and we will have a writer in the room just lingering
is always easier for the three of us to go into a room and just hash things now
he then ended up by stating the following I don’t want to take shots at
anyone but if we read what was given to us on a regular basis it is trash
certainly very interesting and honest and we already knew that they knew they
had some type of creative control but they admitted to the fact that most of
the things that they’re right for them is just complete trash really highlight
the issue backstage with this process Xavier woods backed up what big it was
saying stating the following there are certain situations where if you have
someone writing for you that doesn’t have similar life experiences or sense
of humor it’s harder for them to write in your voice that’s something we ran
into then we had a former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston speaking about how Vince’s
men trust them enough to just let them do what they want which is a big
positive he stated the following he who should not be named
of course Vincent men talking about how much longer the leash got for us
oftentimes he will get the promo that we sent back and he will read it and be
like I don’t get it but if they want to do it just let them
do it he understood the fact that we know our characters well enough and we
connect with the people that is all that he wants to be able to gain that trust
from him now it is like if anybody wants us to say something I’m not gonna say it
if I don’t want to say it it takes people a while to get to that point
I guess message of this whole thing is that when you’re a superstar and you’re
being organic over there in the ring you’re gonna connect with the audience
like the new day the issue here is that the WWE process don’t let you get to
that point until you have to go through multiple years of just horrible writing
for your character from people who don’t really know you as much which is
something that’s there are legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin and so on
have mentioned that he feels is one of the problems with many of the superstars
coming out there and not being genuine because everything they’re saying is
just from someone else one to some other news it looks like WWE possibly use us
some politics to keep aew out of Madison Square Garden New York City as we know
early recently announcing date in the New York
/ New Jersey area for 2020 Tony can previously stated that the company had
their eyes on a much more historic building aka Madison Square Garden but
who knows when that is going to happen and it turns out that WWE politics might
have been the one response might have been the one responsible from keeping
aew from MSG the Wrestling Observer radio reported the following Madison
Square Garden has been pushing a for other companies to come in like Triple
Eight last year they push a full Ring of Honor to come in when you Japan
pro-wrestling and that is exactly what happened then all of the Sun and WWE
tried to get it blocked and at one point they did get it blocked but the Sinclair
lawyers got it on blocked they had a first-day sellout which makes the story
even funnier because they ultimately led to WWE booking Raw and SmackDown in the
arena which they haven’t done a television taping there in over a decade
it also didn’t help that smackdown there and sell out the arena like Road did
then after that reports indicated from a couple of people that aew wanted to work
Madison Square Garden and then they announced the Prudential Center in
Newark Cody Rhodes even alluded to the fact that all of this ended up happening
because of politics that he didn’t really get into he stated the following
Thank You Prudential Center for bypassing politics and nonsense and just
giving the New Jersey / New York fans what they want I can’t wait
regardless unfortunate that aew wasn’t able to squish their self in into msg
but according wrote alluding to all of this obviously indicate that WWE has
something to do with it considering that everything that happened last year with
so many other promotion joining WWE not being too happy with it and more than
likely coming up with some type of deal with the arena regardless though this
New York / New Jersey show is certainly going to turn out to be their biggest
one yet even if they’re not in the heart of the city anyways guys that is all the
latest coverage for this video if you’re watching this before Monday Night Raw
here’s the quick preview Brock Lesnar is to make an appearance more than likely
to build something up towards the Royal Rumble I’d rather see an Alma’s would
take on rey mysterio in a United States Championship rematch and we’re getting a
major triple threat match for the raw tag team titles as the Viking raiders
take on the Sri prophet and the OSI we’re of course also getting the
continuation of the Kavanagh and Samoa Joe AOP sev’ral his storyline and
everything that happened in the amazing wedding last week if you enjoy found
this coverage informative don’t forget to elbow drop it and hit those
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