THUNDERBOLT Shotgun Slugs – The “Italian Brenneke”

THUNDERBOLT Shotgun Slugs –  The “Italian Brenneke”

hi everyone this is Jeff of TAOFLEDERMAUS Today is a salute to Italy and we’ll be shooting a slug made by a
company name while Andy if you’re in the United States is a good chance you’ve
never even heard of these floods before but if you’re in Europe is a pretty good
chance you’ve heard of these or at least the reputation of these slugs are good
friends at ballistic products are now selling these slugs in the United States
so that’s good news now they call them the DGS Vanderbilt slugs DTS standing
for dangerous game slug these hard heavy slugs are very popular with hunters
around the world and yes these are heavy slugs are one and three eighths sounds
or 40 grams that’s a heavy load and it should be noted that is the exact same
weight of the brenneke black magic slugs are quite a few European viewers were
quick to note that our LBCC both slug was also manufactured by while Andy in
Italy the big thunderbolt slogan the right doesn’t require a sabo because
there’s no room to put a bow on her it’s already the same diameter as the more of
a twelve-gauge shotgun slug has excellent performance out of a smooth
bore shock and but they’ll be shootin’ these through our beretta rifled choke
tube and you’ll notice that the dimensions of the slug allow proper
engagement with the rifling ok we’ve loaded these slugs into three and a half
inch Magnum shells with a rated velocity of 1,500 feet per second let’s see if we can make some can lean
burn will be shooting this through our Benelli Nova excellent stability right out of the
barrel she also see a lot of superheated gases which distort the imagery and
that’s why I often avoid using high press you they create huge distortion
clouds like that or they produce a lot of smoke we were able to recover the
slug and it was mostly intact really shows you how hard this LED is they
probably mix of antimony with the lid when they casted and a slug penetrate
five of these two by sixes before its word out the side and I don’t think I
stacked that boards are a straight-sets kinda my fault next we’ll have nichols’ shot and he’ll
be shooting at a twenty-pound disc of LED about inch-and-a-half pic now it’s really important to know that
we almost never take any practice shots we have so few slugs available to
actually test that we have to show every single shot and of course experienced
shooters understand that every slug has its own characteristics its different
points of aim for different slugs and all that so Nick knows where to aim now
so that’s given one more redemption shut and see if we can get that sucker right
in the center now that’s a better shot right now that slug probably knocked out
a pound of led out of that played the big chunks of LED that it pushed out the
back didn’t go much further than the box and but it left a massive hole in this
played now imagine that’s the skull of a huge wild boar its gonna drop that bore
like a sack of potatoes and to this day this is the most powerful factory slug
we’ve ever shot politically these are very similar to the brenneke black magic
slugs which also are one and three eighths talents and also are fired at a
loss of 1,500 feet per second and imagine down the road will be testing
the brenneke black magic slugs also but we definitely see excellent stability
with these Thunderbolt slugs and as I’ve said before stable slug is going to be a
very accurate slog not to this point we’ve had good results shouldn’t through
that rifled choke now in this test you’ll see a failure because of the
choke now in real time it looked like nothing
went wrong but in reality what happened was the body in the plastic one attached
to the LED knows actually separated and of course that plastic tail assembly is
very critical that it stays attached because it acts like the feathers on a
badminton birdie right and whether or not you’re shooting with rifle in or not
it definitely needs that drag stabilization to fly straight now really
this was a fluke and anomaly but it was really cool to be able to capture it
actually happening of course said that close range of about 20 yards it didn’t affect the accuracy very much
but if you got out there fifty hundred hundred and fifty yards or so it would
definitely throw it off quite a bit believe what happened was you know as
the the slugs going down the barrel straight without any rifle and then it
hits a trifle choked too and it’s just too much of a shock and actually causes
the slug to dislodge and of course we find all this stuff out in hindsight you
know he went to indies website and actually says avoid using a rifle jokers
or rifled choke tubes and I’m sure that they’ve encountered the same problem do
their own testing Kb have one more tests time there’ll be shooting a tener 500
armor plate as you can see it’s getting pretty windy out there and went to the led plate fine but they
are 500 plate was no match for it is left at it it’s pretty easy to
understand why these are so popular in Europe there are powerful accurate slug
we only had the one problem with the one slogan that was because of the rifled
choke too and really I I have to accept the blame for that I just used the wrong
equipment but of course you’re supposed to use any there are fully rifled chuck
and like slug gun or just a cylinder bore shotgun but I really appreciate the
opportunity to test these out as I’ve said before we weren’t paid by plastic
products to do this demonstration that has sent us like six of these slugs in
we shot him and we wanted to share this product with you guys I think it’s great
that this Italian product is now available in the united states if you’re
interested please please check out ballistic products I have a link in the
description thanks for watching

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  16. If I were to send you a pack of LBC sabot slugs would you re-test them at a higher velocity? It doesn't seem a fair comparison to load the LBC at a pokey 1200 fps, when they are capable of 2000+ fps, then compare them to a much larger slug at 1500 fps. I love the LBC, and would love to see how they act at higher speeds. I would also love to see how they do against something like ballistic gel at long range say 150 yards.

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    Thanks again for the good video sir.

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