Tik Tok Girls have gone too far.. TikTok – Part 4

Tik Tok Girls have gone too far.. TikTok – Part 4

ItS tImE tO sToP! Everybody! Sometimes in life things just go too far. And we have reached that point, everybody. TikTok videos, that’s right! How many more videos am I gonna milk from this? As lOnG aS oNe MoNetiZeS! I need that TikTok ad revenue! It’s like they give it to you and take it away! Anyway guys, let’s threw some cringy TikTok videos! Maybe I’ll be Tracer. I wanna be Winston. What about Widowmaker?. I wanna be Winston. I’ll be Bastion. I wanna be Winston. You’re right so Winston. I wAnNa Be WiNsToN. I guess I’ll be genji. I wanna be Winston. You see what I mean? I.. ah.. a couple weeks ago we saw this trend on TikTok. Kids are starting to parody these dumbass TikTok videos. Now it’s just gone full circle. There’s no actual content left. It’s just kids trolling each other. 99% FoRtNiTe DaNcEs… And I don’t even know *uhh* what to describe some of it. I mean at this point no one is making actual TikTok videos. I can’t find actual TikToks. But let’s go – But let’s just jump into it! I WANNABEWINSTON. (you’ve seen this before) (So how are y’all today?) (Good?) I wanna be Winston. You’re right so Winston. I wanna be Winston. I guess I’ll be genji. I’m wanna be Winston. Then I’ll be McCree. I wanna be Winston. The thing is I – I’m clearly way too old to look at this stuff. That girl, by the way, is the same girl that does that stupid muffin song. And I cant show the muffin song because the video will get claimed. (Oof) but dont tell me, I warned you. Cause this S**t is about to blo- (Wubbing sound effect) They say legends say if you watch. This video for too long you will actually….. Contract… Not living. (Oof) (Singing)
Have you heard of LGBTQ+. (Singing)
Well I am the B. As in Ben Shaprio.>>Pewds laughs>HEh>Laughing continues>PewDiePie laughs in silence>*pfft*>hiccups>Breaths in>pfft>Pewdiepie singing: Hit or miss.>Pewdiepie singing: Guess they never miss huh?>Pewdiepie singing: You got a boyfriend I bet he doesn’t kiss ya!>This is a dude?>Pewds mocking man>Pewds back in normal voice>Pewds in mocking voice>Pewds back to normal

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  2. I remember this time in my life.

  3. WTF 666 K OF LIKES??????

  4. Alv tiene 666 likes demet

  5. Nice, 666 k likes.


  6. I'm already Winston


  8. PewDiePie: what?
    Everyone on tik tok: you've never played tuber simulator!

  9. 8:13 how dare you do that there’s people out there with no food or drinks

  10. Blimey he hit the dab

  11. Why is the headphone dropping Noise so delayed

  12. I got a tiktok add on this video

  13. You should react to youtuber tik toks

  14. Holy shit is that a Nintendo 64 controller??? ancient

  15. That muffin girl is actually pretty chill. She was an art student some of her videos are kinda like those artsy art student short movies you see on youtube

  16. I have that panda to is the same as my panda

  17. i'll post it brothers if you wish. it is a message of goodwill i said about pew when he had his £112.OOO marriage. i said on deepweb

  18. i am talking to the boys. call it darknet or whatever

  19. 100 millions baby?

  20. Don't show vox 10:42

  21. He So Wanted To Say TikTom Thots._.

  22. look at 8:54,Peppa what are you doing with pewds

  23. To the left, to the left cuz women have no rights. (It’s a joke don’t get mad)

  24. Tik Tok is absolutely GAY

  25. Hey PewDiePie! Who will win the mernarie battle pirates v ninjas in Tuber sim by outerminds

  26. Its called duets, not replies

  27. Women bullying women, that's awesome… finally
    ~PewDiePie 2019


  29. Trump supporters are currently using TikTok to spread their fake news

  30. Bring back bullying on tik tok

  31. The milk one got me so mad

  32. I don't care whatever it takes,I must end tik tok

  33. he’s wearing the pullover marzia got him

    everyone liked that

  34. How do you knew which tick tock videos you can use in your video?

  35. It’s funny how there are more dislikes than likes

  36. O cara da legenda me trolou

  37. You will actually


    Not living

  38. It literal and the dude what the heck are you talking about this is a dude you dummy Jesus Christ you are so dumb I just searched it up on YouTube and looks like he is a boy I searched it up on Google looks like he is a boy

  39. I miss the old TikTok 🙁

  40. what song plays with the drawn meme

  41. It's not a dude

  42. I miss this SO MUCH

  43. Guess what ad I got before this?

  44. All the shitty tiktok adds I get constantly really seals the deal on me never downloading it

  45. Felix: its time to stop!!!!!!!!

    Me: felix, Please… Dont shave

  46. Does pewdiepie even play that guitar

  47. pewds: first you spill the milk
    me: then i spill my souse

  48. Ah.. i remember.. these.. along with.. tik tok, bongo cat, big chungus, and ugandan knuckles, were my first memes… ah thank you.. good times..

  49. 3:31 omagod I'm dead??

  50. I see we found Felix's Norwegian self…

  51. Pewdiepie 2018, was with no doubt the absolute, RIP ??‍♂️.

  52. Is it just me or is thanos thicc.

  53. When you get a tik tok ad on pewds video about making fun of tik tok

  54. 9:19 as if we didn't already have enough reasons to praise this man god

  55. This video: about that TikTok have to stop
    Ad: Let me introduce myslelf

  56. indian loko invasion hahahahahahahahaahahahahah

  57. I will not milk this topic any further…… 11 more videos later….

  58. PewDiePie: This is the last Tik Tok Video I will make!

    PewDiePie 3 seconds later: Welcome to part 15 of Tik Tok react!

  59. The new iPhone camera be like ?

  60. I have original Tik tok @ mikedeluxe4 find me so I can post things more

  61. Pewds I request u to buy and delete tik tok

  62. my friend says your raciest among people -_- idk if its true or not

  63. I got a PewDiePie ad on this video

  64. Tick Tock is the internet reverting to its primeval state…

    Bullying, Cat videos, music.

  65. My tiktok @yourgirljamila

  66. A year goes by from this TikTok trend…..

  67. ”i wANNa BE wInSTOn”

  68. I'm from future pewdiepie is banned in China and tik tok is still running

  69. I have a pewdiepie ad at a pewdiepie video

  70. Listen to your parents kids, china is trying to get into younger and younger generations outside if it's mainland…men like this will sell you out for money and drastically backdoor democratic society by converting you to chinese companies at a younger and younger age. pewdiepie is obviously aware of what he is doing. you should be too. This for me was not in the picture during the whole t-series fiasco.

  71. no instead i got an ad about the pewdiepie figure-in


  73. 3:20
    This is the best part.

  74. 5:34 how did it take so long for the headphones to hit the ground??!!

  75. Pewds: I'm too old to be watching this stuff
    Internet: ok boomer

  76. you are not wont girl friend………

  77. Either tiktok becomes funny, back like this or gets deleted, the states it's in makes fortnite seem like a fun game

  78. Every nine year old looking at pewds Nintendo controller

    Nine Year Olds: What is that thing?

  79. Shut up she has appleitices

  80. 7:40 Pewdiepie mentioned Gnome Child


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