TIMELINE: Here’s how the Astros’ cheating scandal evolved

TIMELINE: Here’s how the Astros’ cheating scandal evolved

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  1. This makes me sad πŸ™
    come on….

  2. Bro I shit you not, I don't really watch baseball but I remember seeing the Astros once and I heard the bangs before they hit the ball and I automatically thought they were cheating some way lol, it cant just be me? How didn't they get caught earlier?

  3. Took them cheating son of bitches 50 years to cheat and win 1 World Series πŸ˜‚

  4. 2017 World Series champions Los Angeles Dodgers fuck the Asstros

  5. The Texans could’ve used some cheating πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the one championship Asstros win and they cheat for it no wonder Houston is known as Choke City

  6. And all they get is 2 suspensions and a 5 million dollar fine? They keep their 2017 World Series Champ title? I see major cheating in the future. That meager punishment is worth the risk.

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  8. Cheating in football (patriots…makes me questions rams superbowl among other things) …cheating in baseball (makes me question the 2 last playoffs)….whats next….gonna cheat at the national chess club championships too….seriously I'm kinda disgusted tbh

  9. This is disgusting! Entire city of Houston looks terrible!

  10. As a Astros fan I think they should give up not only the trophy but any individual recognition they received. Even if everyone didn’t cheat they all knew what was going on, extremely disappointed.

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