Timothée Chalamet speaking french in call me by your name (with subtitle)

Timothée Chalamet speaking french in call me by your name (with subtitle)

The usuper. He seems very confident. I’ll go down. Darling, come help Oliver take his things up to his room. – He’s already here ?
– Yes! – Help yourself, darling.
– Thank you. [In italian] Is Oliver staying with us or going out ? Don’t know. Why don’t you go to Moscazzano with others ? Because I don’t want to. Coming ? No, I’ll come later. Why would I be mad at Chiara ? Because of him. Because of who ? Of Oliver. Come on. What are you doing ? Going to the Lake Garda with my dad. He wants to show Oliver where he’s dredging. Can you tell him I came by ? He’s inside with my dad, helping him. You were amazing last night, on the dance floor. – He’s a good dancer.
– A good dancer. He’s good-looking, too. – Want to get us together ?
– No. Come in. Are we going out ? I don’t know if I can go out. If my mom sees, she’ll worry. – She will ?
– Yeah. She’s a pain. Where’s Oliver ? Don’t ask me. Where’s Oliver ? Why’s she hassling me ? I’m 17. She’s worried about you. You like him, don’t you ? Oliver ? Everyone likes Oliver. But I think he likes you, too. More than you do. Is that your impression ? No, he told me. When did he say that ? A while ago. – Hey.
– Marzia: Hey ! It’s me. Is that Marzia ? – Sure it is ! Can’t you tell ?
– Yeah, sorry. Why do not you tell anyone ? Don’t know. I think… people who read are… kind of secretive. They hide who they really are. Do you hide who you really are ? – No, not with you.
– Not with me ? Well, maybe a bit. What do you mean ? You know exactly what I mean. Why do you say that ? Why ? Because… I think… you’re going to hurt me, and I don’t want to be hurt. – Is that good ? – Oh fuck ! I’m sorry !
– It’s all right. Are you mad at me ? Are you angry ? Oh fuck. What’s so funny ? What are you laughing ? Leave me alone. Fuck, that felt good ! Where are we going ? You’ll see. – How are you, my friend ?
– Hey ! – It’s been ages.
– It has, yes. – How are you ?
– You’ve grown. – Remember Marzia from last year ?
– Yes ! – Hello. – Marzia, remember Isaac ?
– The girl from Paris ? – Yes !
– Nice to meet you ! Nice to meet you ! You want to dinner with us tonight ? – You sure ?
– Yes. Bye. You completely disappeared. I had a lot to do. Malfada ? Mom ? Yeah, it’s me. Yeah, everything is fine. I’m at the station… in Clusone. Listen, Mom, can you… Can you come get me, Mom ? Stay friends ? For life ? For life.

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  1. c'est beau. ce film est une véritable oeuvre d'art

  2. Wait so he was sleeping with that girl and then with the guy ? Is he bi

  3. Timothée : his dad is french
    his mum American

  4. He should've won the Oscar instead of Gary Oldman.

  5. it’s interesting because idk if i really noticed it that much at times… use to think there was more italian

  6. I watched this movie without subtitles. So this video really helped clear things up! 🙂

  7. No translation wtf

  8. its fucking italian, there are even italian flags in the film at some point bc its in i t a l y

  9. Ce n'est pas Timothee Chalamet met une doublure vocale dsl

  10. My main language is french so I'm always so happy when he speaks french in the movie

  11. The train station scene breaks my heart every time

  12. this is my favourite movie ever and whenever I see and videos from it it still gives me that spark of pure joy and giddiness inside as it did when I first watched it. I will never be able to explain how this film made me feel.

  13. i dont know french but without subtitles iis better, this movies just so beautiful

  14. l'usurpateur!! The most Impressive start of this movie!

  15. Are in italy there is a lot of France peoples or using France language?

  16. Why was he switching between French and Italian ?

  17. whats the big deal

  18. Being French and actually understanding everything?

  19. Two years after and im waiting for be in Italy in the summer and meet my lover btw i stan the second part of this right now lol

  20. If given the chance, I will listen to him alllll day everyday.

  21. With mom and Marzia : french
    Whit dad, Oliver,ecc : english
    Whit friends (at party) and Mafalda: italian

  22. uhm its fucking italian skskskjksjks
    he literally says ciao like 10 times ya'll okay

  23. .. Isn't he an American staying in Italy? Why is so much of this movie in French?

  24. Folks, he is bilingual and speaks French at home. His father is French. This is not a miracle.

  25. Crema is such a great place. I wanna go there someday

  26. All the french smoke all the time? Exist some french don't like smoke? (Sorry, not my first lenguage)

  27. He speak french well but it's strange… He sound like he has something in his mouth

  28. Love this video ??

  29. Ah mais il parlait vraiment français en plus je pensais que c’était son doubleur français AHAH

  30. Son père est français

  31. I didnt see some scenes in this video before

  32. Il parle un peu comme un bauf.

  33. lol at people who didn't realize that he was speaking mostly french/English and some parts in Italian how is tath even possible that you didn't notice WTF PPL.

  34. nobody:
    elio: wheres olver?

  35. if youtube recommends me EVERY FUCKING TIME cbyn clips how am i supposed to get over this movie? HOW!? Literally i cried when Elio called his mum in the train station

  36. when u watched the movie in french and u didn't know that he was also speaking french on the original version because they PUT A DISGUSTING VOICE OVER ?

  37. L'usurpatore ? la primera frase de esta cinta… Elio, Elio, Elio… Oliver, Oliver, Oliver.. ??

  38. Isn't this the dude who offended my zodiac sign??

  39. il est vraiment archi mims

  40. j'adore sa voix et il est trés beau hehe

  41. It’s so funny how women love a boy that either speaks another language or is a foreigner. My parents are french immigrants and when I purposefully speak to American girls in a french accent, they think I’m way hotter.

  42. i think you mean Italian

  43. why do all of these italians speak french more than italian?

  44. There's not enough italian in this movie 🙁

  45. Ils fument comme une locomotive à vapeur

  46. 3:16 and i oop-
    That's what it sounds like ?

  47. when you actually speak French fluently but you still watch it with English subtitles

  48. It's Italian bro, not french

  49. i only needed 0:01

  50. Bilingual AND bisexual. wow

  51. He speaks it so effortlessly. You’d never think he was American

  52. As a francophone French speaker I feel attacked by his French accent being a little better than mine ?

  53. Why did they speak french in Italy?

  54. wait aren’t they in italy?????

  55. He looks like the male version of Natalia Dyer

  56. So much smoking…

  57. I hate his English speaking voice but his French voice is beautiful. So interesting how our voices change when we speak another language

  58. AMAZING !!! LOVE it .


  60. Hey is it just my weird phone or is the subtitles not fully subtitled

  61. Can someone explain me why the fuck they speak three languages at home???
    Like I understand Italian and English, but what about French??

  62. i wish they stopped romanticizing cigarettes…. so gross

  63. I just realized that people fantasize about my language

  64. I’ve never been happier that i understand French

  65. bRuH i first watched this movie drunk as fuck and didnt realize it had french in it ( i speak fluent french ) and was very confused when i went and watched the movie a second time im such an idiot-

  66. literally speaking italian

  67. If i had 4 minutes and 24 seconds left to live, I would watch this

  68. For the people who believe he is speaking italian here.
    I'm french so I know exactly when he is speaking french and when he's speaking italian or english.
    He speaks french only to Marzia and his Mom, because they are french.
    The director wanted to use the skill of timothée (fluent in english and french) because he wanted cmbyn to be more "european".
    I made a compilation where elio/timothée speaks italian if you want to hear the difference.

  69. this is getting me so angry that my spanish is fading… gotta get more practice. i mean i can speak it and read it and understand it and even write it a little but i can never find the right words in spanish to have full conversations with confidence so i speak spanglish to my family members who only speak spanish. but French rlly sounds so pretty maybe i should learn it.

  70. Am I the only one who thought his mom was like really attractive lmao

  71. (I m french) Everytime i hear him saying "l'usurpateur" at the very start of the movie i just feel like he says "l'ursupateur"
    Anyone ?

  72. Italian has a lot more zie, no and ne at the end and this doesn’t lmao french and Italian rlly don’t sound the same

  73. Aw he has like a hint of an accent it's very sweet

  74. I don’t know why I am watching this because I watched the entire movie in French

  75. Can't speak either languages but French and Italian sound so different ???

  76. Hahahah, je comprends je comprends >.<

  77. I’ve heard him speak French on live French news, and let me say he’s not fluent. He has an American accent and probably has the same level as someone who’s studied it at school. Probably practised a bit here.

  78. would that a fine french director — are there any these days? — would put him in a french (new wave type) film, in black and white and in french.

  79. Why is everyone so beautiful

  80. What is this ? Why is this in my recommendations ?

  81. I understood him farely well minus subtitles bc he’s literally that expressive and communicates so fluidly in his art

  82. So he's gay and European

    im learning french and im not fluent but i can figure out most things if i listen to it a few times and some of these moments i was like?cuz im like is that french?wat are they saying?wat could they be talking about? it sucks too cuz i can read and translate it pretty well but my speaking and writing is shit so im just like??

  84. Even my French is not this good and I’m fluent in both English and French

  85. The subtitles are wrong most of the time…but…ok

  86. This is the guy who would play The King… Wow

  87. ティモシー美しすぎじゃ…

  88. young sirius black has entered the chat.


    why do this


  90. I’m losing my last few brain cells reading the comment section

  91. This is some quality recommended content

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