Tips for better Grip on Slippery Wooden Courts | BG Badminton

Tips for better Grip on Slippery Wooden Courts | BG Badminton

Hi everyone, welcome back to another video This is Gerald and I hope you guys had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. It’s Valentine’s week, and I’m filming this So when I post I think it’ll probably be the week after Valentine’s so anyway, I hope you guys had a romantic date with your lover if not friends family, or otherwise. It’s okay to be alone. Anyways, uh In this video I was playing badminton in different areas, and I know this know Sometimes we play like in a wooden flooring the parquet flooring and it gets a little slippery and people don’t actually know what to do when the floor is slippery. So in this video, I’m gonna share a quick tip like how you can manage slippery badminton court, alright? So, let’s just move over The first thing we notice that for slippery courts. Why does it happen? It’s because The floor is, you know, dusty and your shoe collects a lot of the dust and that’s how your shoe becomes slippery like, over here it’s quite good So the way to make your shoe have good Give your shoe a good friction is to wash away the dust and here’s what people normally do Now usually need to take a cup of water they were pour by the side of the court so this is my I do this, wash my shoe a little. Spread the water so it’s not too thick So it’s nice, yup this is good. Then, I’ll dry my shoe Let’s just put this aside After I dry it, my friction becomes really good *repeats* I can feel it This is good, but the problem is that first if you use like you know… You must use water, that’s first and if you use things are sweet, You end up with a pile of mess – like ants coming in. Secondly, also When you pour water on the side to clean your shoes, the floor gets really dirty and it’s not very nice. So what I like to do is I will bring like a damp cloth, you know A cloth that’s a little damp. You wet it Put it by the side And all you have to do it is step on it, you know – just step Step on it There we go. What’s so good about a cloth is that It’s not like water, when you pour it, it’s thick, so you don’t need to spread it in so you keep your mess to a minimum and Of course, we don’t dirty the floor for the cleaner to clean up the floor, right? So, if you want to do this, take a plastic bag and put the cloth inside the plastic bag and there you go So this is the solution to dry your own shoes and… the friction will be really good. So that’s it for today’s video actually It’s just this quick tip that I wanted to share with you guys. So if you’ve any questions like That you want to ask me, feel free to leave them down in the comments section below. I read every comment I mean every comment, I don’t reply to all but I read all of them and Of course, if you want any technique videos, tutorial videos, feel free to ask me and I’ll try my best to answer you as quick as I can. Here’s another one really important thing. And I hope you can help me. you see, many of our viewers are actually from all over the world, like Indonesia, India, the US So the problem is, is that not everyone understands English(my Singlish too). So, if you are able to please, please, please, please help me to Write like subtitles in your native language because I’m not very good at it And I don’t think Google Translate does a very good job at it. So I’ve turned on community contributions, so all you have to do is find the link and just click. I’ll post like a picture or something today. You can see how it’s Where you can find the link Yeah, I would really really really appreciate that if you see any videos you like just help me translate to your native language and it would benefit So many other players in the world, in terms of learning to play better badminton safely, alright That’s it for this video Be sure to subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video in the next couple weeks. Goodbye

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