TNT Land – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 12

TNT Land – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 12

SC: What is this place? SC: Oh hi bunny. Bunny: Hi! SC: YOU CAN TALK?? O_O SC: Do you know where my friends are? Bunny: Yeah! Yeah! Follow me. (bunny hopping) SC: Here? SC: There? You say? Bunny: Yes. SC: It seems slightly unpleasant. SC: Whoa! This house is huge. SC: You live here? Bunny: I bet you’re hungry. Lets eat! Bunny: Take a seat. SC: Woah, Blue would love this! Bunny: Here you go! SC: Yay! *Le omnomnomnom* SC: Mmm tasty. *Le omnomage continues* Bunny: Here, I’ll get that for you SC: Thanks man!! 😀 Bunny: (hehehehe… another victim) SC: huh? Bunny: Dang it! Bunny: Surprise!! SC: CAKE!!! Bunny: Here you go, new friend! Bunny and SC: Cheers! *Le omnomnomage continues* *silent cold and misery* Blue: The rain stopped. Green: What about below? (monsters burn up) Green: You know what? Let’s finish this! Everyone else: YEAH (BABY)!!! *Omnomnomnomnomnomage continues* Bunny: (This should trap him…) SC: Done! Rabbit: (Oh no!!!) SC: *scratches head* SC: Whoa! SC: What? SC: Huh? Bunny: TAKE THAT! *Round 1: Fight* (get over here) SC: Dude?! What even is this?? Rabbit: Your DOOM Bunny: GOT IT! SC: $#%7! Bunny: Drag him down to hell, boys! SC: Gotta get this chandelier down… SC: Take THAT AND THIS AND THAT! Jeffery: We’re not finished! SC: My sword! Jeffery: (What you’re gonna do now…) SC: Argh! SC: Damn these creatures! SC: Die! SC: Gotta get out of here… Bunny: Look around! SC: Holy crap! SC: How can I get to the portal (before this place explodes)! SC: Oh no, no, no! SC: Don’t do it! Bunny: I’m doing it! SC: If you do it, we all die! Bunny: Then rot in hell! *slow mo* *Que Dramatic Music (Ave Maria)* SC: OUT OF MY WAY!!! Bunny: Oh no you don’t!! SC: I got an idea! SC: FETCH YOU DIRTY CANNIBAL SC: Go! SC: Almost there….. BOOM! (Rip weird rabbit land 0:00 – 4:25) Green: Take that! Yellow: Almost done! Blue: Get back in! All: YEAH! Red: WOOOOOOOOOO! Red: *Dancing* -Yellow: Look!
-Blue and Green: What? Red: *Stops Dancing* Holy… Red: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Green: NO! Green: Red fell! Blue: No way… *cries* (I ship it) *SPLOOSH* Green: Look down! Red: Hey guys!!! Red: I’m still alive! (Captioner Cyka lasg:Its a miracle!!) Yellow: So what now? Green: CANNONBALL! Blue: Let’s dive! Yellow: WOOOOOOO! to be continued 👌 Beatbox time Alan is too lazy to talk… Alan: Hey guys! Remember this epic shirt? Alan: TADAAAAAAAAAA!!! 😀 *This was supposed to arrive in the mail three days ago, so much for expedited shipping. So here’s the virtual version instead! Alan: And that’s not all!! 😀 *Clearly having too much fun with the outro* Alan: You want a shirt? Alan: Use the magically appearing code for a discount! Alan: Limited time offer! Green: Dude you gotta teach me how to beatbox like that… Yellow: Hey, percussion’s my thing! Blue: Actually it was mine first.. Red: Well now it’s Alan’s deal with it Green:… I still haven’t forgiven you for almost dying on us Red…

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  2. He translated the video name into Japanese!
    Why don't you make Japanese subtitles?
    I'm waiting for Japanese subtitles!

  3. I was around since 3 mil

  4. 4:50 Wrong!
    Spiders don't attack during the daylight!

  5. Cannibalistic pyromaniac pillager bunny.
    That's something you don't see ever.

  6. Why would you need captions for this, and also, why are they so terrible

  7. That rabbit is a can of bowl

  8. Use caption for a better video the advice cost : 1 like

  9. The captions rocks???

  10. 3:18, Orange: JAckie chan mode.

  11. Spiders don't attack at day

  12. 0:48 what was on the table?

  13. I like this Channel

  14. $!!!!#!!!!!!!!!!!$!#!!!!!!

  15. He animate
    He beatbox
    What is this the coolest dude?

  16. The rabbit is weird right but i like your vid nice dude

  17. 나도 34키론데

  18. hip hop nya bagus????????????????

  19. Alan logic: Every shit in this world can be a expert at fighting

    Real logic:Its just a normal bunny how it can just have HUMAN MOVES AND A SWORD

  20. *le omnomnomage continues

  21. it would be fun if these stickmans were in a PC on the desktop with artificial intelligence there along with them watching YouTube watching or playing games was super

  22. End Music Best In The World :DDDD

  23. 진짜 한국자막 어떤새끼가한거냐 드럽게재미없다;

  24. i ship blue & yellow :> BLUE X YELLOW

  25. I put this on captions and it said omnomnom

  26. I love your beatboxing outros 😀

  27. Oh hardcore rabbit

  28. Whoever made the captions for this video is a god

  29. Kok jadi bahsa indonesia yah alan becker

  30. Wow i love red and orengs

  31. This rabbit is an cannibal

  32. 日本人いる?

  33. Normal people:Woah nice animation

    Special people:What happened to the outro

  34. The killer bunny opened the iron door with bare hands

  35. The second coming: what is this place

    Shelly: Well you’ve got a vest wearing cactus

  36. Can we be friends on discord?
    My name is LiamVo90

  37. I just realized they say "what in th name of alan" because Alan created them so he's basically like a God in their eyes.

  38. Orange… the cake is a lie!!!

  39. awesome animation ! I like the end xDD

  40. 2:58 Fine, I’ll do it myself

  41. No one:
    Absolutely no one:

    Captions: le omnomnomage

  42. The rabbit is still cute

  43. Lesson: dont trust cannibunnies!

  44. Did that rabbit eat rabbit?

  45. You made this video in my birthday

  46. 5:01 pause that part if you see the word "I ship it" congrats

  47. in a world where nodding your head and shaking it look exactly the same. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TELL WHICH IS WHICH!?!?

  48. 4:05

    Ave maria – Caccini

  49. Wow your beadbox is craisy

  50. Is the orange stick figures name "orange" or "The Second Comming"

  51. L E O M N O M N O M A G E

  52. Meet the murder bunny?

  53. 한국어 자막 누가 다는거냐 대체? 지 마음대로 창작을 하네

  54. Ok bunny go for bunny meat

  55. 1:52 killer bunny ??

  56. Therapist: bunny standing on its two back legs doesn’t exist he can’t hurt you

    Bunny standing on its two back legs:

  57. Spider: attacks in day
    Me: Wait that’s illegal

  58. No one dislike, too perfect

  59. red is a bad luck boy, he always sufering by everything, herobrine, spiders, etc

  60. 4:17 why would the bunny like bunny meat

  61. Orange was thinking who did that
    bunny was fighting and spawn many Villagers and fairy

  62. when the portal explode

  63. RIP weird rabbit land 0:00–4:25

  64. before the rabbit attacked the orange one it was like thanksgiving
    also happy thanksgiving 😀

  65. – Before I watched this video I had no idea what the killer bunny is

  66. I know this late but nice beat boxing

  67. thebal ojuhfks ttfnsdh 87y türkish enes batur

  68. WINDERFUL VID/BEAT BOX!!!! #love it

  69. 5:22 we just gonna ignore that?

  70. 4:50 spide4 only attack player in night not in morning

  71. The bunny is kanibal?

  72. 頭のいいうさぎ

  73. I love your videos!!????

  74. Merry christmas ????????????????????

  75. 5:01 Turn on subtitles by pressing c and you can see "(I ship it) It actually means its a yellow x blue confirmed

  76. spiders dont attack you in minecrafft during the day

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