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a Brit climber whose mother died on the
infamous k2 Mountain has vanished while trying to scale another Himalayan peak
Tom Ballard and in Italian climber are reportedly trying to find a new way to
the top of nanga parbat dubbed the killer mountain for the number of deaths
that have occurred there the 30 year old Ballard is the son of who was the first
woman to conquer Everest without oxygen in 1995 but died the same year while
descending Pakistan’s k2 the world’s second highest mountain when her son was
aged 6 she was attempting to climb the world’s three highest mountain without
using oxygen when she was killed according to the Planet Mountain there
has been no news of the Brit and his climbing partner Danielle Nardi since
February 24th wind a pair where at around 20,000 feet the website said that
climbers were trying to scale the 26 thousand six hundred feet Mountain which
is also in Pakistan via the mummery rib described as never-ending by the website
the weather was reportedly poor at the time pakistani climber Ollie said para
who completed the first winter ascent of an imgur Parbat said he is prepared to
mount a search operation but is being delayed amid tensions with India but the
escalating military situation with India has resulted in airspace being closed so
making any making any helicopter rescue mission impossible Ballard from
Derbyshire is an experienced climber and the first person to solo climb all six
major North faces of the Alps in one winter the BBC reported he has been
living in Italy’s Dolomites mountain range with his father for the last few
years Ballard and Nardi have been attempting
to climb the mountain in winter every year since 2012 and knows the area well
Planet mountains Nicholas Hobley told the BBC Ballard was regarded extremely
highly in the climbing world he’s an absolutely fantastic climber and someone
you would want to have with you on an expedition he said the Italian team said
in a statement said situation was worrying because bad weather is forecast
for the next few days the Foreign Office
said they were in contact with Pakistani authorities regarding mr. Ballard’s
disappearance nanga parbat is the ninth highest mountain in the world and one of
14 eight-thousanders so-called because their height stretches above 8,000
meters a boy and girl were the first semi identical twins to be identified by
doctors while still in the womb the siblings now four share 100% of their
mother’s DNA but are more like siblings on their father’s side sharing only a
proportion of his DNA doctors believe the mother’s egg was fertilized by two
of the father’s sperm before dividing initial scans during pregnancy led
doctors to believe the youngsters were identical but it became clear during
later skins that they were male and female therefore not able to be
identical it is the first time semi identical or sesqui zygotic twins have
been identified by doctors during pregnancy according to the New England
Journal of Medicine scientists say sesqui zygotic represents
a third type of twinning between identical and fraternal professor
Nicholas Fiske of the University of New South Wales in Australia said it is
likely the mother’s egg was fertilized simultaneously by two of the father’s
sperm before dividing professor Fisk who led the fetal medicine team that cared
for the mother and twins while based at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in
2014 added the mother’s ultrasound at six
weeks showed a single placenta and positioning of amniotic sac that
indicated she was expecting identical twins however an ultrasound at 14 weeks
showed the twins were male and female which is not possible for identical
twins identical twins result when cells from a single egg fertilized by a single
sperm divide into two so identical twins are the same gender and share identical
DNA fraternal twins occur when each twin develops from a separate egg and the egg
is fertilized by its own sperm dr. Mike will gambit of Queensland
University of Technology said that if one egg is fertilized by two sperm it
results in three sets of chromosomes one from the mother and two from the father
he said three sets of chromosomes are typically incompatible with life and Dan
burrows do not usually survive in the case of the Brisbane sesqui zygotic
twins the fertilized egg appears to have equally divided up the three sets of
chromosomes into groups of cells which then split into two creating the twins
some of the cells contain the chromosomes from the first sperm while
the remaining cells contain chromosomes from the second sperm resulting in the
twins sharing only a proportion rather than 100% of the same paternal D dot and
dot a dot ‘ the first semi identical twins were reported in the u.s. in 2007
but were only identified as such after birth when doctors found the boy and
girl were identical on their mother’s side but shared around half of their
father’s DNA professor Fisk said an analysis of worldwide twin databases
pointed to just how rare sesqui zygotic twins are we know this is an exceptional
case of semi identical twins he said while doctors may keep this in mind and
apparently identical twins each rarity means there is no case for routine
genetic testing ed sheeran married his fiancee cherry C
burn at her family Church in Suffolk and they held their wedding reception in the
village pub the superstar singer 28 tied the knot in secret in December months
after hinting they had already exchanged vows mirror online can exclusively
reveal the nuptials took place in a church in the picturesque suffolk
village of Wingfield close to Cherry’s parent’s home the newlyweds invited only
close friends and family to the service before taking them all back to the pub
next door for a low-key reception a source told us ed had managed to
schedule a break in his world tour for December so that’s when they tied the
knot it was held at the church in Winfield and the reception was at the
local pub there were only very closest friends and family there even some of
his longtime mates weren’t invited ed had been wearing a silver ring on his
left hand since proposing to his longtime girlfriend but we can reveal
that after the ceremony he added a proper wedding band he now wears two
rings on his wedding finger to show he’s tied the knot for real this time
the couple had previously been hoping to marry at Ed’s estate and firm Lingam but
last year he was denied planning permission to build a wedding chapel on
the site they then decided to marry at a church close to where Cherry’s parents
live the thinking out loud start proposed to his childhood sweetheart
sherry 26 a year before the wedding after popping the question in December
2017 and later dropped a huge hint that they’d married in secret over the summer
during an appearance on the US TV in August he showed off his engagement ring
when asked how he’d managed to sneak that one had replied I never really do
anything to public anyway I’d previously announced his engagement in January 2018
by sharing a sweet picture of the pair on Instagram
he wrote got myself a fiance just before New Year we are very happy and in love
and our cats are chuffed as well 20 the couple met at school in Ed’s hometown of
Framlingham Suffolk but didn’t start officially dating until 2015
while hockey player cherry keeps herself out of the spotlights ed has previously
opened up about their love he revealed how his number one hit perfect had been
inspired by his long-term girlfriend during an interview with in
October 2017 he said I like the situation I’m in at the moment it’s
pretty great when asked if cherry was the one ed gushed undoubtedly
undoubtedly Philip Schofield has claimed that it is
racist to call Stacey Dooley a white Savior this was essentially very
innocent he said of the picture she shared of herself a nude and up with a
young black boy the picture was captioned with the phrase obsessed and a
broken heart emoji we all watch and love comic relief loads of people on the
tally have gone and made their videos Stacey did that and this husband scene
is unacceptable what does color have to do with anything he said if you’re well
meaning so you think okay I can’t go there because I am white or I can’t do
this charity video because I am white this in itself is racist he added aren’t
we all trying to get to a world where we don’t think about color and it’s
irrelevant and I want to help you regardless of color Stacey had been hit
with criticism over her trip to Uganda for comic relief with many accusing the
TV presenter of having a white savior complex after winning Strictly Come
Dancing in December Stacey 31 has returned to her day job and flew
over to Uganda last week to begin filming a documentary for the children’s
charity sharing glimpses of her visit on Instagram the TV presenter posted two
photos of her posing with a young impoverished boy expressing his offense
over Stacey’s visit MP David Lammy tweeted the world does not need any more
white saviors as I’ve said before this just perpetuates tired and unhelpful
stereotypes let’s instead promote voices from across the continent of Africa and
have serious debate challenging the Labour MPs view Stacey hit back David is
the issue with me being white genuine question because if that’s the case you
can always go over there and try raise awareness comic relief have raised over
1 billion pounds since they started I saw projects that were saving lives with
the money kids lives Harry Kane could miss
Tottenham’s clash with Arsenal this Saturday after he escaped punishment for
head-butting Caesar a spell Akua to durham Spurs defeat to Chelsea on
Wednesday evening begins and it appeared to be missed by the match officials at
Stamford Bridge and should referee Andre marinara know that he did not see the
head bucked in his post match report sent to the Football Association on
Thursday retrospective action could be taken against the Spurs striker if found
guilty Kane would receive a three-match Bend for violent conduct Harry Payne can
count himself lucky not to have been sent off on Wednesday Clattenburg told
the Daily Mail and there looked to be minimal contact with a spill a cooler
but it does not matter how severe it was even if it was an attempted headbutt
that still carries the same punishment a red car fortunately
as fellow Kuiti did not make a meal of it the incident seems to be missed by
the match officials and the FA could now take retrospective action against Kangin
page or gave Chelsea the lead in the 57th minute before spurs misery was
compounded when hearing Trippier scored an own goal with six minutes remaining
Spurs remained third after the defeat to Chelsea but Arsenal are now only four
points behind their North London rivals the sikozu opened the scoring in just
the fourth minute for our snow in their five to one demolition of Bournemouth on
Wednesday night the German midfielder fired home with what appeared to be a
chip at first glance beating art Allah for you callings up in the cherries goal
but Ian Wright who was defining analysis on match of the day took a closer look
at oh so strike and noticed something rather unusual about his technique he
Kicks down onto the ball he bounces it on purpose he did it against
Huddersfield and he kicked down onto it against Bournemouth explained right
instead of chipping it over keeper he bounces it over him basel didn’t stop
there either as the apparently those inside the amorous to know how he
scored the goal right added you can see him telling everyone what he did while
celebrating it’s just such a brave finish for someone to do it’s brilliant
it’s the O’s an American criterion doubled our smell sleep before release
music old one back for Bournemouth after the branch bar on costed only restored
the Gunners to goal advantage before Pierre Emerick Abba mang made it for
Alexandre Lacazette had the final say on the clash netting arsenals fit from ten
minutes of the match dota play

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