Tommy Robinson punches England fan to ground outside Nations League game

Tommy Robinson punches England fan to ground outside Nations League game

THIS is the moment Tommy Robinson punches an England fan to the ground outside a Nations League game last night. The EDL founder was seen walking among crowds in Guimaraes, Portugal, when he unleashed the sudden strike – sending the other man sprawling to the floor. In shocking footage, Robinson – whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, then appears to tell him: “you’ll get knocked out again bruv”. The video appears to show two groups arguing, with 36-year-old Robinson walking towards the fan and punching him. Robinson, who was wearing a camouflage jacket at the time, shrugged off criticism as one man could be heard telling him “there’s no need for that, is there?” A supporter could be heard yelling “go on Tommy lad”. It is unclear just what sparked the argument, or Robinson’s apparent involvement. It is also unknown if the incident has been reported to local police. UK police cannot investigate an attack that has taken place abroad or ask that an alleged crime be investigated. In the footage, fans who were swarming Robinson could be heard asking him for photos. Robinson had earlier been spotted at Stansted Airport, ready to fly to Portugal for the game. Wearing the same camo jacket as in the recent punch video, he tells the camera: “I’m in Portugal…at the game, no football banning order here mate.” The divisive figure has previously faced a 12-month community rehabilitation order and a three-year ban from football by Luton magistrates after yelling “EDL til I die” during a brawl involving 100 football fans in 2010. And he successfully won a court case that prevented the police from imposing a football banning order on him that would have stopped him from entering his hometown of Luton for 12 hours on Saturdays when Luton Town FC were playing in 2016. A DIVISIVE FIGURE Robinson is no stranger to controversy. He was last year jailed for 13 months for contempt of court – but was released on bail after challenging the conviction. He had been arrested after live streaming an hour-long rant about a sensitive trial outside Leeds Crown Court. Last year, he was also banned from Twitter for breaching the social media platform’s “hateful conduct” policy. Most recently, Robinson stood as a MEP candidate in the European elections but was resoundingly defeated. KICKING OFF It comes after the build up to the Nations League semi-final was marred by violence between fans and local police. A top cop branded the minority of England fans “idiots” after they clashed with police. Last night, thousands packed out the stadium in Guimaraes as England went from elation to despair in a tense 3-1 semi-finals defeat. Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts, head of the UK football policing unit, said the FA’s attempts to prevent trouble had failed this week after some England supporters were involved in clashes with police. Referencing the FA film ‘Don’t be that Idiot’, released before the trip, Mr Robertson said: “Sadly, that idiot came to Portugal and brought 20 of his friends. “We get the same factors contributing to scenes which become messy. “We’ve seen it now in Seville, Amsterdam and Portugal. It concerns us that the next away game is in Prague.” England face the Czech Republic in a European Championships qualifier on Friday, October 11. The Sun Online has attempted to contact Robinson for comment.

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