Top 10 Best FREE FPS Games Right Now (NO RISK)

Top 10 Best FREE FPS Games Right Now (NO RISK)

Or with fortnight’s starting to fall off it is possible Apex legends could fulfill its destiny can become the fortnight killer only time will tell but as for now Definitely one of the best three FPS games on the market What’s better than a free video game Well being an FPS fan and getting a free good FPS game first-person shooters are a huge part of the industry and that Is probably not going to change it if you know anything about me, you know, I am a huge Shooter fan, but I’m also a big fan of free stuff Which I think everybody should be and today we’re gonna put those together. What is up? Everybody chaos here Welcome to the channel and we’re gonna go over some picks for the best free-to-play first-person shooters on the market right now Now these games are 100% free to get into and yet they still have the Polish in the quality of a triple-a paid Title you guys. Let me know. What is your favorite free FPS drop a like if you’re excited free stuff is good. Here we go Okay, we’re gonna start things off with split gate arena warfare This is a game that launched earlier this year and it started off really really strong Thanks to its heavy marketing campaign and its high play time on Twitch and it has fallen off a bit But it is still a ton of fun. And with the way the team has been pushing it on Twitter recently I think it’s geared up to make a comeback now split game is an arena shooter That is like halo and portal and they had a baby It’s the gameplay of halo But it’s sped up a bit with the addition of portals that allow you to traverse the map in unique ways I mean you get to get really creative with your tactics Now the player base may be a bit small right now But it’s a very unique game that feels great to play even if the lobby is small and since it’s free-to-play You might as well download it and give it a shot. If you used to play Halo and liked it chances Are you are going to love a split gate and mark my words this game is going to make a comeback soon I have a gut feeling This next one is no shock or no secret war face It’s definitely a game that has been up and down throughout the years, but with thousands of people logging on every single day It’s on the list Developed by Blackwood Games and published by my calm or face is a military FPS with a class system. It features both PvP and PvE Battles now the PvP sits somewhere in between Call of Duty and Battlefield in terms of speed and game size and the PvE varies Heavily depending on what you’re doing But it’s still very fun and very well made There have been accusations of the game being paid a win in PvP and there are definitely arguments to be made there But if you’re looking for a PvE game, don’t worry about it the game may have some noticeable flaws But it’s free to play So you might as well give it a shot if you’re looking for something new if you’re enjoying the content Make sure to drop a like on the video make sure your subscribe to the channel with post Notifications on so you always get alerted when a new video goes up and you can get that elusive first comment And I’m rate deceit deceit is a unique blend of multiplayer FPS action in a whore setting that still manages to be scary now I’ve mentioned before that. It’s really difficult to make a horror game that’s actually scary and where there are other players around constantly reminding you that it’s just a game but Deceit is the first game that I think actually manages this somewhat pull this balance off it’s a multiplayer game where you and a few other players are dropped into a maze like map and half the players are selected to Be infected from there The infected players must stalk the survivors and pick them off one by one while the survivors have to do their best to stay alive And find a way out It’s like infection from halo But much more elaborate in a heavier heavier horror theme in the visuals in the locations deceit has been up and down in popularity But it still has a few thousand people logging in every single day to play So you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding some games if you choose to try it out and guess what? It’s risk free Because it’s free at number 7 black Squad due to Call of Duty often being kind of crap on PC many other military FPS games have risen up to take its place And one of the most popular is black squad. It’s a military FPS It’s got its full 1.0 release in june of this year after a couple years in early access and the reception has been Positive the visual style is very reminiscent of the modern warfare games while the gameplays somewhere in between Cod and counter-strike I guess thanks to the fast-paced custom classes in the frequent update to the game. Also currently has over 85 weapons That’s right. 85 and almost 50 maps for the multiplayer So you are not going to get bored of the rotation if you want something to hold you over until Modern Warfare launches this year Definitely check out black squad and who knows you may actually like this game more at number 6 Paladins this is a game. That’s gotten quite a bit of unfair judgment if you asked me over the years due to its many similarities to Over lunch you can debate for hours and hours who did it first who did what first but there’s no tonight That overwatch was the more successful of the two and that has led to all the people riding paladin’s off as a copycat Which is unfortunate because the game is good and its unique enough from overwatch to give you a totally different kind of experience even if you put a time on even if you put a ton of time into blizzards games Paladin is a hero based multiplayer FPS Where you have to work together with your team to complete objectives and overcome the enemy plus with frequent updates and additions There’s always something new to do and do characters to learn why you rise through the ranks It’s free to play on Steam for you to play on ps4 free to play on Xbox one. And guess what? Free on switch and even features cross play between all of those platforms except ps4 Thanks a lot Sony thanks to its polished gameplay cross play features and free to play model Paladin’s is extremely popular and gets tens of thousands of players every single day Cracking into the top 5 I love free games Destiny to new light. Ok, hold on I know technically this game isn’t out yet But it’s still going to get a spot on the list since we all know what the game will be destiny 2 new light is an upcoming free version of Destiny 2 it’ll include all the content from the base game as well as every planet released so far All of the activity playlists throughout all the expansions including gambit and multiple rates from destiny to lifespan put simply Destiny to new light will give you all the good stuff from destiny to his entire life cycle for free Which is an excellent way to draw new players just in time for the shadow keep expansion coming later this year Destiny 2s. Pc version is also moving over to steam in a few weeks Once it goes free-to-play so that will also bring in new players in the top all that off the game will now feature cross-platform progression and character saving between the PC ps4 and the Xbox one Bungie is Doing it good things with destiny too. And while the free version isn’t out yet I’m giving it a spot since we know what’s coming and when it includes at number 4 iron psyched now Here’s someone who misses the glory days of black ops 2 you’re gonna love this game It’s free to play FPS Seems to be a deliberate effort to bring back the glory days of military FPS games of the late 2000s and early 2010’s and guess what? Does it features a near-future setting boots-on-the-ground gameplay tons of guns and gadgets for use and there’s no gameplay changing? Microtransactions now the game is not currently on any launcher since it’s in beta The developers are hosting the downloads from the game’s official website so you can download it there or you can wait for the full version To come out a little later on Steam Although the release date isn’t confirmed either way if your black ops 2 fan keep your eyes posted for Ironside At number 3. This one’s a no brainer a pix legends. I mean, it’s had its fair share of up and downs They definitely squandered all that momentum in the beginning despite only being out 7 months But it’s still great that EA and respawn are finally starting to give it the support. It deserves It’s a hero shooter battle royale hybrid where you put in a team of three players or play solo as long as it lasts pick From a roster of characters each with unique abilities and the tip to be the last man or team standing initially the game exploded and while it’s not nearly as popular as it was before it’s still one of the most played games on the Ps4 and Xbox one and it has a very healthy PC player base plus with all the leaks coming out recently It seems respawn has a lot of plans for the game in the future Which should push it forward even more with four nights starting to fall off It is possible apex legends could fulfill its destiny and become the fortnight killer only time will tell but as for now It’s definitely one of the best free FPS games on the market I can’t believe I’m gonna put a game that’s over ten years old on this list, but I’m doing it Team Fortress 2 it launched back in October of 2007 as part of the orange box collection before getting a standalone release Tf2 is often cited as the first true hero shooter as it was the first game to feature a cast of characters with the unique Personalities and abilities and was up to the players to learn the mechanics and use their skills together to complete objectives Now it certainly wasn’t the first class based shooter But it was extremely influential as a game and is still one of the most quality multiplayer shooters on the market Thanks to its content I mean It’s got high quality great characters polished gameplay after more than eleven years on the market Team Fortress 2 is still one of the most played games on Steam and after a whopping five hundred eighty thousand user reviews It features a 93 percent approval rating, which that’s extremely impressive if you’re enjoying the content Make sure to drop a like on the video make sure you’re subscribed to the channel with post Notifications on so you always get alerted when a new video goes up and you can get that elusive first comment And that number one today, there is no surprise another game that’s getting close to being 10 years old. Okay csgo launched in August of 2012 for the PC ps3 and xbox360 Although it didn’t take long for the world to give up on the console versions csgo carries on the counter-strike Legacy with its skill based game playing abundance of content both from the developers and other users through the use of custom games of mods The base game of csgo is one of the best shooters You can play on the PC, but don’t let that deter you from all the other stuff it has a ton of game modes both serious and Casual and it has a great modding community for custom games and just goofing around with friends and modes like surfing in Trouble in terrorist town. I mean as far as free-to-play FPS games go I don’t think you can go wrong with csgo and that is why it’s still to this day It’s hundreds of thousands of players coming back every single day to play it. Let me know what your rank is in csgo I’m still a noob after eight years. Anyway, those are some of the best FREE FPS games You can go download right now risk free won’t take a dime out of your pocket You guys let me know one game that deserves some love that did make it if you made it to the end of the video You are seriously the real one Thank you for everything guys drop a like make sure you subscribe to the channel turn on those post notifications and remember Free is good

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