Top 10 Best Free iPhone & iPod Touch Games 2014

Top 10 Best Free iPhone & iPod Touch Games 2014

What’s up guys? This is Andy with MyTechMethods and this is the top 10 best free iPhone games of 2014 Alright let’s go ahead and kick this list off with QuizUp. If you’re a fan of trivia and pop culture this is the game for you I’m a big fan of trivia and pop culture
TV shows. there’s a huge selection of topics on here. What it is basically you is you is choose a topic and then you play against
somebody around the world in a round of like five questions trivia
pertaining on that topic so I’m gonna show you how it works real quick. I’m gonna do 90’s music and we’re gonna play against somebody and see let’s see here we go okay round
one complete the name a nice boy band 98 degrees alright cool and wasn’t a big fan POW’s were in sing Backstreet Boys con ganas
de Verte I said her red Renault by spose to mmm love me don’t even know who Deborah
Cox is Chris Taylor is Julian for 1999 to 1993 come on to like four with 99 who’s in I don’t what were the
same panel now I don’t know what when it when
it says prams & awning look at the question that’s that’s my morals family members
will earn hours three as you move some I after yes yes now yes are a last round homegirl a
young with our Jagged Little Pill old yes cool one by one that’s y los que me it’s
so nerve-wracking just keep coming out and
see the whole time that is a how you play was up it’s
really fun and the faster you answer question the
more points you get so you had to be quick snows and so it’s not just you have to
just did write you have to be faster than your opponent okay so that’s why it’s so it’s so fun
art this next game is called 2048 its own really fun game my show you how
works with basically you join the numbers to get to the 24 th
I’ll we have to do is is move the tiles left to right up/down and yet the matched the numbers so I am see I got to force my move to left
financial is going to turn into 8 cocaine and i got to to the bottom so I
can move to the right man has gone before so what you see two tiles are you can match
up just move in that direction so I got to a tournament down missus
gonna double that number goes to northern a joint and then you’d you basically have to work your way up
or way to number 24 th if you can up so just move up and down there’s 24
is okay and so yet you get the hang up display it
and you’ll be on this for hours and you’re
gonna dream about the number 24 8 16 32 and remove those numbers I
promise you have nightmares this is a really fun game 2048 are this
next game is called jupiter jump this will make you wanna throw your
phone across the room okay and I will show you how it works
really quickly if you are you’ve ever played the game copter like
helicopter then it’s kinda like that okay so
basically you have this little guy on jupiter and
he just about any other all you gotta do is make them bounce and
avoid I’m obstacles my grenades and yet the
there’s stuff yet his own material ruled regret at work sir so their time
to press on the screen the guy job if the guy will pull back
its basically and that’s all there is to it here we go
in the green you got hit the green to get a power-up so it’s really hard to look
it looks easy in playlist ok got it so hard no you can’t use so
I’m I I suck at this game obviously but it’s
fun it’s fun to play and that is called a do a better job I
this next app is called smash hit this is a pretty fun game a and
basically you the bus class with balls I’m but it
looks really get to know something about those words really nice okay so have to grow balls news gonna break glass my life I can do
from this angle for yet you just gonna break glass for
points I’m terrible Wow yep that’s all there is
to it at you if I know which is targeting and more last year and got on with this
classic a class are you you hittin was going to get america I
crashed last 10 balls don’t run and adores you lose balls may
games call smash it really fun and this next game is called paper RAM a
remember back in school news make little or gummy shapes out a paper wealth somebody in their ingenious mine
brought that to the iPhone a game and its really fun
thing really challenging sold a sample report it’s really simple as to the level I was very disappointing
how it works here gonna fold fold the paper into what
shape it tells you to and million get stars you have your
permission you know you’re perfectly you two-star
one-star but it does get really really challenging and your recent years
really makes you think makes you wanna pull out
like roll paper in trying to repair it rather shapes in to see what works because in your
mind it’s hard to figure out what shapes can go into the into the the safe to do so nom i’m ok so
you anymore that’s basically what it is going to
take it out this cop a parameter one other the fun funner games out there that I’ve
found for the iPhone and those were five of my favorite free iPhone games of
2014 now I’m going to throw it to my buddy Jonathan from the channel today’s free apps and
he’s gonna show you 5 of his favorite games on the iPhone thanks Andy any
are pure beauty other day man I really appreciate it so here is my 5 free games so let’s get right into it his first app is called job AP in this
game a look easy but it’s really not is very
difficult you have be a few rounds in this game as
you go through and you job over roadblocks in youjizz tried to
jump over each warrant without crashing so it looks easy but it’s very
difficult but it’s quite addictive to go check it
out Joe d this next game is called 100 balls and
the purpose in this game is to feel the mood in colors with the following balls they feel kar
will then retire back to the pot and you can keep going the game will speed up as the level
progresses and became year when all the baller girls
are lost so this game is quite addictive so go check it out in the App Store 100 balls next game is called our plans
and this is a battle roster action game where you take your
character on it epic journey %uh defeating able forces you throughout
the land you about enemy’s line dollar in skillet and control so go check this half-hour in
the App Store ensuring all up business game is called feel killing at
this is a ritual action game in this game you rely on
being rooftops LA buchanan’s alien forces and his game
is free but it does have in app purchases if you want to advance more in the game so go check it out in the
App Store bill kill this next game is gogogogo stand you
straight to the town ok Go’s bill you have to avoid pitfalls yet and I’m
daily monsters the same curtail some really
lock in this game it’s the graphics are pretty cool so
check it out in the App Store go go go so a big thank you to John
thing for sharing those apps with us if you guys wanna go
subscribe to his channel only the link down the street from low
or you can click on the intention on the video to his channel he does lot about cool
videos on iphone app and all that good stuff so check out his channel and subscribe to
this channel as well if you haven’t already thank you so much for watching
if you have any other absent you wanna share with us and I’ll just leave a
comment down below and and tell us what apps that
we need to check out for the iPhone so thank you so much for
watching keep having fun out there and I’ll talk to you later by

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