Top 10 Best Selling Badminton Rackets – YumoTube

Top 10 Best Selling Badminton Rackets – YumoTube

**Jetspeed S10!

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  1. Surprised the bravesword 12 is still there, it sold more than the newer versions of jetspeed 12 and 10? Which is your favourite racket from the list :D?

  2. The duora z strike is even balanced………..not head heavy as mentioned in the video.

  3. Please make a video on the duora 77 (lcw if possible) and please compare it to the new astrox 7?

  4. Hi, i have Lining N9II with new black/orange colour . But when i go to lining website, i can’t find the lining n9ii in that colour version. What do you think? is it fake or genuine racket? because when i went to the shop the seller said it genuine and the price also same with the other colour version indeed.

  5. My favourite: LD Force

  6. Ĵetspeed 10s very flexible?? its pretty stiff..

  7. Please make separate videos for best racquets for doubles and singles play.

  8. Please do a giveaway of racket

  9. Please make a video on yonex nanoray 7000 i

  10. Where’s Arcsaber 10 though?

  11. Below 5000 rupees good performance and outdoor playing Victor rackets which

  12. Do a giveaway please

  13. Anyone owns arcsaber 11 please comment on durability of the racket

  14. Please make a review on arcsaber 11

  15. Which racquet is best voltric Ld200 ir nanoray 8i lcw??

  16. wrong racket image for Jetspeed s 10, that's the s 10Q not the original 10 s, completely different racket; no shark tec, different frame.

  17. acr saber11 and other budget rackets same weight or body like 11 ..,…?

  18. Where does the Astrox 88s & 88d stand, they are both Xcellent racquets

  19. Umm where can we find your shop

  20. What is the price of LI-NING N9II and in which website you have got it please anybody tell me…?☺️

  21. Got both duora 10 and voltric z force 2

  22. Yomo could you please help me what type of racquet i should have buy, but i will let you know what type of racquet i like i will mention it, but please reply me first

  23. What about maspro dream force hyena thats a great racket than lining N911

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