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  1. I thought this was pc only untill pokemon go

  2. Holy damn that was some old Paladins footage.

  3. Why is fortnite in this list?

  4. wow moba and arena base games. (slow clap) couldnt throw one non-linear game?

  5. But I love brink. But you right it had problems.

  6. no toss the turtle? unsub

  7. Hey where’s my DC universe online?

  8. This subject wasn’t worth spending your time on writing, voicing and editing. The vast majority of your subscribers have known about these games for years. I know there isn’t a lot going on in the gaming industry right now. But with more than a few of you working on this content I think with a bit of effort you could have come up with something fresh. At least I hope so.

  9. All for Clem!! Warframe most ongoing f2p ever c:

  10. They forgot the part that people actually play league of legends

  11. Don't ever play Warframe, you will never see the sunlight again

  12. Shocked ddlc isn’t on the list.

  13. Top 10 video games that are free, but you show a character you have to purchase with money.

  14. free fortnite vs 40$ metal gear survive

  15. played both for a long time etch league of legends and dota 2 league is way better and before some one say well u probably played lol first nope I played dota so is not one sided

  16. rly pokemon go and heartstone? idk if p2w are really free for a full experience gameplay, for the next list do a f2p game that is not p2w

  17. Hearthstone isn't ftp, it's p2w…. If you aren't buying packs, you aren't making fun decks and winning matches.

  18. TF2 is free? haha you obviously haven't played the real TF2
    I tip my hats and say good day sir

  19. Yeah, I was expecting Warframe to make the near top of the list, but I feel you should have also mentioned that Warframe has one of the best communities around there. If you want a place near free of toxic behavior and a good time, that's the game for you.

  20. They put smite and dota2 instead of league? LUL

  21. Instead of DotA 2 and LoL, you should have picked HotS. Much better MobA

  22. warframe can be played on a phone?

  23. This video wasnt bad or anything………. But gameplay would have made it so much better, rather than using pictures

  24. My favourite free game its fortnite

  25. Daggerfall is free. That's a good game.

  26. Where is War Thunder and Heroes & Generals

  27. Russian overkill

  28. Well, war thunder, Freddy deadbeats pizzaria simulator aka fnaf 6 and Warfare are also pretty good

  29. Paladins is a cheap rip-off of Overwatch.
    Fite me.

  30. No mention of Trove?
    It really must be dead….

  31. I'm gonna be disappointed if Warframe isn't in the top 3.

  32. The channel is dead which sucks

  33. what's the song playing in the background?

  34. TF2 needs to be higher


  36. I only clicked to see if Warframe was there. It was. I can go in peace.

  37. Do a 3 minuets lore on warface

  38. take pubg of the throne? lol no

  39. Hero’s of the storm…?

  40. Kinda surprised that Trove didn't make it to the list. It gives a great and somewhat unique mmo experience.

  41. 1 like 10 views
    50 likes 500 views
    100 likes 1000 views

  42. Shadowverse > Hearthstone 😛 Just saying

  43. No Planet Side 2?

  44. Pls do rap battle Mickey vs trevor gta 5 xd

  45. LeagueofLegends has a special extra that comes also for completely free: Cancerous community

  46. Wheres doki doki

  47. Why isn't fortnite in the number one spot its taking over the gaming community

  48. Replace Pokémon go with league of legends

  49. 1:57 did you shouldn’t’ve said that

  50. no osu! on this list? well geez, better unsubscribe.

  51. Kinda thought Trove woulda been here…

  52. you forgot the damn Heroes of the storm >:v

  53. what about crossout?

  54. World of war tanks

  55. fortunate should be #7

  56. Fortnite is the best!

  57. Fortnite is bad.

  58. IMO those game like Fortnite is pretty good but easy come easy go,
    their player base will not sustain throught year, surely free is the strong reason it now reach the peak that surpass PUBG
    but after the bubble of Arena survival game pop, Fortnite in the way of decline will suffer badly defeat than PUBG, and crash the developer in hard way more than PUBG case
    ^^ of course if someone point at me and said i suck at Fortnite they;re right too ^^ very suck, every time shooting with other i die 1st =]]], playing dota 2 is surely give you better egde than Fortnite you wont have any chance of getting better, you die and wait for the next dead

  59. Now if only time were infinite

  60. cheap games

  61. How about war thunder and wargamings wot

  62. #dota2 or #lol
    Btw fof me its #dota2 and i played both but i like dota more cause its challenging


  64. What about ROBLOX right I mean I heard of it never play ut

  65. I have to pay money for team fortress

  66. Like your new intro

  67. Before i watch this video, i bet most of this would be multiplayer games.

  68. you could but shouldn't to be more acurate


  70. Celtic is pronounced with a hard C. The original tribe's name was Keltoi.

  71. background music name ?

  72. >similar to destiny
    >it came out first

  73. I remember when Team Fortress 2 cost 13 dollars…

  74. Most out dated list I've ever seen

  75. Should have put Starcraft 2 on there

  76. ''Fortnite is free''
    Money spend 249$

  77. Fortnite?…NUMBER 4?!

  78. How is paladins higher then games like tf2 and smite. Paladins was a Shitty clone of overwatch

  79. Fortnight is asshole cheese


  81. Fortnite is the most played game so it has to be the best

  82. You missed drake

  83. You should have added jurrasic world the game. It is a good game, right. Anyone?

  84. You forgot about the orokin empire and the infested in warframe

  85. Ur telling me paladins and smite r better than tf2? Tf2 has to be in top3 and fortnite#4 I don’t like it a lot but literally everyone plays it

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