Top 10 FREE Android Games | NO Microtransactions | NO In-App Purchases | | whatoplay

Top 10 FREE Android Games | NO Microtransactions | NO In-App Purchases | | whatoplay

10. Lode Runner 1
If you’re one of the many who remembers the Lode Runner game from their childhood, Nexon
Studios has just the right treatment for you. In Lode Runner 1, you get all the cool things
from the classic game modernized into one, well-crafted game. This new version of Lode Runner doesn’t just
have over 35 different levels and a snazzy new multiplayer mode, it also has an earned
level creator that lets you stretch out the fun further. But, perhaps the best part of
it all, is the fact that it has absolutely zero in-app purchases to distract you with,
aside from a link to the rights holder’s classic game. It’s basically a giveaway, a gift, and a fitting
tribute to fans of the old puzzler. Challenge your brain, maneuver through their tricky
stages, and compete against players from around the world. It has a playscore of 7.96 9. Father and Son
Games that are absolutely free, with none of the freemium monkey business, usually come
with a purpose. For our 9th spot, it’s all about taking us on a tour of Naples’ National
Archaeological Museum. But, instead of boring old pictures of their
various artifacts, TuoMuseo’s Father and Son does this by telling the story of a son dealing
with the death of his estranged father–an archaeologist who dedicated his life to his
craft, to detriment of his home life. As the son meanders about Naples–going through scenic
long walks and talking to the occasional stranger–not only do we get a glimpse of what the museum
houses, we also get transported into the various eras of our own human history. Its pace may be slow and its dialog a little
stilted, it still evokes enough intrigue through tiny activities and interactions while making
its point about just how much we all have in common, despite the years between us. If you have an hour to kill, you may as well
spend it here with a score of 8.13 8. Squadron 1945
Needing only one finger for maneuvering, shoot em ups seem like an easy addition to the Android
roster. Magma Mobile’s Squadron 1945 delivers everything you could expect from a barebones
shmup. Set in a retro-futuristic world, it will feel very familiar to those who grew
up with the genre. On the mobile, it seems simpler than ever.
Guide your squad of warplanes through an onslaught of bullets and projectiles and take them to
the finish line with the biggest scores you can possibly rack up. There isn’t really much
to break the shooting monotony, but the rising difficulty will keep your eyes glued to the
chaos of the aerial battlefield. A simple but effective timesink, it gets a
playscore of 8.3 7. Geometry Dash Meltdown
This game may not be a full-on rhythm game, but you’d be wrong if you think you can make
it without your ear to the beat. One of the most critically acclaimed games on the iOS,
Geometry Dash levels up the exciting platforming action with cooler designs, hotter levels,
and a whole new soundtrack. As with all the rest of the series, RobTop’s Meltdown offers
players musically charged adrenaline rushes as you attempt to master the ins and outs
of their complicated stages. As a free-to-play counterpart to their main
Geometry Dash game, Meltdown doesn’t offer as much content as you’d want it to. The most
you get is three levels, each with varying difficulties and set against F-777’s electronic
beats. With spikes, fires, and holes all still getting in the way of success, there’s enough
of a challenge here to last more than a few hours. Offering a sampler size of their infamously
punishing difficulty, Meltdown remains a top-choice for hassle-free fun and it has a playscore
of 8.33 6. Stranger Things: The Game
Videogame tie-ins to popular movies and series rare ever work since, more often than not,
they’re cash grabs for the big studios. On the other hand, if there’s one that does it
right, at least on the Android, it’s definitely Netflix’s Stranger Things. Made to welcome the series’ second season,
Stranger Things: The Game is their first attempt at a videogame tie-in and it was a massive
success. Not only was it because it was absolutely free, but also because it brought us back
to the sci-fi intrigue of the town of Hawkins in a spectacularly creative way. Pixel aesthetics aren’t anything new, but
they managed to make it work for their signature 80s vibe. Aside from visuals, Stranger Things:
The Game also manages to deliver a full narrative experience within its limited format. Functioning
well as an actual videogame, it almost doesn’t matter that it’s selling you on something
too–as long as it doesn’t cost anything. It has a playscore of 8.35 5. The Frostrune
It’s not Netflix, but if you’re up for FREE and original adventure, then Grimnir Media’s
Frostrune is one of your best bets. It switches the sci-fi of Stranger Things with a not so
familiar look at Viking mythology and ultimately delivers a story filled with ancient wonder. Shipwrecked and marooned into an unknown island,
you find yourself in an abandoned settlement with only ancient runes and burial mounds
for company. Frostrune depicts its dynamic world through 2D illustrations, and it never
falls short of capturing the world’s quiet isolation and the burgeoning of something
magical. As a point and click adventure, it’s a bit
slow on the uptake. It might be a little lacking for some, but worth the patient investment
for others. It’s a unique adventure that shows off its ingenuity with its puzzles, and also
its creativity with its Old Norse dialogue that takes us fully to their realized spirit
world. It has a playscore of 8.47 4. War Agent
In a list of free games without microtransactions, Bazinu’s War Agent isn’t here to sell you
anything other than a message. Reduced to its most basic makeup, War Agent is merely
a casual game with economic and management elements that require you to balance the playing
field between sides. But, set against a backdrop of War, it becomes
much more complicated than it seems. In order for your business of mass destruction to keep
booming, you’ll have to need to use more than your guns. Bribe governments, eliminate opponents
and weaponize the media in order to win people over to the side of eternal strife. It’s such a simple game, easy to learn and
fun enough to keep playing for more than one round. Throughout all this though, War Agent
manages to get its point across. What is war good for? For lining up somebody’s pockets. Whatever lesson you take from it, or don’t
fun is fun. And for War Agent, that means a playscore of 8.47 3. Cube Escape: The Cave
For the longest time, Rusty Lake’s Cube Escape games have been a haven for puzzle fans looking
for a quick and free fix. This ninth installment, which deals with the events inside The Cave,
seems like the fan-favorite on the mobile. First released in 2015, this entry to the
Cube Escape games challenges you to decipher the codes inside the titular to aid a familiar
guest from the Rusty Lake Saga. The Cave returns with the usual point and clicks mechanics.
Investigate clues in every nook and cranny, and dive even deeper in the mysteries of the
Rusty Lake. It’s one of the more difficult entries in
the series and it continues to intrigue puzzle fans with a playscore of 8.49 2. Wrassling
This arcade game doesn’t exactly razzle and dazzle, but it’s got most of everything you
want in a casual fighting game. Getting the full experience for no cost at all, you can’t
expect a lot of mechanical complexity. Forgoing the
hitboxes and complicated movesets, all you have at your disposal are a pair of arms that
you use to hopefully throw your opponents with. How you manage to do that despite the
simplistic controls is all up to you. But, there is a knack to Wrassling that, once achieved,
will open you up to a world of low-stakes combat. While there’s not a whole lot you can do with
a few bulky pixels, Wrassling’s makers Colin Lane surely knows how to make it last. Compete
in their four different game modes and take up the challenge of throwing down enemy pixels,
alone or with friends. Fair warning though: while there might not
be things to buy with digital money, you will run into some ads. They’re relatively sparse,
but they’re definitely there. Other than that, It has a playscore of 8.5 1. DATA WING
Nothing will ever beat a game given out of pure generosity. Pair that with simple but
gorgeous visuals and a beautifully crafted story, and you got yourself a winner. Gifted
to the world by developer Dan Vogt, Data Wing was a passion project whose light has reached
the thousands of android users looking for something new. Set in a futuristic cyber world, take the
helm of a lone data wing as he takes orders from a mysterious digital narrator. Part-racer,
part-visual novel, you take on the challenge of the Data Wing, competing against others
of your kind in various circuits. By achieving the goals of each level, you slowly piece
together a story that, while ultimately about cybertronic, is a manifest of human emotions. Contrasting elements of heart and robotic
obedience, its two-hour story is a moving, microtransaction-less masterpiece, and it
gets a playscore of 8.83

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