Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of the DECADE (2010-2019)

Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of the DECADE (2010-2019)

Oh boy, here we go. Last time, we looked at a full decade of gaming
to highlight the best titles of the 2010’s, but today we’re going to count down the
opposite side of the spectrum. Now here’s the deal – if someone disagrees
with your choices, it’s easy to claim your favorites as simply your opinion, but when
you say that a game is among the “worst” out there, it can feel personal, like a knife
right to the heart. So in preparation for this video, I thought
I’d make a public poll and rank the worst of the decade based on the top 20 suggestions
from my Twitter followers, but I discovered that even that can be controversial. People were livid that Kingdom Hearts 3 and
Skyward Sword were even on the list at all, despite their heavy criticism. And you know what, I sort of agree – you can’t
really put games like that next to unplayable messes such Ride to Hell: Retribution, they
are in completely different ballparks – so I decided we need a new angle. Instead of the objectively worst experiences
of the 2010’s, today let’s take a look at the 10 Most Disappointing Titles of the
last 10 years. There are probably hundreds, maybe thousands
of absolutely atrocious games that could be considered the worst, but no one has played,
and that wouldn’t make for as interesting of a list anyway. This way, I’m more or less looking at these
entries from the view of public perception, and why they failed to deliver on the hype
people had for them. I guess what I’m trying to say is ‘Don’t
kill me, please. Blame the #angrygamersquad’. Alright, let’s get started. No Man’s Sky promised a gaming feat we’d
never seen before. Space exploration across 18 quintillion planets
where each one will be uniquely different than the last. Journey with friends, fight against enemy
factions, discover thousands of animal species – it all seemed too good to be true. Well, that’s because it was. After not releasing early review copies to
news outlets, fans discovered the game simply wasn’t finished – while there are virtually
infinite worlds to discover, they all felt redundant after just a handful, and yes while
it is technically online with other people, the chance of running into them was next to
impossible. This was a statistical marvel to be sure,
but wrapped up in a tiresome and repetitive package. But, thankfully, that’s not the end of the
story – to No Man’s Sky’s credit, the team stuck with it and ironed out all the
kinks over the next couple years, releasing the Beyond update in mid 2019, which was widely
praised as finally reaching their initial sales pitch. It may have been too late for some, but it’s
probably the best case scenario for any game on this list, which is why it only landed
at the #10 spot. It took 14 years in development for people
to finally play Duke Nukem Forever. While it was originally announced by 3D Realms
in 1997, it faced numerous delays and game engine changes before the company was unfortunately
downsized in 2009, leading to a lawsuit with Take Two Interactive, and Gearbox picking
up the slack to finish the now notorious project. And after all that lead up and hype, what
did we finally receive? A game that was clearly made for the 90’s
market – who would’ve thought? Jokes were juvenile at best and offensive
at worst – you could pick up your own poop for some god forsaken reason. But on top of all this it had clunky controls,
an abundance of glitches and downgraded mechanics from previous Duke Nukem entries. Players were flabbergasted as to how this
could happen after waiting so long. This game holds the world record for lengthiest
development cycle, and the result is living proof that time in the oven does not equal
quality. After the deep and captivating world of the
Dragon Age series, fans were ready for whatever new IP Bioware was working on next – unfortunately
that just happened to be a bland loot shooter marred by scrapped development ideas and too
many microtransactions. Anthem was just as forgettable as it was unfinished,
and for a game attempting to foster a large post-launch community it had laughably poor
endgame content. The Frostbite engine, as beautiful as it looks,
does not fit every type of game style, and EA seemed to bite off more than they could
chew with this title – it ended up as little more than a snoozefest. While it seems to have grandiose revisions
in the works, it’s hard to forget that it launched with game crashing bugs, some that
even bricked entire consoles. Anthem’s legacy may be that it felt uninspired,
but it’s also just the latest victim of bad AAA business practices when left unchecked. Animal Crossing is a widely loved series about
adorable creatures and life simulation. After New Leaf released in 2012, players could
not wait for the next entry to return to home consoles! That’s why Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival
was such a colossal letdown. If you took Mario Party and removed all the
minigames, as well as any strategy for winning, you’d have Amiibo Festival. Players walk around a board and watch cutscenes
while they gain happy points until someone is declared the victor – that is basically
the whole game. This is easily the most boring experience
on this list, and really is the entry that least resembles an actual video game at all. As the second mediocre Animal Crossing spin-off
game to release in the same year, it’s clear that this was a just quick cash grab created as
an attempt to sell more amiibo – you’re required to have one if you want to play the
game at all, so good luck if you bought it secondhand. But it looks like gamers weren’t fooled
by this facade, it only sold 26,000 copies in Japan! That is incredible. The second Bioware game to make the list,
ouch, Mass Effect: Andromeda was highly anticipated at launch. People were ready to jump back into that world
and explore the galaxy, but instead were met with this. And this. The majority of Andromeda’s issues all stem
from lack of polish, it appeared to be rushed out the door before given adequate time to
improve – yet again EA forcing restrictions on development led to horror stories from
the team and directors quitting left and right. The poor animation crew was drastically understaffed,
leading to goofy memes and a myriad of glitches quickly spreading across the internet, but
the lack of adding anything new or interesting to the franchise was the final nail in the
coffin. Some stand by its quality in some areas, and
while its vast poor reception may not be entirely warranted, Andromeda is an important reminder
of what happens when a secondary team meets massive deadline crunch and runs into numerous
problems and staff changes along the way. You could make the argument that Sonic Boom:
Rise of Lyric wasn’t expected to blow anyone’s socks off, but in retrospect I think it’s
easy to say that it’s the Sonic ‘06 of this decade, or possibly even worse. At least that Sonic was fun in a “so bad
it’s good” way, this is just so unbelievably generic and slow that it hardly feels like
it belongs in the series at all. Boring puzzles, lethargic combat and extremely
annoying characters that never shut up are everywhere in this title, you’ll feel like
banging your head against the wall, but that’s to say nothing about the insanely terrible
framerate and overall jankiness – it feels like a cart that’s barely hanging on by
a single bolt and could fall apart at any moment. It’s pretty impressive that a game could
ship with such low quality and be so unremarkable at the same time, to put it in the immortal
words of Barry Kramer: “It’s just, it’s just…I don’t know…this game costs $60”. But hey, at least we got a half decent cartoon
out of it? That’s something… Ah, the game that ruined one of my favorite
franchises. Sticker Star was the first and only handheld
Paper Mario game but that’s not why it’s so heavily panned. This began the tradition of trading creative
and original characters for the most basic Mario enemies and no charm or uniqueness at
all. But even worse they stripped any mechanical
depth the original games had and instead replaced it with a simple sticker system where each
attack has a one time use. Combined with the fact that experience points
were removed completely, this led to logically having no reason to want to battle at all
– it made more sense to avoid everything and stock up your best attacks for required fights. Super Paper Mario was controversial, but looks
like a masterpiece in comparison. These and many other head-scratching changes
left us with an empty husk of what Paper Mario used to be, and it has yet to recover since. Star Wars Battlefront 2 may have one of the
worst launches I’ve ever seen – and it didn’t have anything to do with the gameplay or graphics. Instead it was because of all the ludicrous
design decisions in terms of pay-to-win loot boxes. Unlike Overwatch and numerous other titles
reserving microtransactions for cosmetic-only goodies, Battlefront 2 gave tangible in-game
rewards and benefits to those that shelled out the cash – and gamers were not happy. After public outcry, DICE vowed to remove
them – except it was only for a limited time. And when it was calculated that it would take
an insane amount of time or money to unlock everyone’s favorite characters, they lowered
the requirements – while also lowering the reward for beating the campaign at the same
time, making that original goodwill adjustment meaningless! It was poor choice after poor choice, and
felt like the peak of EA testing the waters of just how much they could take advantage
of a franchise’s loving fanbase without getting caught. If Shovel Knight was the perfect example of
how a Kickstarter game can succeed, Mighty No. 9 is the exact opposite, and is a huge
reason some people are weary of the crowdfunding method entirely. On paper, this looked to be an incredible
spiritual successor to Mega Man, with the original creator, Keiji Inafune, leading the
charge, and after a massively overfunded campaign, hopes were high! But Mighty No. 9’s development story was
comically bad to put it nicely. Not only did they start a secondary kickstarter
to finish the rest of the content, and start 2 more campaigns for other projects before
finishing this first title, but the delays seemed to be never-ending, even after promising
it wouldn’t happen again. They also released a demo as an apology to
fans, which was ironically delayed itself. When the game finally hit the market with
pizza explosions, glaring technical issues and baffling gameplay, Inafune responded to
the criticism with “it’s better than nothing”. Holy crap, that is amazing. We both know why you’re here, and that’s to talk about…the next Fallout. *cheers* Surely some people will disagree with a few
of the entries on this list, but from what I’ve found through polls, conversations
and general research, there’s something we can all agree on – Fallout 76 is easily
the most disappointing and downright busted game of the entire decade. Bethesda has always been known for releasing
games with janky glitches and unintentional exploits, but people used to write them off
because the experiences were still worth playing, saying “that’s just how Bethesda do”. But Fallout 76, which seemed to be a promising
idea of bringing their post-apocalyptic wasteland into an MMO setting, has failed to deliver
in almost every single aspect. Glitches, disconnections and crashes are not
just common, but expected and happen often. They dropped the price by $20 one week post-launch,
right after the early adopters would have already paid the full amount. It feels like it wasn’t just released prematurely
– no much worse, this was a deceptive and manipulative attempt at getting as much money
as possible from their diehard fans. Unlike most games on this countdown, this
one is still broken to this day, and it seems like they dug their grave even deeper recently
by offering a premium subscription at $12.99 a month for access to private servers, which
ended up being just as horrendous and in some cases worse than the base game. It will take a long time before Bethesda is
ever given grace again – in fact, for the foreseeable future, I’m not sure they will
ever regain their position of power they once had, and it’s mind-boggling to see such
a fall from grace come from a company that was so influential. Whew, that was definitely something. For every fantastic experience this decade
had to offer, there were some really crummy ones too. What were the most disappointing games from
the 2010’s to you? Why did they fail in your eyes, and what left
such a bad taste in your mouth? Tell me in the comments below, and let’s
talk about it. In a lot of ways I feel bad for most of these
entries, without a doubt they had countless members on their team that were great designers
with such high hopes for their projects. Sometimes your hands are tied when it comes
to big businesses and decisions that have to be made that are out of your control – and
to a lot of their credit, many of these games have since been patched multiple times and
are actually decent now. I think a lot of the disappointment can be
attributed to the gaming community and unrealistic hype, but I hope that in the future we’ll
see more understanding on both sides – better working conditions for developers, but realizing
they’re people too and tempering our expectations as players. Either way it’s important to reflect on
both the good and the bad of the industry so we have no excuse but to improve for the
next decade. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you guys next
time, stay frosty my friends! That’s enough about bad games, eh? Let’s talk about the good stuff! I’m pleasantly surprised by the positive
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